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DIY "Cancer" Teas and Other Exotic Teas You Can Make Yourself

July 20, 2012

How I Make My Own Cancer Tea and Other Exotic Teas

By Guest blogger, Cheryl Dolby of Healing Woman Blog
Pineapple Mint and Chocolate Mint-Freshly Harvested
Pineapple Mint and Chocolate Mint-Freshly Harvested
I love making my own teas because it gives me the versatility of creating exotic herbal blends, not found anywhere else. I’ve even gone so far as to create my own teas for particular ailments or diseases. I bought a book years ago that has been my guideline for creating teas to help with cancer, intestinal tract problems, nervous system difficulties and a variety of other health problems. The book is called “Healing Teas from Around the World”by Syliva Schneider.

Of course, I use the book only as a guideline. I prefer to study effects of different teas and create my own elixir.

When my daughter, Kelli, found out she had multiple myeloma cancer 8 years ago, and after the initial shock, we decided to follow conventional therapy as well as look into alternative methods. Kelli is thriving today and I believe that the teas could have played a roll in her recovery.

You may want to check out an earlier post on how I prepare my herbs. The post is titled “Now is the Thyme” found here.

Dried Herbs After Removed From Brown Bags
Dried Herbs After Removed From Brown Bags
Basically, I dry my herbs in brown sandwich bags, place them in my car and wait a few days to remove. They dry quickly and impart a wonderful aroma at the same time.
Tea Being Placed Into Small Tea Bags
Tea Being Placed Into Small Tea Bags
After the herbs have dried, I scrunch up the brown bags until the leaves are thoroughly pulverized. I remove larger stems and then add them to purchased tea bags that can be found online (from Mountain Rose Herbs) or specialty herb shops.

I used spearmint, pineapple mint and peppermint tea leaves for my pictures for the post.

The tea bags are then ironed closed and are ready for brewing. I then place tea bags into zip lock bags with my logo and list ingredients.

The bags Are Sealed Closed by Ironing Them.
The bags Are Sealed Closed by Ironing Them.
Below is a bit about the ingredients and the recipes I used for Kelli’s cancer teas.
Lapacho tea is made by using the bark found on the lapacho tree found in South America. It is reputed to have great results when used for asthma, stomach complaints and cancer and impede the growth of tumors.
Eassiac Tea or Original Indian Essence. This tea was reportedly used by the Indians in southeast Canada and many claims are made touting it as a cure for cancer. The ingredients are, roots of burdock and Turkish rhubarb, sheep sorrel and slippery elm bark. These are herbs that help strengthen the immune system.
Bark and Root Cancer Tea: 
1. 1 t. each of the burdock, Turkish Rhubard, sheep sorrel and slippery elm bark or you could buy a box of Eassiac tea with these ingredients sometimes found in health food stores.
2. 2 t. crushed lapacho bark
Mix together and add to tea bag. I use several of these bags in a pot of hot water-let them steep for about 10 minutes or so. Tea is a bit bitter so honey can be added to your cup if preferred. Alternately, if you want a stronger tea, let herbs steep for about an hour and reheat the tea before drinking.
In a later post on Healing Woman Blog, if there is interest from my readers, I’ll give more information on methods we used to help Kelli keep cancer at bay. She is and has been in guarded remission for several years now but we, and I say we because I am her coach, continue a strict regimen to insure her continued remission and phenomenally good health. Her orthopedic surgeon has told us that he thinks Kelli is a miracle case.
Mint Tea All Ready for the Market
Mint Tea All Ready for the Market
If you’re interested in crafting you’re own herbals teas but don’t have an herb garden, you can purchase dried, certified organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.
About the author: This post is by guest  blogger, Chery Dolby of Healing Woman Blog. Cheryl Dolby, a native of Warren, Ohio, now resides in Roanoke, VA, where after spending 15 years as a stained glass artist, teacher, and shop owner, became interested in clay sculpture. Her interest soon became an obsession and since 1984 she has exhibited her sculpture at shows and galleries throughout the country. Currently, she sculpts, writes and participates in the arts. She has studied her craft in Italy, Greece and France. Be sure to visit Healing Woman Blog to learn more about Cheryl, her work and her journeys.
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