Handmade Bath & Beauty Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Women You can Craft and Buy

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Every girl loves a few fabulous bath and beauty finds in their holiday stocking! So whether you’re in gear to get crafty this holiday season and making your gifts from scratch or if you simply prefer to shop handmade, here are a few great handmade bath and beauty finds that you can DIY and buy for Christmas gifts!

DIY Bath & Beauty Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas to Craft

DIY Handmade Bath and Beauty Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas - Handmade Crafts to Make and Give for Christmas

1. DIY Handmade Shea Body Butter from Soap Deli News | 2. DIY Handmade Organic Lemon Lavender Scented Bath Melts from Soap Deli News | 3. DIY Handmade Appliqued Succulent Sachet from Bugs and Fishes | 4. DIY Handmade Soap Sweater / Scrubbie from Blog a la Cart | 5. DIY Handmade Fabric Scrap Scrunchies from Duni’s Studio | 6. DIY Handmade Birthday Cake Lip Balm from Soap Deli News | 7. DIY Spoon Ring Jewelry from Through the Front Door | 8. DIY Handmade Coffee Sugar Scrub from Soap Deli News | More.

Handmade Bath & Beauty Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas to Buy

Handmade Bath and Beauty Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Women
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