• Learn how to make your own naturally exfoliating homemade foot soap recipe that exfoliates with pumice and nourishes with shea butter.

    Homemade Foot Soap Recipe

    November 28, 2011

    Learn how to make your own naturally exfoliating homemade foot soap recipe. After many many years of producing and selling my handmade Exfolimint™ Peppermint Foot Soap through Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen, I have decided to retire this particular homemade soap. And, since I am retiring it, I thought I’d share my exfoliating homemade foot soap recipe so you can…

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  • DIY Silicone Molds for Soapmaking

    September 3, 2011

    Last month I introduced you to a tutorial for making your own wooden soap molds and round pvc pipe soap molds, today I wanted to share another great soapmaking mold tutorial that I discovered. Soapy Hollow has an excellent tutorial for making quick molds for soap using a food grade silicon putty. With just a…

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  • How to Make Your Own DIY Wooden Soapmaking Mold for Cold Process Soap

    August 21, 2011

    I’ve talked a lot about how to make your own handmade cold process soap and have even shared a collection of handmade soap recipes that you can try. What I haven’t really covered though are soapmaking molds. If you’re making your own soapmaking molds to save money, I’ve found that the easiest molds to make…

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  • How to Make Soap (In Pictures!)

    June 7, 2011

    Recently I decided I’d share my soapmaking process with you. I’ve had a written tutorial up for some time, but there have never been any photos to go with it. So Sunday I made several batches of a Red Currant scented shea butter soap and had my mom take photos! Now you can get a…

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  • How to Make Handmade Cold Process Soaps

    June 2, 2011

    Handmade soap is gentler on skin because it’s made with natural ingredients, not synthetic ingredients found in most commercial soaps whose sole purpose is to create a foam or lather. Because of this many individuals who can’t use commercial soap, and have turned to using only handmade soaps. I first got into soapmaking because I…

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