Happy Halloween!

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DIY Handmade Zombie Killer Clown Halloween Costume
I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Halloween! My son, Cody, worked on his DIY Halloween costume over the weekend – a Zombie Killer Clown. Guess he gets a little craftiness in his genes from me. Pictured is his self portrait. He bought the mask for ten dollars from a Halloween store. The clothing however came from a thrift shop. He roughed it up and shredded it with sandpaper and a knife, added some fake blood – he used red food color – and hand crafted his own gruesome gloves. The knife is a hand forged sword I bought for him years back from a Renaissance Fair. It’s real, but there’s not a sharpened blade on it. I have to admit I’d be a little freaked out if I saw him coming down the street at night.
Did you or your family craft costumes for Halloween? I’d love to hear what your ideas were for Halloween this year!

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  1. Creepy costume! Please tell me he’s seen Killer Klowns From Outer Space – it’s so amusingly awful.

  2. I believe he has, though I will mention it to him just to be sure. I like that movie as well!