Do You Have Zombie Fever?

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AMC's The Walking Dead

AMC’s show, The Walking Dead, has made zombies – even the apocalypse – a hot new trend. So much so that fans are willing to overlook the fact that while everyone now carries the zombie virus, you will still only become a zombie if you die or are bitten. Case in point – Hershel had his leg cut off after being bitten by a zombie to avoid infection. But I have to wonder if it really necessary to cut off his leg since he’s already carrying the virus anyway. How is a bite any different if you’re already infected? Anyone know? (Psst. If you’re like me and don’t have cable, you can catch up on Season 3 of The Walking Dead via Amazon instant video.)

Zombie Outbreak Response Team Sticker
Zombie Outbreak Response Team Sticker (via Amazon.)

With that said, zombie mania is definitely sweeping the nation. Saturday Night Live recently did a parody skit of The Walking Dead which definitely portrays what we’ve all been thinking about Carl – is Rick is raising a right fine sociopath? So whether you’re a zombie fan or just know someone who is, here are a few fun zombie inspired products that you may find you just have to own.

Cool Zombie Inspired Merchandise

1. I loved the children’s book, Pat the Bunny, as a child. So as an adult I just couldn’t resist this parody book – Pat the Zombie: A Cruel (Adult) Spoof (via Amazon.) / 2. If you’re the DIY you may just appreciate the book, Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead (via Amazon.) / 3. Kick some butt in this rockin’ Zombie at Tiffany’s Women’s Girly Boat Neck T-shirt (via Threadless.) / 4. Make Easter extra fun and er, gory with a completely edible white chocolate zombie bunny (via ThinkGeek.)

Cool Zombie Clothing and Accessories

1. These handmade zombie flesh high heels are sure to garner some attention and let the zombies know you mean business! Besides, a girl can never have too many shoes (via Nixxi Rose.) / 2. This fashionable zombie gore t-shirt may be right up your man’s alley (via StrangeLand tees.) 3. Don’t be the soccer mom, be the zombie mom and show off your fabulous living dead family with these zombie family decals with pets (via Tawnya M Designs.)

What’s your take on the zombie craze and who is your favorite character from The Walking Dead?

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  1. I do! Creep cool featured iteams.

  2. I haven’t watched the show but I have friends that are huge fans. I’m always on the lookout for fun zombie items and this is an awesome round-up. 😉

  3. They cut Hershel’s leg off to avoid infection from the bite. Not the zombie viral infection, because as you said- they’re all already infected with that, but the regular infection one would get if they were bitten by something with a horrifically dirty mouth. That’s what actually kills a person if they get bit in a non-immediately fatal way.

    Human bites are surprisingly dirty to begin with, but compound that with a bite from a steadily decomposing corpse who has been munching on God knows what and you have the perfect storm for a deadly infection, especially with no formal medical care.

  4. So, now that they are already infected, if they get bitten do they now turn into super zombie zombies? What if they pour liquor on the bite to kill the infection? Would that be as effective as chopping off a body part right away? I’m still thinking there are holes in the scenario… 😉