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Hannah painting a paper mache unicorn with materials from Target!

Weekly Wrap Up (Week of May 14th-May 20th)

May 20, 2017

I got married!

Well, a LOT has happened since last week. This past Wednesday I got married! It was a super simple affair that took place in around 60 seconds in my living room, but it all also happened rather quickly. Rick, my new husband, was at one point my ex-fiance. But life sometimes pulls you in crazy directions for a reason and within a week we’d made the decision to get married. We mostly told everyone after the event, but we are planning a wedding reception a month or two down the road so friends and family can come celebrate. I’m super stoked though and crazy happy.

Outdoor patio dining furniture from Target! I love this new outdoor dining space!

My marriage came with stepkids who are pretty frickin’ awesome. Thursday Hannah (who’s 11) and Isaac (who’s 13) helped me pull together this awesome outdoor dining space for us to enjoy as a new family. (I bought the entire set at Target.)

Hannah painting a paper mache unicorn with materials from Target!

And today Hannah painted a kick ass paper mache unicorn from Target’s Kid Made Modern line. (There’s also a third, Abbie, who’s currently planning for college, but we only have every other weekend.)

Rose Gold Bar Cart

I also got my hands on a bar cart – finally! – that I’d been lusting after forever. It finally went on sale and once I bought it it promptly sold out. I splurged a little on a set of matching copper martini glasses and rose flowers also from Target and a really nice Prince of Scots Professional Serie Boston Style Cocktail Shaker Set from Amazon. I still have to dig through Pinterest for some ideas on styling a bar cart though. Currently the bottom shelf is completely empty.

Large Flower Temporary Tattoo from Siideways

Currently I’m crushing on this gorgeous large flower temporary tattoo from Siideways.

Pineapple Mango Unicorn Horn Bath Fizzie from Golden Sapphire Boutique

And these Pineapple Mango Unicorn Horn Bath Fizzies from Golden Sapphire Boutique. (You can also follow Golden Sapphire Boutique on Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of her awesome creations.)

DIY Unicorn Bath Bombs via A Pumpkin & A Princess Blog

If you have time to squeeze in yet another new DIY project on an upcoming weekend, A Pumpkin & A Princess blog has a new tutorial on how to make your own unicorn horn bath bombs. You just need to grab these ice pop molds from Amazon then check out the list of materials and the recipe here.

I’m looking forward to sharing lots of new bath and body recipes with you all this coming week! Also, if you’d like a chance to see your bath & body creations featured on my next weekly wrap up post, simply add the hashtag #soapdelishowoff to your instagram and twitter posts when you share them!

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  • Sarah Kings

    May 20, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Congratulations on your wedding hun..

    1. Rebecca D. Dillon

      May 20, 2017 at 7:08 pm

      Thank you so much!!

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