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Spring DIY Wedding Inspiration

March 19, 2013
Wedding season is quickly approaching. So whether you’re looking for last minute ideas to finish off your spring wedding or are hunting for wedding inspiration for next year, here are a few of my recent favorites – all of which you can put together yourself.
Spring DIY Wedding Inspiration - DIY Cocktail Stir Sticks
The project: DIY Cocktail Stir Sticks // Find it at: Celebrations at Home

It’s all in the details. Help keep wedding guests from getting their drinks mixed up while giving each stir stick a personal touch that’s representative of who’s who.
Spring DIY Wedding Inspiration - Homemade DIY Flower Bouquets
The project: DIY Watercolor Flowers // Find it at: Kelli Murray

Virtually all weddings have flowers. However, if your favorite flowers are out of season or just simply not within your budget, make your own! (You can also find Kelli Murray’s artwork on Etsy.)
Spring DIY Wedding Inspiration - Homemade DIY Place Settings
The project: DIY Eggshell Place Cards // Find it at: Homework

Let everyone know which table to sit at with these lovely handmade eggshell place cards. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also double as wedding favors for guests to take home.
Spring DIY Wedding Inspiration - Homemade DIY Scalloped Wood Frame Save the Date Wedding Invitations
The project: DIY Scalloped Wood Frame Save the Date Invitations // Find it at: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Use sheets of wood veneer, acrylic spray paint and custom stamps to create these beautiful and elegant wedding invitations.
Spring DIY Wedding Inspiration - Homemade DIY Lip Balm Wedding Favors
The project: DIY Lip Balm Favors // Find it at: Apple Brides
Use natural organic ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs to craft sweetly scented lip balms for your wedding guests customized for the event with your own labels. (You can find more handmade lip balm recipes on Soap Deli News.)
For more inspirational spring wedding ideas, be sure to check out my inspirational DIY Spring Wedding post from last earlier this month. You can also follow my Weddings board on Pinterest.


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