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DIY Custom Makeup Palette

March 21, 2013
DIY Custom Makeup Palette - Beauty DIY - Homemade Cosmetics and More
Some Sweet Little Dreams has created a tutorial for making your own DIY Custom Magnetic Makeup Palettes (pictured above.) Not only are these cool palettes inexpensive to make, but it allows you to combine all of your favorite makeup together in one palette regardless of brand. It’s perfect for organizing makeup at home and it makes it a cinch to keep everything together in one spot for when you travel. Find out how to make your own custom makeup palette here.
If you’re really gung ho about creating your own makeup as well, you can also purchase Empty Eyeshadow Aluminum Pans and include your own cream eyeshadow, blushes and foundation. I have a great recipe for making your own homemade natural cream eyeshadow. You can find my DIY Cream Eyeshadow Recipe here. You could also include your own natural homemade lip stain, homemade moisturizing lip gloss and shimmering tinted lip balms.
Have the makeup covered but need something to take it back off again? Then check out this homemade makeup remover recipe. What’s your favorite cosmetic product that you just can’t live without?
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