EcoShag’s Handmade Infinity Scarf Giveaway – Summer Style in Summer’s Hottest Color Trends

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I am pleased to introduce the handmade shop, EcoShag™. Created and nurtured into life by Tania Hillberg, EcoShag™ sells handmade infinity scarves made of vintage inspired fabrics as well as handmade scarf necklaces born of upcycled materials.
Handmade Polka Dot Infinity Scarf from EcoShag
Handmade Polka Dot Infinity Scarf from EcoShag
Each handmade infinity scarf sold through EcoShag has been created soley by Tania’s own two hands. Tania feels that one of the most gratifying aspects of her work is in finding the fabrics she chooses to use. Unlike many scarf and accessory makers, Tania does not go to her local fabric store for textiles. Instead, she hunts down unique and interesting materials at estate sales, remnants when she’s fortunate to find enough, as well as organic/eco-friendly textiles. Even though it’s a lot more work, Tania loves that she’s able to create something she loves while also being eco-friendly, an aspect that’s very important to her. As for Tania herself, she is a mother, a wife, and a philanthropist. She likes to view each day as an opportunity to have a positive impact on the world and the people in it. Tania’s shop, EcoShag™, was actually inspired by the loss of her sister in 2008. Tania’s sister was her creative counterpart and in many ways, and her memory lives on with each item Tania makes.
I’m even more excited to announce that Tania is sponsoring a contest on Soap Deli News Blog and is giving away two infinity scarves of the winner’s choice! One winner will receive their choice of two of the following six scarves featured below.

Clockwise from top left: Extra Long Bohemian Hand Dyed Chunky Scarf in Seafoam, Green Brown and Taupe, Dark Mustard Handmade Sweater Infinity Scarf, Handmade Lightweight Coral Infinity Scarf, and Pear Green Floral Patterns and Stripes Handmade Infinity Scarf.

From left to right: Electric Green Sweater Knit Loop Scarf and Seafoam Green Ultrasoft Sweater Knit Infinity Scarf.

One winner will win his or her choice of any of the six handmade infinity scarves featured above – all in summer’s hottest color trends. The combined retail value of this prize is up to $79.

Want a chance to win? Simply be sure to read the rules listed below (via Rafflecopter) before entering then enter using Rafflecopter below! The contest ends a minute after midnight EST on June 15, 2012 and is open worldwide.

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  1. I would wear them with jeans and a plain tee to work

  2. I would wear them and promote them so Tania could get more sales! xo

  3. Tania’s scarves are so awesome! They go with EVERYTHING — I get complimented on mine all the time!

  4. Anonymous says

    I’d wear an infity scarf to make my black blouse match my coral pants. – Judith R.

  5. Anonymous says

    I like that scarf – and I’d rock it with a sexy pair of boots.

  6. i will wear it as hijab because i am hijab girl 🙂

  7. I’d wear it with a simple black t-shirt and skinny jeans

  8. I’d wear it with a pair of shorts, a tank top and and hair bun =)

  9. These would be perfect for the summer day trips/road trips we have planned and sitting around the campfire.


  10. I would wear it with simple dresses or shorts and a shirt

  11. with t shirts and tanks for summer

  12. I would wear them with ribbed tanks.

    kiddomsg at gmail dot com

  13. I’d pair the Bohemian one with a comfy black cotton sundress and a pair of metallic strappy sandals.

  14. There is a scarf here for every kind of outfit. I would wear mine with jeans and a t-shirt

  15. Anonymous says


  16. I would wear them either with jeans or a tee or with a plain sheath dress (that Extra Long Bohemian Hand Dyed Chunky Scarf in Seafoam, Green Brown and Taupe would look beautiful with my dark purple dress I got from Shabby apple)

  17. I would wear it with my black maxi dress!

    leigh dot onedayatatime at gmail dot com

  18. I need a scarf to jazz up a little black dress I’m wearing to a wedding!

  19. I love shift dresses, so I’d probably pair a scarf with a dress and some flats or sandals.
    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  20. I would wear my infinity scarf to accessorize and dressup a plain white tshirt.

    Elaine R

  21. Anonymous says

    tania is one of the sweetest people on etsy and makes the most fabulous scarves! xoxoxo

    cy from TheLovelySmith

  22. I’d wear the coral one with a pair of cut off jean shorts, a white tank top, and flip flops or keds. Comfy and cute.

  23. I’d wear a lightweight infinity scarf with a colourful singlet, denim shorts and a cardigan 🙂


  24. I love scarves and very often wear one. Adding one of yours would be like having a new piece of jewelry for me, a scarf can jazz up any plain outfit.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  25. it’s phisically impossible for me to get out of the house without a scarf, even in summer. these ones especially compliment perfectly the summer nights!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I use scarf with a little black dress and tenis

  27. I’d wear an infinity scarf around the office. It’d look chic and professional, and keep me warm in our heavily-AC’d environment.

  28. I would wear it over a cute top, or even with my jean jacket on a more chilly night

  29. I’d wear it with a tee and jeans. raffelcopter: happi shopr

  30. I would wear the scarves as a way to dress up jeans and a tee.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  31. I love using a fun scarf to add color and pop to a plain white tank top for summer

  32. Christina ( I like the Lightweight Infinity Scarf and the Polka Dot Scarf!

  33. I would love to wear one of these scarves with dark jeans, a tank top and some great open toed shoes

  34. Denim jeans, white tee, denim jacket

  35. I’d use it as the centrepiece.

  36. I`ll use it with a tank top, jeans and flip flpos

  37. I’ve got a super cute linen skirt that would go really well with these light, pretty scarves. 🙂 Super cute!

  38. I’d wear it with maxi dress for windy nights

  39. with a teal hi-lo maxi shirttt, and white tank… mini color blocking when paired with the coral scarff.

  40. I love scarves!I’d wear it on the beach with many different ways!

  41. Shoerts and a tank top

  42. I’d wear an infinity scarf with tight jeans, t-shirt and high wedges!

  43. I would wear mine with a colorful summer skirt and casual black t shirt.
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  44. I’d wear it with jeans & a plain white t.

  45. I like the muted teal green scarf and the chocolate brown scarf. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  46. I’d wear it with denim shorts and bright tank top

  47. I’d wear it with denim jeans and green tee 🙂

    e-mail: floryfrancy[at]inwind[dot]it

  48. Anonymous says

    Partecipo e condivido! ^^

  49. I would wear it with jeans, a simple T-shirt and a blue jacket!

    GFC:Chicca Tamburrino

  50. I would wear them with jeans and a plain tee to work

    GFC Francesca Scirpoli

  51. I would wear it with jeans and t-shirt
    fb togato antonella

    THANKS!!! ^_^
    i like the green like my eyes!!!

  53. I would love to wear these with a t-shirt and jeans! They are soo cute!

  54. I’d wear it with a tee and blue jeans! 😉
    So very pretty and fashion…

    GFC: Francesca
    FB: Francesca Biondina
    Email: redicoppe(at)inwind(dot)it

  55. my fav is this :
    and i wear it with denim shorts,a smooth white v-neck sleeveless blouse and a pair of slave sandals matching with scarves


  56. I’d wear an infity scarf to make my black shirt and jeans

  57. Anonymous says

    cute 🙂

  58. with my grey maxi dress!
    mrshopeful39 at hotmail dotcom

  59. I’d wear it with black skinny jeans, bright blue ballett flats and a black lacy tanktop 🙂

  60. I’d would wear it with everything, from informal skinny jeans to a chic dress to go out at night!

  61. I so need these for the British summer! I’m living in skinnies and tunics for work, and these would brighten up my outfits and keep my neck cosy! 🙂

  62. Would wear the coral scarf on my honeymoon to set off my tan


    ohsogawjess at gmail dot com

  63. With jeans and a tank top!

    Kimberley Meier
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com

  64. Alright, I’d wear a super long/flowy and high waisted maxi skirt in the color of black, with two white belts wrapped around the waist, and a light blue lacy quarter sleeved top, with the bohemian scarf, my hair upturned and two headbands, gladiator sandals, eco friendly make-up, and an arm band in the shade of deep purple, slide up to beneath my elbow.
    Mmm, I get goosebumps just thinking about it. 🙂

  65. Cute scarves! I have some plain tank tops I’d love to jazz up with one.

  66. I’d wear it with plain white t-shirt and jeans or skirt

  67. I’d wear it with a cute plain tank top and colorful shorts. Ballerina shoes or sandals to match and complement with accesories 🙂

  68. I think it’d be real cute to wear an EcoShag infinity scarf with a spaghetti strap tank & a pair of denim cutoffs!

  69. I would wear scarf with my black dress
    lusizova at

  70. i’d pair it with my black dress to rock it out for the summer!!!

  71. I’d wear it with jeans and a T shirt.

  72. love those! I think they’d go great with a simple white tee.

  73. I’d wear this with a very cute top and pants!


  74. I love pairing them with a simple solid tank and jeans!

  75. I’d wear it with a simple white shirt and flare jeans with flip flops!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  76. I would wear it with a dress

  77. I would wear it to dress up a shirt and jeans. And heels.