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These Hand Poured 100% Soy Lemongrass Citronella Outdoor Candles from Pure Palette naturally deter mosquitoes and other biting insects!

Weekly Wrap Up (Week of April 16th-April 22nd)

April 22, 2017

These Hand Poured 100% Soy Lemongrass Citronella Outdoor Candles from Pure Palette naturally deter mosquitoes and other biting insects!

I missed writing a weekly wrap up the past two weeks in a row. Part of it was getting behind on blog projects. Part of it was getting the house cleaned for a game night James was hosting. Part of it was just life. And being overwhelmed. I had a freak out week where I was just overly consumed about failing with my new direction. Quitting my day job. Meeting the weekly blogging goals I set for myself. Terrified I won’t be able to hack it blogging full time and make enough to both pay my debts and live off of.

So between coming up with new bath and body recipes, trying to get them executed, and stressing myself to the point there was too much in my head to focus I forgot for a moment that this is what I love. And it’s okay to not always get it right.

Week before last I had not one, but two projects fail. But that’s the process. I had to remember that I am only one person. I’m not Martha Stewart. I don’t have an insane budget to play with. I don’t have employees. I don’t have a photographer or a designer. And I definitely don’t have a savvy marketing guru in my corner. There’s just me.

Realistically, one person can only do so much. And unfortunately not all of my days are sunny. So I have shelved some of the higher expectations I’ve set for myself and I got some of my mojo back this week. I was able to post three original projects for you all to give a try. And I’m pretty excited about that. (I found this article from Wit & Delight especially inspiring in getting my head back to where it needs to be.)

James shopping for an electric smoker for a cookout & cocktail party!

I also remembered I need support and friends and breaks in my life. So this week I’ve also been working on planning a cocktail & cookout party for James and my friends in May. James bought a smoker so he can smoke a ridiculous amount of meat and I’ve been hunting for awesome cocktail recipes that I can serve punch style in mason jar drink containers. I’ve also been making some fun party favors for swag bags like my soap donuts, solid salt scrub donuts and bug away butter. And, I’ve been shopping too.

"Planted" Flash Temporary Tattoos by Steffi Lynn of Have a Nice Day Out of Brooklyn, NY

I bought some amazing lemongrass + citronella bug free zone candles from Pure Palette, who also resides in my home state Virginia, so we’re not spilling cocktails or dropping meats because we’re busy swatting at annoying biting insects.

I also bought some handmade goodies for my party swag bags including some super fun temporary tattoos from both PiCO Tatouage Temporaire out of Canada and Have a Nice Day out of Brooklyn, NY. (Pictured above are Steffi Lynn’s “Planted” Flash Temporary Tattoos.)

And I bought an assortment of both fan favorites and Fiesta Lollipops from Luxe Lollies that includes flavors like Salted Watermelon Jalapeno Limeade, Muy Loco Salted Jalapeno Margarita, Delicioso Salted Margarita, Nutty Horchata, and Pineapple Jalapeño Lime.

Reusable Party Animal Favor Bags from Love & Confetti

And of course one must have swag bags to put said party favors in! So I bought these fun reusable (I mean, it IS earth day everyday!) party animal favor bags from With Love & Confetti. (Discover more party inspiration on my Party Ideas Pinterest board.)

I also want to make some Star Wars inspired and mustache soaps as well as some mini perfumes so each bag has some variety with no two being quite exactly the same. And of course I’ll be posting those projects here on the blog at some point so you won’t miss out either!

Cardamom Rose Facial Grain Scrub Recipe via Catching Seeds Blog

While you’re waiting on me to post more of my new DIY projects, be sure to check out these bath and body recipe favorites I discovered this week from other bloggers:

(Discover more of my favorite skincare and soap recipes on my DIY Bath and Body Pinterest board.)

Confetti Bundt Cake Bath Bombs from The Bath Candy Shop! This handmade bath bomb is scented with a confetti cake fragrance and is topped with soap drizzle and sprinkles.

And here are some of my favorite products I’ve been crushing on this week:

(For even more of my favorites you can follow my collections on Etsy.)

That’s all for today! I hope to “see” you again right here at Soap Deli News next week! In the meantime, you can find & follow me on Pinterest,  G+,  Tumblr,  Facebook,  Twitter,  Blog Lovin’, and Instagram. Or sign up to receive new posts from Soap Deli News blog to your email via FeedBurner so you never miss a post.

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