DIY Garden Planner to Organize the Perfect Garden

February 6, 2013
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I have discovered so many wonderful new blogs lately, but one that really stands out is Punk Projects. Written by 20 year old Katie – doodler, biker, dog lover, tea lover and Star Trek geek – Punk Projects is where she shares her tutorials and favorite crafty finds.
DIY Garden Planner - Organize and Plan Your Perfect Garden for Spring with this Scrapbooking Project
I most recently fell in love with Katie’s DIY Garden Planner! She made hers with some super fun scrapbook papers and her imagination and a handy dandy sewing machine to make pockets for keeping seeds and such. This would be a great family project for a first time garden – or your first time gardener! (And spring is right around the corner!) You can find Katie’s garden planner tutorial at Punk Projects. You may also want to check out Katie’s DIY Seed Tape and Dinosaur Plant Markers. (They’d both make fun weekend family projects.) I also think her Recycled Cardboard Tree Stumps are pretty nifty!
What are some of your favorite, newly discovered blogs?
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