Pink Houses and Mosaic Toilets

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My neighborhood is kind of awesome. It’s in a historic district so it’s filled with all of these really great, old houses. In fact the house I live in is over a hundred years old. It’s also an arts district so we have some really creative houses throughout the neighborhood and even on my own street.
I live right across the street from what looks like a dollhouse. It’s a beautiful old Victorian with lots of pinks and blues. There are a lot of these and many of them are in fabulous, non-traditional house colors including bright greens and purples.
Here’s another just down the road. I particularly like the way the window boxes are done on this house.
I think by far my favorite house on the street though is this one. It just has so much character. I can’t wait to see what the yard looks like in spring once everything is in bloom.
Plus it has some rather interesting mosaic sculptures out front. Like this mosaic sink that is being used as a planter.
And even a mosaic toilet sculpture turned planter. The shark on top really cracks me up.
I’m also a huge fan of their awesome garden box out front. It’s like a miniature green house.
And there are old doors that have been painted and re-purposed as a privacy fence.
What are some of your favorite places and what makes them appealing to you?
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  1. Lovely post…what a great “dollhouse” you live across from!

    Funny cuz I just blogged about a favorite lake we walk around frequently. hm…what else…I love the ocean…living in Vancouver, we’re surrounded by it. My favorite spot is probabaly Deep Cove, in North Vancouver. It’s idyllic…lovely.

  2. A mosaic toilet…Way to upcycle!!! =D Gotta love that. Great post!
    Visiting today from EBT.

  3. What a wonderful, eclectic neighborhood you live in! I love the mosaics – so reminiscent of my trip to Barcelona!