Fun DIY Soap Tutorials for DIY Lemon Soap and DIY Emoji Soap

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Fun DIY Soap Tutorials! Learn how to make your own DIY Lemon Slice Soaps and DIY Emoji Soaps with these fun DIY video soap tutorials from makoccino!

Beat the heat & get crafty inside this weekend with these Fun DIY soap tutorials!

Learn how to make your own DIY Lemon Slice Soaps and DIY Emoji Soaps with these fun DIY soap tutorials from makoccino!

DIY Lemon Soap

This fun DIY soap tutorial from makoccino will show you how to make your own DIY Lemon Slice Soaps. You can also use the same soapmaking tutorial to create other DIY Citrus Slice Soaps like oranges and limes!

For this project you’ll need both clear and white melt and pour soap bases, round molds in different sizes or a cookie cutter, yellow soap colorant and lemon essential oil. (I recommend using 12 drops of essential oil for every ounce of soap. For larger batches of soap, use .05%.)

DIY Emoji Soap

This next soapmaking video tutorial from makoccino shows you how to make your own DIY Emoji Soaps!  Made using water soluble paper, simply download the graphic images (provided in the description of this soapmaking tutorial here) and print them onto the water soluble paper using your inkjet printer.

Don’t want to make emoji soaps? You can use any image of you like for these fun DIY soaps. These would be great as party favors for themed parties, especially birthday parties. Think Pokemon images for a kids’ Pokemon themed birthday party!

Looking for Pokemon inspired bath and body video tutorials? Be sure to visit this blog post to learn how to make your own DIY Pokemon Pokeball Bath Bombs and DIY Pokemon Pokeball Soaps for your Pokemon Go fans!

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