DIY natural beauty book - 200 Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Natural Beauty

New Natural Beauty Recipe Book from Shannon Buck

August 29, 2015
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DIY natural beauty book - 200 Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Natural Beauty

Just released is the new natural beauty recipe book, 200 Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Natural Beautyby Shannon Buck!

This new 4 1/2 star rated natural beauty book will teach you all that you need to know to make your own organic natural beauty products. Learn how to create homemade lotions and potions at home using natural and holistic ingredients like herbs and flowers. You’ll also be instructed on the properties of conditioning carrier oils and naturally moisturizing butters as well as aromatic floral extracts. Many of these natural beauty recipes are perfect for your overall health and include curative herbal extracts and therapeutic essential oils. This natural beauty book contains clear step by step photographs and instructions as well as expert tips and easy to follow natural beauty recipes.

You can buy 200 Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Natural Beauty now in paperback here. Or save by purchasing the kindle version of this natural beauty book here.

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