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Severe storms cripple areas of the United States

July 2, 2012
I apologize for the lapse in blog articles recently. Many states, including Southwestern Virginia where I live, were devastated by storms Friday night. Locally half of my city’s population in Roanoke lost power, while some areas were knocked completely off the grid. The news is saying outlying areas will have full power restored by Thursday or Friday, while Roanoke is not expected to regain full power until Saturday. Temperatures have been soaring to a hundred degrees and more, and thunderstorms last night knocked power out for another 30,000 people in my area who previously still had power.
Vehicle crushed by tree toppled by Friday night’s wind storms. Photo by Cody Dillon-Owens
Some areas for which water is pumped in through wells are experiencing water shortages. There’s also a fire blazing in a nearby county. A block down from us, on my street, they still have no power where a tree knocked down a power line last Friday night. The tree has been removed, but the power line is still laying in the middle of the road. The road itself is taped off only with yellow caution tape. I only had internet service restored this afternoon, and lost power for a short time today. I’ve been very lucky. Unfortunately, many in Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia and other states are still without power and supplies. Gas stations are closed due to power loss or have run out of gas. Food has been lost in homes and grocery stores. And people have lost their lives. Please keep everyone affected by these storms in your thoughts as we all work to try to recover from Friday’s storms and the severe thunderstorms that have further crippled areas since Friday night.


  • Dena

    July 4, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    I pray things get better very soon, for you and all the people that have been affected by the storms. God bless.

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