Handmade Cool for the Kitchen

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Sometimes you want to give a room in your home a makeover, but really all you can afford to do is dress it up a little. With the right accessories, you can make any room pop without giving it a major overhaul. Following are just a few fun and fabulous handmade products I found to be exceptionally cool for giving your kitchen a bit of that something special while still allowing you to change the room over time. These objects can also be moved from room to room – say from kitchen to living room – with the greatest of ease. You know. Just in case you’re a wee bit finicky and love to live up new styles on the reg.
Polka Dot Flower Linen Pillow Cover
Cool kitchen accessories
One of a kind handmade kitchen accessories

Wine Barrel Hanging Pendant Light to Keep Things Illuminated from Wine Country Craftsman | Carved Porcelain Fruit Bowl for a Table Centerpiece from Isabelle Abramson Ceramics

What are your favorite dual purpose kitchen accessories?
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  1. I am drooling over that light! Great finds.

  2. Great blog! Thank you for featuring our bookends 🙂