Bewitching Pigment Pots Halloween Lip Color DIY

Bewitching Pigment Pots Halloween DIY Lip Color

September 11, 2014
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Bewitching Pigment Pots Halloween Lip Color DIY

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re thinking of making your own DIY Halloween costume this year, why stick to store bought makeup? Instead make these DIY Lip Color Halloween Pigment Pots! Made from a combination of natural oils, beeswax and pigments, these intense pigment pots for lips go on and stay on for long lasting, waterproof wear. And we all know how important that can be at a late night party! Make these in either dark charcoal gray or in dark purple then simply apply using a lip brush and then use your favorite waterproof makeup remover or grape seed oil to remove at the end the day.

You can find my Bewitchingly Intense Recipe for Pigment Pots for Lips in Wholesale Supplies Plus’ September 2014 issue of Handmade Magazine on page 21. In addition to my DIY Lip Color, this issue also includes other Halloween inspired bath and body recipes including a pumpkin spice salt scrub recipe, DIY creepy eyeball soap, DIY zombie dust fizzie powder recipe, spooky eyeball bath bombs recipe, monster slime bubble bath recipe, pumpkin glitter hair chalk recipe and more! Click here to read this issue of Handmade Magazine now.

For more great DIY Halloween Projects and Ideas be sure to follow my Halloween board on Pinterest where you’ll find pumpkin decorating ideas and DIY costumes and spooky home decor as well as tasty Halloween themed treats.

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