Handmade Arts and Crafts from the Historic Roanoke City Market

April 8, 2012
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I love going down to visit our local city market on Saturdays. We have such a wonderful array of artists, crafters and farmers! And, this year we already started off with a handful of new vendors. Here are some of my favorites pieces from the Roanoke City Market today.
A regular long time vendor on the Roanoke City Market is Brian Seckinger of Roanoke Pottery Works. I always love discovering new pots he’s created whether from slabs or a pottery wheel. And I love that he’s able to throw some of the largest bowls I’ve ever come across. In fact I own two great pieces from him that are around 1 1/2 feet in diameter.
These are new hand built slab pottery pots with handles for spring. They come in an array of bright colors including blue, green, yellow and red. They’re perfect for indoor and outdoor planting – I’m using my green one to grow garlic! – for small plants and herbs or indoors for storage or decoration. These can be tied onto a trellis or hung from a porch in multiples to save on space!
Brian also recently made some raku horse hair pottery for spring. To see more of Brian’s work, be sure to take a peek at his photo albums on his fan page – Roanoke Pottery Works – on facebook.
A new potter to the market is Mary Hadden of Floyd, VA. She hand builds all of her clay works and finishes them with a unique matte, glaze finish that she worked hard to perfect.
I love all of Mary’s pieces, but I think my favorite pieces of hers are her wind chime fairies. 
She also makes lovely handmade flower pots, soap dishes, bird houses, lidded boxes, and even business card holders! You can see more of Mary’s pottery in my Market Days Album on Facebook
Both Brian and Mary sell their pottery on the Historic Roanoke City Market on Saturdays, weather permitting.
A few other highlights include the following:
Unique, handmade jewelry crafted from bracket fungi. These one of a kind necklaces, earrings, and brooches are made by Penny Lane, also of Floyd, VA. Penny shares a booth on the Roanoke City Market with Mary Hadden on Saturdays.

Lunar Scapes – owned and operated by regular vendors Kyle and David – hand crafts and sells recycled wine and beer bottles. These melted bottles come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and  are perfect for cheese and crackers, butter, and other party appetizers. Each cheese tray is embellished with beads and wire work and comes with a small knife.

One of my favorite market photographs is one I took in June of 2009 of David kissing a local goat that liked to visit the market on weekends.

A new vendor, Joe Stanley of Upcycled Cards, also creates his wares from upcycling. He recycles wine corks and used gift cards to make something new.

Joe uses spent corks to craft handmade coasters and serving trays.

And retired gift cards are used to make one of kind jewelry including fun bracelets and earrings.

To see more wonderful arts and crafts from local artists on the Historic Roanoke City Market from past to present, be sure to check out my Market Days Album. There are so many beautiful works of art, it’s just impossible to include them all in one post. And don’t forget to stop by the Roanoke City Market to shop for Mother’s Day!

What are some of your favorite things to buy from your local farmer’s market?

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