• Go Green & Save Money with these frugal laundry tips! Cheap synthetic and highly fragranced detergents & fabric softeners can irritate sensitive skin. But you can make the switch to naturally derived laundry products all while saving money and going green! Discover my favorite frugal laundry tips. Plus how to get my favorite green laundry solution absolutely free!

    Frugal Laundry Tips to Help You Save Money & Go Green!

    June 4, 2018

    You’re going to love this collection of frugal laundry tips to help you save money and go green! Because let’s face it. Laundry products can be expensive. This is especially true when you’re skin can’t handle the cheaper, synthetic and highly fragranced detergents and fabric softeners. So how can you save money and go green with…

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  • Frugal Tips for Saving Money

    January 13, 2013

    Feeling the sting from the expiration of that 2% payroll tax credit that expired at the end of the year? It affected everyone who works as it raised social security taxes another 2% on our income – back to what we all paid before the tax credit was passed. I know I could still use…

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  • DIY Handmade Liquid Soap Recipe – How to Make Liquid Soap the Easy Way

    August 20, 2011

    Love liquid soap but having trouble finding a handmade version? You can make your own handmade liquid soap and not only save money, but use your favorite handmade soap for the recipe. Just one bar of handmade soap can be converted into almost 1 liter of a DIY liquid soap you’re sure to love! I…

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  • Household Ideas for Pinching Pennies and Stretching Your Dime

    August 15, 2011

    Need household ideas that will save you money? You’re not alone. Following are some great DIY ideas that allow you to enjoy some of your favorite luxuries for less than retail by simply making your own! While I’ve posted previously on how to save money on laundry and dishes by making your own laundry and…

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  • Budget savvy wedding rings that look anything but cheap.

    July 11, 2010

    My cousin got married yesterday and that got me thinking about less traditional wedding rings. Sam and her husband had simple gold bands with their names engraved in them. Sam & William for hers and William and Sam for his. With the economy still in a crunch, lots of couples may be looking for a…

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