Halloween Inspired DIY Batman Soap Recipe

DIY Batman Soap for Halloween

October 15, 2014
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Try this DIY Halloween craft project for making a DIY Batman Soap that uses everyday kitchen containers as soap molds!

With all the caped crusaders and nefarious villains that I’m sure I’ll see running around downtown this Halloween, I thought what better than to create a superhero inspired soap! As I don’t have a plentiful supply of shaped silicone molds on hand – yet! – this DIY Batman Soap was made using homemade molds from containers I had in my kitchen cupboard. This include the rectangular Rubbermaid container from my Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Sandwich Kit and a Gladware type container that’s the same size the lunch meats come in. For the Batman call symbol shape I used a computer printout from the internet, a paring knife and my pottery needle tool.

Here’s how I made my DIY Batman Soap.

Try this DIY Halloween craft project for making a DIY Batman Soap that uses everyday kitchen containers as soap molds!

I used a aloe & olive detergent free melt and pour soap base (from a previous project) for this soapmaking project. I started out using the rectangular block from my Lunch Blox as the mold for my bat shape. I weighed 2.5 oz. of the melt and pour soap base using a digital scale then melted it in a glass Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave, about 30 seconds, until it was completely melted. I then mixed .1 oz. of Australian midnight black clay and 2 oz. of cosmetic fine jet black glitter into the soap and then poured it into my makeshift mold, spritzed the top with alcohol to remove any air bubbles and placed it in the freezer.

DIY Batman Soap Tutorial for Halloween

After about a half hour I removed the soap from the freezer and gently pressed it out of the mold from the bottom. (If your soap doesn’t come out easily, put it back in the freezer for a bit longer.) Then I googled for the image using the search term “batman” symbol,” chose the image I wanted and then printed it out onto regular paper. I then cut out the shape with a few modifications to make cutting out the shape in soap easier.

DIY Batman Soap

I used my pottery needle tool (in the smaller areas) and a paring knife to cut out the bat. (Not handy with a blade? Use a bat shaped cookie cutter instead.)

Try this DIY Halloween craft project for making a DIY Batman Soap that uses everyday kitchen containers as soap molds!

I then placed my bat shape into the Gladware type container. Next I cut up and melted 2.9 oz. of my soap base. I added a yellow liquid soap colorant one drop at a time until I reached the color I wanted and stirred well. I then poured the yellow soap slowly around the bat shape in my mold and then spritzed the top with alcohol. Next, I placed my container of soap in the freezer. (Psst. This photo is from instagram! For more behind the scenes photos like this one, be sure to follow me!)

Finally I removed the soap from the freezer and slowly pressed it out of the mold. And voila! In retrospect this made one very large bar of soap. It also made a very thin bar of soap. If you like the idea of a giant shaped soap then this is perfect! It would be great as a novelty soap. However should you want a thicker bar I would pour a layer of soap to desired height into the final mold first, allow it to harden, then spritz with alcohol. Then I would place the bat soap on top of this soap in the final mold and then pour more yellow soap around the bat shape up to the final step.

Want to add a fragrance to this soap? Simply add a skin safe fragrance oil to the melted soap at 3% of the total weight.

Try this with other containers and shapes to customize more unique soaps. Or try carving a block of soap with a small knife or pottery tools and explore your creative side!

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