Must have beauty products that I never want to live without. Discover new beauty favorites from makeup and hair care to a pretty rockin' styling iron!

My Must Have Beauty Products

March 13, 2016
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Must have beauty products that I never want to live without. Discover new beauty favorites from makeup and hair care to a pretty rockin' styling iron!

While I make my own homemade bath, body and beauty products, I still love to buy beauty products as well. While these aren’t handmade, they are a few of my must have beauty products that I’ve fallen in love with and that continue to make their way into my life repeatedly. I hope you’ll consider giving them a try or share your own must have beauty products in the comments.

My Must Have Beauty Products

The Bed Head Rock ‘n’ Roller Ceramic Styling Iron is my favorite hair styling tool for quick and easy body and tousled waves. Having grown up the 80’s curling irons were always a necessity. It started with feathered hair in junior high and then progressed to three inch high bangs and an entire can of hair spray. By the end of high school, I’d grown out my bangs completely and had thankfully gone over to a natural air dry and go style. Curling my hair back in the day would take a solid hour so not only did I save time by ditching my curling iron, but I luckily didn’t hold onto that insane hairstyle trend. For the most part after that I hung up my curling iron for good. Until now.

I actually bought the Bed Head Rock ‘n’ Roller Ceramic Styling Iron twice. I initially purchased this styling iron as a Christmas gift for a teenager. However, after seeing how fantastic her hair looked after using the Bed Head Rock ‘n’ Roller Ceramic Styling Iron, I went out and invested another $25 on a second one for myself. I specifically purchased this styling iron for a formal charity event that I attended. However, I instantly fell in love with not only how easy it was to use, but also how quickly I could style my hair using it.

The wavy curls this styling iron creates hold amazingly well and it really does add a LOT of volume. I can get a basic look with this styling iron in about ten minutes. For body I use this styling iron on large sections of hair at a time without a styling product. For something more substantial, I use a small amount of product for hold and work with smaller sections of hair. Once I’ve done my entire head, I go back with even smaller sections in just a few areas around my head to give it more texture and pop. This is by far probably my favorite purchase of 2016.

As far as makeup goes, the Natural Instincts Eyeshadow Palette from theBalm is probably one of my most favorite eyeshadow palettes ever. The colors are not only fantastic but highly pigmented and allow you to create natural to bold looks with both matte and shimmer shadow choices. Plus the packaging is simply fun! If you prefer an even more diverse palette that contains blushes, bronzers, shadows, and glosses, then you’ll love theBalm’s It Takes All Kinds Makeup Palette.

For keeping my makeup exactly where it needs to be all day long I use NYX Cosmetics Matte Makeup Setting Spray. As far as setting sprays go, this one not only works well but it’s also very reasonably priced. I spray my face with this setting spray after applying all of my makeup other than my mascara. (I had an unfortunate accident once where I had still wet mascara, following with a setting spray and then sneezed. I’m sure you can create a visual in your head for that one.)

To keep shine away the entire day, I actually apply NYX Cosmetics Matte Makeup Setting Spray twice. I spray it on once after applying my makeup, then again a second time after dusting my finished look with NYX Cosmetics Translucent Studio Finishing Powder. This translucent powder is great for oily eyelids too and helps to keep eyeliner from transferring to just above the crease of my eye like a lot of them seem to do.

As far as eyeliners go, I’ve only found one that doesn’t seem to do that. And that’s Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner. While you can’t get a super fine line with this eyeliner, it is great for bolder looks. Not only does it apply like a liquid eyeliner with a super smooth application, but the vivid color will literally outlast all of your other makeup. It’s also waterproof, smudge proof and smear proof and comes in a wide selection of colors including black, brown, green and purple.

When it comes to mascara I seem to have a lot of on again and off again love affairs. For about a two year period I was madly in love with Benefit’s BadGal Lash Mascara as it offered both volume and length while separating lashes. I never got any clumps with this mascara, However, it did tend to wear off over time, and while touching up was a snap, it just didn’t maintain the length I wanted without having to be reapplied later in the day.

More recently I fell in love with Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera Lashes Mascara. While this mascara is great for building length, it falls a little flat in the volume arena. And, if it’s overapplied, those long, lustrous lashes almost appear fake. But I didn’t give up.

I recently tried stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara through the Birchbox sampling program and struck gold. This mascara is probably THE mascara I’ll have a forever lover affair with. stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara adds massive length to my leashes as well as volume for those bold evening looks where you want everyone to notice your eyes before the dress. While it’s not always what I want for a regular work day, it’s a staple for evenings out.

As far as hair care goes, I’ve been using Renpure Solutions Rosemary Mint Cleansing Conditioner for several years now to “wash” my hair. I will never go back to traditional shampoos again after discovering this product. I cannot recommend Renpure Solutions Cleansing Conditioner enough for anyone who struggles with their hair or fights with it constantly trying to find the right product to balance out the damage done by shampoos and the elements. Unlike other no-poo options, this product does not make your hair look dirty or feel greasy. Another plus to this cleansing conditioner is that it can also be applied after cleansing as a moisturizing leave in product if your hair is particularly dry or damaged. So, you know, it’s one less product to buy.

While I’ve stopped using shampoo, I have not given up on conditioners. So I typically follow this cleansing conditioner with my favorite regular conditioner. Right now I actually have two favorites. I’m using both L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Volume Thickening Conditioner and L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner – and at the same time. I just mix the two together in the palm of my hand. The volume conditioner gives my fine, straight hair a little extra oomph, while the repairing conditioner conquers dry hair brought on by winter and adds shine. In the summer my hair leans toward more oily, so I switch to just using the volume conditioner.

I know. It may seem a little weird that I combo my products to customize them, but I feel like I can’t be the only one. I’m the same way with lipstick too.

So now that you’ve heard about my must have beauty products, tell me about yours!

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