Kitchen Inspiration

April 19, 2013
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My kitchen is currently in that in between stage. You know, where you have Kilz on the walls and are still deciding on paint colors and tiles for a backsplash. Picking a color scheme for the walls and cabinets has not been easy. It’s been months and I’m still undecided. So I thought I might pull a little inspiration from artwork created specifically for a kitchen. This led me to the discovery of artist, Yael Berger, and the shop, The Joy of Color. Here are a few of my favorite watercolor and digital illustration picks that I think would suit any kitchen that needs just touch of whimsey.

Stack of Bowls Art Print for Kitchen Home Decor by The Joy of ColorA Stack of Bowls Digital Illustration via The Joy of Color

Kitchen Utensils Art Print Illustration by The Joy of ColorKitchen Utensils Art Print via The Joy of Color

Orange Study Watercolor Art Print by The Joy of ColorOrange Study No. 2 Watercolor Art Print via The Joy of Color

Where do you get your inspiration for decorating your home from?

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