Handmade Artisan Candles from Blackberry Thyme

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I’ve been on the hunt for some good quality candles for a while. I’d bought some recently from a local artist, but found they didn’t really put off a noticeable fragrance and they burned unevenly leaving one of the three wicks melted into the candle permanently no matter what I did to try to rectify the situation. Glade candles seem to work well, but they are so small and seem to burn through rather quickly. And Yankee Candles – they are just so expensive and many of the fragrances set my allergies off. So I started hunting for another artisan candle supplier and found Blackberry Thyme.
Artisan Handmade Mulberry Scented Soy Candle from Blackberry Thyme
Initially I inquired on the size of the candles from Blackberry Thyme as it wasn’t noted in the listings. The response I received back from the artisan behind Blackberry Thyme, Teresa,  was not only quick, but a little unexpected. Apparently I was one of the people who had inspired her to go into soapmaking which was both flattering and entirely coincidental. But it definitely provided that extra little push to give her handmade candles a try. All of Teresa’s candles are 8oz. The cotton wick candles run $8 each while the wooden wick candles are $9 a piece. Even with shipping I found her prices to be comparable to the price of a quality commercial candle. I decided to try Teresa’s wooden wick candles since I’d never tried this style of candle before. I was excited by the fact that her candles are made with soy wax – which is my preference for a long, clean burn – and that these candles have an especially long burn time of 100 hours or more. So I bought two candles to try – Mulberry and Cinnamon.
Handmade Wooden Wick Soy Candle from Blackberry Thyme
Teresa shipped my candles out quickly via USPS Priority Mail. They arrived several days later, well packaged and smelling fabulous. I found that getting the wooden wick to burn the first time did take a little longer than traditional cotton wick candles. But once the wick caught the candles burned beautifully and filled the room with their respective fragrances. I burned the mulberry scented candle in the living room and the cinnamon scented candle in the kitchen. I burned both for several hours and it hardly put a dent in the candles – a testament to the long burn time. Relighting the candles for a second and third go was a cinch after the initial lighting – just like lighting any other candle and they smelled simply wonderful. I am also a fan of the mason jars the candles come in. They are super cute jars with great little tin lids that will prove perfect for upcycling for future crafty projects of my own. Start to finish I am in love with the candles from Blackberry Thyme! I will definitely be purchasing more of these candles in the future. The quality is amazing and the pricing is reasonable making them great for both everyday use and for gifting. So if you’re like me and love a truly great candle, be sure to check out the selection at Blackberry Thyme and tell Teresa I sent you!
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  1. Thank you so much Rebecca for the wonderful review! I am so happy you are enjoying them!

  2. They sound great. And great little story behind the shop!