Is Hard Seltzer Better for You Than Wine?

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Hot summer days are all about rosé & wine slushies, but is there something better? Hard seltzer, like White Claw hard seltzer, offers fewer calories and just 5% alcohol. Not only does it taste like your favorite seltzer water (with no added sugar) it also helps you stay better hydrated – even in party mode. 

Is hard seltzer better for you than wine? Hot summer days are all about rosé & wine slushies, but is there something better? Hard seltzer, like White Claw hard seltzer, offers fewer calories and just 5% alcohol. Not only does it taste like your favorite seltzer water (with no added sugar) it also helps you stay better hydrated - even in party mode.

The Drink I Didn’t Know I Was Missing

Until a few years ago, there were few non-liquor options for adult beverages besides wine, beer and coolers. All of these options are filled with added sugar. And to be honest, I’ve never liked beer. While my tastes have become more refined with age – hello, peppery dry red wine! – I don’t drink wine coolers anymore because I find them too sweet.

Then came the hard sodas, ciders and lemonades. Like coolers, they are often sweet and filled with added sugars. Being that I’m in my mid-forties, I’ve really been trying to avoid added sugar and cut calories. Not only do these drinks leave me feeling really full, really fast, they also give me massive belly bloat. Not only is the bloating uncomfortable, it’s definitely not the look I’m going for. (After all, those symptoms of perimenopause are more than enough to contend with as it is.)

Spiked seltzer however, like White Claw hard seltzer, fills a void I didn’t even realize was there. Although it’s a fairly new drink that was introduced just three years ago, it’s becoming increasingly popular.  I’m regularly running between two different Kroger stores AND Target to find my favorite multi-pack in stock as it sells out so often.

Since my discovery of spiked seltzer, I’ve pretty much given up wine expect on those special occasions. Hard seltzer has me hooked. It’s definitely a better option than wine or beer. Not only does it have zero added sugar, it’s also flavored with real fruit. And, as hard seltzer is mostly water, it helps you stay better hydrated. Meaning, it’s a lot easier to avoid a hangover the next morning.

Rosé is a summertime favorite. However, it may be time to swap out your wine for something better. Few calories, no added sugar, gluten free and zero sulfites make hard seltzer the best new summer drink! Discover the benefits of drinking hard seltzer versus wine. Plus stay better hydrated while drinking!

Is Hard Seltzer Better For You Than Wine?

I used to have a glass of wine (or three) in the evenings. It was the perfect drink to help my body wind down and relax all that tension that builds up from working at a desk all day. But the calories were definitely making a real impact on my waistline in recent years. That, and those wine hangovers can be brutal. I’ve since switched to hard seltzer. And I’ve found, that for me, it’s a much better choice than wine or hard cider.

Not only is hard seltzer lower in calories, it has no added sugar. And with just 4 to 5 percent alcohol, depending on the brand, I don’t accidentally get caught up and over imbibe. With temperatures in the 90s, it’s also a better choice to stay hydrated in the summer. Simply put, I find White Claw hard seltzer much more refreshing than wine. Plus it’s hard to miss the belly bloating, stained lips and sulfites. So, sorry not sorry, summer rosé. It’s time to move over.

There’s good reason that you keep seeing White Claw memes all over the internet. Despite the hate (it’s ok to think it’s basic, some would say the same about pumpkin spice) there are a number of reasons to love this refreshing hard seltzer.

Hard seltzer is a refreshing summertime drink with fewer calories than wine, no sulfites and no added sugar.

What is Hard Seltzer?

Hard seltzer, sometimes called spiked seltzer, is the latest craze in adult beverages. Like its non-alcoholic cousin the trendy seltzer water, it’s mostly water with a hint of natural flavor.

Hard seltzers are comparable to a beer in alcohol content, but they offer a lighter, more refreshing taste. They just might be the perfect drink for a hot summer day, but they will taste great no matter what the weather is outside. Plus they come in skinny cans that are better suited for smaller hands (without that annoying pink tax on everything else that targets women consumers.) 

Spiked Seltzer Brands

I’ve tried a few spiked seltzer brands, including Press, White Claw Hard Seltzer, Bon & Viv, Smirnoff Spiked, Nauti Hard Seltzer, Truly, Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water and Vibe to name a few.

I haven’t tried all of them, but so far White Claw Hard Seltzer is my preferred brand. It’s made with just water, a gluten free alcohol and natural fruit for flavoring. White Claw hard seltzer has just 100 calories per can. So it’s definitely better than drinking a glass of wine.

In addition, White Claw doesn’t have the aftertaste that other spiked seltzers have. To me, it’s just more refreshing and a better tasting drink. 

White Claw hard seltzer is available in a number of natural fruit flavors. They include mango, black cherry, natural lime, raspberry, and ruby grapefruit. Mango is my favorite and the one I usually reach for. Although lime and black cherry run a close second. The mango White Claw hard seltzer is almost always sold out, however. So I’ve learned to adapt to my second choices, but rarely another brand. I’ve tried Truly brand hard seltzer and it just doesn’t measure up. While it ties with White Claw in the hard seltzer arena, I find it has an unpleasant aftertaste that I relate to fake sweeteners. 

Alcohol Content

Spiked seltzers are comparable to a beer with about 5 percent alcohol. Wine has about 10 to 15 percent alcohol, so a spiked seltzer is definitely less potent than a glass of wine.

If you tend to sip throughout the evening or enjoy more than one drink, you probably won’t get drunk if you drink a spiked seltzer instead of a glass of wine. Therefore, you’re less likely to find yourself suddenly “deep in the feels” after a few glasses (ie. a bottle) of wine. This is good news. Because what this means is that there are no drunk texts to your ex you can’t take back the next day. So really, hard seltzer is also a better break up drink. After all, more alcohol isn’t always the better choice.

Why I gave up wine for White Claw hard seltzer.

Less Sugar and Fewer Calories

Wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks are notoriously high in calories, which is made even worse because they are empty calories. The calories in just two drinks can rival those in a full meal. (With a comparable amount of bloating.)

Spiked seltzers only have about 100 calories in a 12 ounce can, so they won’t add as many calories to your daily intake. That’s less than most beers—although some light beers are comparable with 95 to 100 calories per drink—and you can expect about 125 calories for a 5-ounce glass of wine.

Carb counters will also rejoice in the fact that hard seltzers have less sugar and fewer carbs than wine. Wine will usually have 4 grams of carbs per glass, but hard seltzer has about 2 grams of carbs per 12 ounces.

Additionally, most spiked seltzers have zero added sugars. The flavor and sweetness all come from the fruit. So while I wouldn’t call them a healthy drink, they are definitely a better drink choice when compared to wine.

White Claw hard seltzer calories come in at 100 per can with 2 grams of carbs. If you drink more than a few glasses of wine a week, this could save you a lot of calories.


If you are gluten-free, you’ll be happy to know that most spiked seltzers are gluten-free (but always check the label to be sure!).

Instead of using a fermented grain to make the alcohol in a hard seltzer, it’s made from fermented sugar.

Outdoor summer party with on the go drinks in a cooler.


Hard seltzers come in a handy 12-ounce can. They are easy to take with you, easy to open, and easy to drink right from the can. Plus, as I mentioned previously, the skinny can is the perfect size for women’s hands. (I like to keep my White Claw hard seltzer cold in my Coleman Lounger Stainless Steel Can Insulator. It not only works with skinny cans, but also regular sized beer cans or bottles, as well as bottled water.)

Heading to a party? Grab a pack and toss them in a cooler. You can even carry them in a bag without worrying about them breaking or spilling.

Since they are in 12-ounce cans, it’s just the right amount for a drink. You don’t have to worry about storing leftover wine.

Wines only last anywhere from three days to two weeks, so hard seltzer is a better choice for those who don’t drink as often just because there’s less waste.

Mixing Drinks

Although hard seltzer is pretty tasty on its own, it also makes an excellent mixer. With the fruity flavor, it mixed well with vodka and can even take a sangria up a notch for added flavor.

If you’ve tried making mixed drinks with seltzer water, you might have been disappointed because the fruit flavor tends to disappear. Hard seltzer keeps the fruity flavor better, so don’t hesitate to try it mixed with other liquors.

Enjoy your spiked seltzer as a frozen boozy treat by simply freezing it. Pour it in a pan, freeze, and use an ice cream scoop to scoop it into cups for yourself or guests. It makes an incredibly easy and very yummy frozen treat that’s perfect for a hot summer evening. You can even pour it into a wine glass with edible flowers or fruit for dinner parties to elevate it to the next level.

Does Spiked Seltzer Hydrate You?

Most spiked seltzers have just three ingredients: water, alcohol and flavoring. Some brands have more ingredients, so check labels. White Claw Hard Seltzer only has these three ingredients, which is partly why it’s one of my favorite spiked seltzer brands. Due to the high water content and lower alcohol content, you’re more likely to stay hydrated. I know I do. 

Not only does this help you feel better now, but it will also help in the morning. Dehydration can make a hangover worse. While I can’t guarantee that you won’t have a hangover after a few hard seltzers, it is likely that the hangover will be less severe than if you’d been drinking wine. I’ve yet to get a hangover from drinking equivalent amounts of hard seltzer to wine. However, it’s still important to reach for a bottle of water after you’ve been drinking to help your body recover from the intake of alcohol.

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Boozy Popsicles with Edible Lilac Flowers

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Learn how to make “I’m all grown up” boozy popsicles with edible lilac flowers with a simple gin and tonic popsicle recipe. It’s perfect for spring brunch with your lady friends and a fun way to enjoy a summer treat a season early!

Beautiful boozy popsicles with edible lilac flowers. Learn how to make "I'm all grown up" boozy popsicles with edible lilac flowers with a simple gin and tonic popsicle recipe. It's perfect for spring brunch with your lady friends and a fun way to enjoy a summer treat a season early! You can also use pretty spoons in place of a traditional wooden popsicle stick to make your boozy popsicles the perfect addition to your spring wedding or event.

A Traditional Summer Treat

I still have fond memories of my parents giving me change to buy ice cream throughout summers as a child. Every year the ice cream truck would circle through our cul-de-sac to deliver treats to a neighborhood full of kids. I think my favorites were the chocolate Good Humor ice cream bars and, of course, bomb pops. These days, however, ice cream truck sightings are rare. They’re also the talk of the town. Just not for the reason you may think.

The only ice cream truck we ever see circling the block plays Christmas music. As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, the combination of Christmas tunes in the summer paired with the distortion from a pair of way back speakers sounds pretty f-ing creepy. I swear it reminds me of that movie, Killer Clown from Outer Space. It has that same eerie level of creep factor that’s both amusing and terrifying at the same time.

There are also no bright pictures or prices for ice cream painted onto the sides of this particular truck. Therefore, my friends and I always wonder what that ice cream truck is really a front for. We’ve never actually seen anyone buy ice cream from this truck. So for all we know the person inside could be selling drugs. Or perhaps it’s a secret gateway to hell.  (I mean hey, I did grow up in the 80’s. Anything is possible!) I’ve also wondered if other towns and cities like mine have experienced the same sort of killer clown ice cream truck phenomenon.

Luckily, all of the other food trucks in our area seem to legit. It’s just that one ice cream trucks that creeps me out more than the massage parlors dotted throughout our strip malls. Those, at least, aren’t emitting eery music or maneuvering  through our neighborhoods.

These days I’m obviously no longer dependant on quarters and dimes from my parents to get my ice cream fix. However, seeing as how I’m all grown up – in number not in heart – I enjoy making my own homemade popsicles from time to time. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with your own boozy popsicles speckled with edible flowers?

Beautiful boozy popsicles with edible lilac flowers. Learn how to make "I'm all grown up" boozy popsicles with edible lilac flowers with a simple gin and tonic popsicle recipe. It's perfect for spring brunch with your lady friends and a fun way to enjoy a summer treat a season early! You can also use pretty spoons in place of a traditional wooden popsicle stick to make your boozy popsicles the perfect addition to your spring wedding or event.

Benefits of Edible Lilac Flowers

One of my favorite spring flowers are lilacs. Lilac shrubs, which typically bloom in late spring, offer more than just their beautiful blooms. This flowering shrub yields a plethora of fragrant blooms that are not only pretty to look at, they are also edible and medicinal. A beautiful touch to garnish drinks for a spring brunch, lilac blooms offer a slightly bitter, floral flavor. (Much like some of my favorite cocktails. I am after all, a gin and tonic girl with an undying love for elderflowers and juniper berries.)

Medicinally, lilacs make a lovely ingredient in facial toners due to their astringent properties. (Next time you’re thinking of making rose water, why not try lilacs instead?) A warm or cold lilac infusion also makes a nice compress for rashes, cuts and other skin ailments due to its natural astringency. As a home remedy, lilacs have often been used to bring down fevers as well as to help with gastric issues such as gas, bloating and constipation.

Beautiful boozy popsicles with edible lilac flowers. Learn how to make "I'm all grown up" boozy popsicles with edible lilac flowers with a simple gin and tonic popsicle recipe. It's perfect for spring brunch with your lady friends and a fun way to enjoy a summer treat a season early! You can also use pretty spoons in place of a traditional wooden popsicle stick to make your boozy popsicles the perfect addition to your spring wedding or event.

Boozy Popsicles: A Twist on a Summer Treat (A Season Early)

Following is a simple and easy recipe for making boozy popsicles with gin and tonic. And of course a few (or a lot!) of fresh lilac flowers thrown into the mix. Not a fan of gin? Try swapping it with your favorite organic vodka instead!

Gin and Tonic Boozy Popsicles Recipe


3 cups Fever Tree tonic water
1 1/2 oz. Botanica gin (or similar)
Squeeze of fresh lime juice
Fresh lilac blossoms, to suit


Combine all the ingredient in a small pitcher and mix to combine. Then pour the mixture into popsicles molds of your choice. Pop into the freezer, then enjoy once frozen!

For slightly sweeter boozy popsicles, try using sugared lilac blossoms instead! Or try the Fever Tree elderflower tonic water in place of regular tonic water.

You can also use pretty spoons in place of a traditional wooden popsicle stick to make your boozy popsicles the perfect addition to your spring wedding or event.

Boozy popsicles recipes for gin and tonic popsicles. Learn how to make boozy popsicles with a simple gin and tonic popsicle recipe. It's perfect for spring brunch with your lady friends and fun way to enjoy a summer treat a season early!

Not a fan of flowers? You can also make this recipe using fresh lime slices for a fun visual twist.

More Ways to Enjoy Edible Flowers

Want more ideas on edible flowers to add to your boozy popsicles, drinks and desserts? Then be sure to check out the book, The Art of Edible Flowers, by Rebecca Sullivan. This floral inspired cookbook is a wonderful guide to just some of many ways in which flowers can be used in a range of delicious recipes. Readers will discover recipes for delightfully sweet concoctions such as a rose & lavender cocktail syrup and jasmine & green tea ice cream. Or learn how to make homemade drinks such as a fermented elderflower fizz or a soothing poppy milk. You can purchase The Art of Edible Flowers here.

Peach tea rum punch recipes for a crowd. Party punch recipes. Learn how to make this recipe for party punch with alcohol perfect for entertaining this summer. The perfect peach tea rum punch recipes for your social gatherings and outdoor entertaining. Top party ideas for adults recipes for making a crowd pleasing black bean dip and homemade rooibos peach tea rum punch for your party guests. Easy party recipes for a crowd. The best peach tea cocktail for summer fun.

Explore Other Cocktail Recipes

Following are some of my favorite cocktail recipes that are perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying a drink on a warm evening.

Or check out this post to learn how to make your own handcrafted cocktail bitters.

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Pitcher Sangria Recipe & Other Fun Things for Your Taco Tuesday

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Planning a Taco Tuesday brouhaha? Why not pair some adult drinks to go along with the mischief? You’ll love these recipes for making both a pitcher sangria recipe and an adult summer punch!

These adult drink recipes are both passed on from Ladles & Linens. The adult summer punch recipe I rediscovered in a Timehop from the Ladles & Linens facebook page a few years back. While the pitcher sangria recipe was passed along by my adult son who currently works at Ladles & Linens in Roanoke. (The pitcher sangria recipe is FABULOUS!)

If you’ve never heard of Ladles & Linens it’s a wonderful woman-owned, small business that specializes in fun kitchen and gourmet cooking supplies. This friendly and fun shop is a great place to stock up on kitchen basics, entertaining pieces and gadgets. They have plenty of gift ideas too!

Currently Ladles & Linens has three locations in Virginia. They can be found in Roanoke, Lexington and Carytown in Richmond, VA. You can also visit the Ladles & Linens website to shop online, learn about upcoming events and scroll through their blog for recipes, information on new products and even gift ideas! You can also find Ladles & Linens on Facebook as well as instagram specific to each location – Roanoke, Richmond and Lexington.

Ready to make these awesome adult drink recipes for your Taco Tuesday? Keep reading for both the pitcher sangria recipe and the adult summer punch recipe which you can find below!

Pitcher Sangria Recipe


1 750mL bottle of red wine (of choice)
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup pineapple
1 orange (quartered)
1 lime (quartered)
1 lemon (quartered)
2 shots liquor (spiced rum, brandy or vodka)
2 cups lemon-lime or club soda

Optional Additional Ingredients:

raspberries, blueberries or strawberries, to suit


Combine the orange juice, sugar and liquor (using your choice of spiced rum, brandy or vodka) into a large pitcher and stir.

Next, squeeze the juice from the orange, lemon and lime quarters into the pitcher. Then combine the fresh squeezed fruit and the pineapple into the pitcher with the orange juice, sugar and liquor.

Allow the pitcher sangria to set overnight or a minimum of 8 hours. When ready to serve, add the soda along with your choice of raspberries, blueberries or strawberries and stir. Pour, sip and enjoy!

Adult Summer Punch Recipe


1 quart cranberry juice
zest of one lime
1/2 cup orange liqueur
3/4 cup raspberry vodka
1/4 cup grenadine


Use a microplane zester to make the lime zest. Then combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl and mix.

Serve over ice.

Need more Taco Tuesday Recipes?

Here are some of my favorite taco recipes that I’ve pinned to my Recipe Pinterest board.

Blackened Shrimp Taco Recipe for Taco Tuesday via Budget Bytes

Blackened Shrimp Taco Recipe via Budget Bytes / This blackened shrimp in this taco recipe are filled with spicy flavor and are perfectly accented with a sweet and tangy bulked up slaw.

Beer Braised Chipotle Chicken Taco Recipe for Taco Tuesday via How Sweet It Is

Beer Braised Chipotle Chicken Taco Recipe via How Sweet It Is / These delicious chicken tacos are made with chipotle beer braised chicken – meaning, yes! – these are basically boozy beer tacos.

Crispy Quinoa & Mole Sweet Potato Taco Recipe for Taco Tuesday via Naturally Ella / A House in the Hills

Crispy Quinoa & Mole Sweet Potato Taco Recipe via Naturally Ella / A House in the Hills / This tasty vegetarian taco recipe is also gluten free and makes a hearty dinner even without taco meat. (You will however need to omit the goat cheese as an optional ingredient.)

Chicken Tinga Taco Recipe with Grilled Corn Guac for Taco Tuesday via How Sweet It Is

Chicken Tinga Taco Recipe with Grilled Corn Guac via How Sweet It Is / Another great taco recipe from How Sweet It Is! (I LOVE this blog. Can you tell?) These smoky roasted, tomato-sauced shredded chicken tacos are perfect for your Taco Tuesday dinner. And who can resist grilled corn guacamole?

Caramelized Pork Taco Recipe with Pineapple Salsa for Taco Tuesday via Pinch of Yum

Caramelized Pork Taco Recipe with Pineapple Salsa via Pinch of Yum / And finally, but certainly not least, are these wonderful tacos made with thin strips of caramelized pork, fresh cucumber pineapple cilantro salsa, and chili mayo sauce!

Drinking Games for Taco Tuesday and Beyond!

If you’re already having a drinks, you can extend your Taco Tuesday with a fun drinking game or two. I’ve been stocking up on adult games recently for future girls only nights. After browsing – and buying – I have to say I don’t think games like this existed twenty years ago.

I chose to buy several new games for their 21+ appeal and sense of humor. A few may be over the top if you’re more reserved than I am, but if your personality is wide open then you may have found your own next game haul.

Laughcronyms Party Game for Adults or Families - Funny Drawing & Quick Creative Thinking Card Game for Groups of 4 to 20 Players (Adult Humor or Family Friendly)

Recent adult party games that I’ve purchase include Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition, CoolCats & AssHats: A Card Game for a Funner Party, This one time, I..: The Game of Ludicrous Life Choices (Girls’ Night Edition), Laughcronyms Party Game for Adults, Cards Against Humanity and the more family friendly, 5 Second Rule.

It is important to note that I have not played all of these games yet – getting everyone’s schedules to match up is sometimes challenging. However, if you read the reviews for each game they’ll give you a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into – or don’t want to get into.

Anyhoo, happy Taco Tuesday everyone! I hope you enjoyed this little deviation from the usual soap and skin care recipes! If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy my other posts on how to throw a DIY bath bomb partyhow to throw a unicorn party and my party pleasers post that contains lots of fun party ideas as well as my own recipe for rooibos peach tea rum punch!

To discover more of my favorite dinner and taco recipes, be sure to check out my Recipes Pinterest board here. Or peek in on my Cocktail Hour Pinterest board for more great cocktail and sangria recipes!

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Homemade DIY Gin Recipe and a Simple DIY Gin Kit

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Homemade Gin Kit and DIY Gin Recipe

I’ve been trying lots of new DIY projects lately and one I’m super psyched about is this homemade DIY gin kit. It’s available for sale at Amazon (Amazon Prime eligible) as well as Darby Smart, where I’ve been purchasing a lot of my DIY craft kits lately.

I’ve been tempted for a while to buy the entire kit, but I instead opted for simply purchasing the homemade gin refill kit available from Darby Smart which is essentially a tin of the botanicals you need to infuse vodka to taste like gin. It’s $15 with free shipping and makes sense if you want to try this out before buying the botanicals in bulk for your own recipe blend. And since you have to buy the vodka anyway, you can simply re-use the same vodka bottle for the gin without having to fork out a lot of extra money for fancy vintage styled bottles. (Or if you want to get fancy, use a Bormioli Rocco Giara Bottle With Stopper.) Then simply use cheesecloth to drain the botanicals out of the final product.

Running your homemade gin through a Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher five times will remove any remaining sediment. (Be sure to start with a new filter and soak it in water for fifteen minutes before using.) This is optional of course depending on the end product you’re looking for. If you used cheap vodka I highly recommend not skipping this step.

Now use your homemade gin to make a classic French 75. (A French 75 is the same as the French 95 but it’s made with gin instead of bourbon. (Check out this popular recipe here.)

If you’re ready to make your own botanical blend – and get more bang for your buck – give this DIY gin recipe a go. Then feel free to punch it up with other botanicals of your choosing.

DIY Gin Recipe


3 Tablespoons juniper berries
1/2 plus 1/4 teaspoons coriander seeds
1 1/2 teaspoons dried chamomile flowers
1/2 plus 1/4 teaspoons dried lavender flowers
5 cardamon pods, broken into pieces
6 whole allspice berries
1 bay leaf
1 Tablespoon dried grapefruit peel


Combine all ingredients in large glass jar with 3 cups of vodka and tightly close lid. Shake well then allow to steep for 36 hours. Strain through cheesecloth and then use a funnel to fill up your final bottle of choice.

Experiment with making your own homemade DIY gin recipes by adding or subbing some of the ingredients with a small amount of other herbs and botanicals such as but not limited to Star Anise, whole cloves, Thai basil, cherrywood, whole nutmeg, and cilantro leaf.

Also be sure to follow my new-ish Cocktail Hour board on Pinterest for homemade cocktail recipes for all occasions. Or follow Soap Deli News via Blog Lovin’ and never miss a post!

Banana, Chocolate and Coconut Vodka Smoothie Cocktail Recipe

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Homemade Summer Cocktail Recipe - Creamy Banana, Chocolate and Coconut Vodka SmoothieYou know when you only have a flavored alcohol in your freezer and nothing to really mix with it? Well, that was my dilemma. I had a bottle of Coconut Chocolate Stoli Vodka that I bought on a whim not thinking of what I’d actually mix it with. However, genius struck when I noticed the bananas on the counter were so ripe they probably wouldn’t make a it another day. And it was too hot outside to make banana bread. So I created an improvised smoothie cocktail with ingredients I had in my fridge.

Homemade Cocktail Recipe - Banana, Coconut and Chocolate Vodka Smoothe

Banana, Chocolate & Coconut Vodka Smoothie Cocktail Recipe


1 ripe banana, peeled
3 ice cubes (or 3 ice cubes of frozen coconut milk made in an ice cube tray)
1 shot half and half
1 1/2 shots Stoli Chocolat Kokonut
touch of honey

Optional Ingredients:

a swirl of chocolate syrup
a taste of vanilla ice cream


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth. Pour and enjoy! What are some of your favorite summer cocktails? (Mine is a gin fizz.)