Modern Flower Child Handmade Jewelry Giveaway

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It’s Mother’s Day! So in celebration of all the great moms, moms to be and daughters out there, I’m happy to announce a brand new giveaway being sponsored by Modern Flower Child!
Modern Flower Child is a fabulous handmade jewelry shop that features handmade, real dried flower resin jewelry. The artist behind Modern Flower Child was born to hippie parents, loves being artistic and creative and, as a mom of course, adores her daughter Amelia. She works with resin and nature to make unique, handmade flower bangles that mimic the style of the early 1970’s.
And lucky you! You have a chance to win ANY handmade resin flower bracelet from Modern Flower Child that you choose! These bracelets are the perfect summer accessory for yourself, but also make birthday and holiday gifts for moms, sisters, friends and co-workers!
Want a chance to win? Simply be sure to read the rules before entering then enter via Rafflecopter below! The contest ends a minute after midnight EST on May 31, 2012 and is open worldwide.
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  1. These flowery bracelets would be perfect with a matching sundress!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Adrianne Amelia Mallett says

    honestly, i would wear this bracelet every day w/ every single outfit

    i would especially like to wear it w/ red lipstick and brown cowgirl boots, denim shorts, and flowy tops : )

  3. i’d wear it with a maxi-dress and flat sandals!

  4. I would wear the bangle with a cute asymmetrical maxi dress and wedge sandals! 🙂

  5. Just so pretty! I’d wear it with a white linen shirt, dark jeans and leather sandals 🙂

  6. They are all so pretty! I would wear any one of them with a long flowing maxi skirt/dress and sandals.

  7. lovelove love love this bracelet whooooooo

  8. Anonymous says

    Love the brown baracelet. Can be worn everyday with anything.

  9. I’d wear the Bangle Bracelet Brown, Tan, Cream and Beige Dried Flowers and Foliage in Crystal Clear Shiny Resin with a white crochet summer dress. I know it says in the description that it is a fall bracelet, but I think it will work wonderfully for looks like prairie grass and things which works for summer 🙂

  10. With a beautiful sundress!

  11. I’d wear it with a bright summery outfit- shorts, converses, a flowy white shirt… perfect!

  12. I would wear my bracelet with a lovely
    floral dress that I have!
    Thanks, Cindi

  13. Wow those bracelets are really pretty. I know the perfect outfit to match it if I get one

  14. I’d wear it with white summer dresses…

  15. I’d wear it with my summer dresses!!


  16. I would wear it with simple, minimalistic pieces such as a white sundress or t-shirt and shorts.

    It’s so gorgeous!

    Thanks. just-jkt@hotmail[dot]com

  17. i would wear it with something green .

  18. So beautiful!!! I will have to get some as presents for my friends this year.

  19. The bracelet with the roses would look perfect with the dress I’m wearing to a casual outdoor wedding next month

    lunrei ay yahoo dot com

  20. I would wear it with my flowy cream lace dress and a headband made of sunflowers <3
    sammybigtoesure at gmail dot com

  21. I think that I would wear my favorite bracelet with a beautiful summer dress that has a nice flower print on it

  22. I’d wear it with a electric pleated chiffon skirt soft silk blouse and a blazer

  23. Made a treasury with one of the beautiful bracelets. Hope you don’t mind me sharing it here and thank you both for a wonderful giveaway. 🙂

  24. I would wear it to accessorize sundresses!

  25. I love Modern Flower CHild! She is part of the Daily Dose of Handmade team!

  26. I have a great purple and brown sundress to pair this with!

    rennieangie at gmail dot co

  27. with a looong floral dress!

  28. My friend’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks and she’s always wanted a bracelet like this – it would match her style so well that I’m sure she’d wear it everyday. 🙂

  29. beautiful bracelets!!!

  30. Oh those creations are so lovely !!
    I would love to wear those romantic bracelets with little red flowers.
    Very cute, i’d love to wear it everyday.

    Thank you for this great giveaway, this is very nice. And i’m a new fan of Modern Flower Child !


  31. I’d wear it with a white short dress.

  32. The Lavender Fields bangle would compliment any Summer outfit adding a splash of color & style!

  33. How lovely and creative! I absolutely need one!! 🙂

  34. I would wear it with a simple sundress and a fresh picked flower in my hair.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  35. I think it would look great with a peasant blouse & capris.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  36. so beautiful – so love anything lavender

  37. with a beautiful chiffon dress 🙂

  38. great bracelet to wear with a white dress



  39. WOW, is the only thing I can say.

  40. I would wear it with a long flowing gauze dress.

  41. I would wear it with just a smile

  42. Favorite on esty

  43. desert bloom green

  44. I love the Summer Winds green bracelet! (Miz Vickik)

  45. I’d wear it with my skirts.

  46. I’d definitely wear these with a flowy sundress and simple necklace! Maybe a white dress so the bracelet color would stand out.