DIY Homemade Vitamin E Cream Recipe

May 16, 2012
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Recipe courtesy of Guide to Spas

2 teaspoons plain yogurt
1/2 teaspoons honey
1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
3 capsules vitamin E  (equivalent of 300 units)

Combine yogurt, honey and lemon juice. Open the vitamin E capsules and fold contents into the mix. Gently massage into skin; Leave on skin for 15 minutes.  Shelf life: 3-4 days. Tip: You’ve heard the adage “Never cook with wine you wouldn’t drink.” This holds equally true for home spa remedies. Never use ingredients for your home spa treatments that you wouldn’t want to eat. Your skin, the largest organ on your body, breathes and is porous. It will absorb the properties of the ingredients you are using. Don’t “clean out the fridge or pantry” to create your home remedies. Use fresh, high quality ingredients for the best results, and do not store the assembled-treatment any longer than the shelf life of the *most* perishable ingredient. In addition, take care to research the properties of all essential oils you plan to use in a recipe. Some are photo-sensitive and can contribute to burning when in the sun, and others are harmful during pregnancy. See our Essential Oils List as a start, but research fully. (Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen recommends purchasing organic essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.) Finally, insure the containers or jars you will be using are sterile by boiling them in hot water. This will help prevent contamination of your finished product, which could lead to spoilage.


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