DIY Dry Oil Body Spray Recipe with Your Favorite Custom Scent

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Make this easy DIY dry oil body spray recipe for soft skin! Not only can this dry oil spray for skin be customized in your favorite scent, it also moisturizes skin without feeling greasy after application. So it’s perfect for your summer skin care routine! Make yours today and add this amazing skin care product to your daily self care routine!

DIY Custom Scented Dry Body Oil Spray Recipe

I often dislike using lotion in the summer because the heat and lotion don’t always go hand in hand. So what’s a girl to do when it’s hot out but dry skin is still an issue? Try turning to a dry oil body spray instead!

This dry oil body spray recipe feels super light on skin and isn’t greasy. Just spray it on, massage in for silky smooth, soft skin!

Customize this dry oil body spray recipe with your favorite fragrance oil – like a name brand perfume dupe for example – and enjoy the advantage of using just one product to help keep you looking and smelling great! Plus it’s so easy to make! Just weigh out the ingredients, combine and shake!

Custom Scented Dry Oil Body Spray Recipe

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1 oz. Cyclomethicone
1 oz. clear jojoba oil
.5 oz. fractionated coconut oil
.5 oz. refined hemp seed oil
.09 oz. skin fragrance oil of choice, optional
5 drops non-GMO vitamin E, optional


Using a digital scale weigh out the Cyclomethicone, jojoba oil, fractionated (liquid at room temperature) coconut oil, hemp seed oil and fragrance and combine in a 4 oz. glass bottle. Using a transfer pipette add the vitamin E then screw on a fingertip mister and shake to combine all ingredients. It’s that simple!

To use simply spray on your body where desired and massage in. You can also lightly mist this onto your hair for instant shine!

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DIY Custom Makeup Palette

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DIY Custom Makeup Palette - Beauty DIY - Homemade Cosmetics and More
Some Sweet Little Dreams has created a tutorial for making your own DIY Custom Magnetic Makeup Palettes (pictured above.) Not only are these cool palettes inexpensive to make, but it allows you to combine all of your favorite makeup together in one palette regardless of brand. It’s perfect for organizing makeup at home and it makes it a cinch to keep everything together in one spot for when you travel. Find out how to make your own custom makeup palette here.
If you’re really gung ho about creating your own makeup as well, you can also purchase Empty Eyeshadow Aluminum Pans and include your own cream eyeshadow, blushes and foundation. I have a great recipe for making your own homemade natural cream eyeshadow. You can find my DIY Cream Eyeshadow Recipe here. You could also include your own natural homemade lip stain, homemade moisturizing lip gloss and shimmering tinted lip balms.
Have the makeup covered but need something to take it back off again? Then check out this homemade makeup remover recipe. What’s your favorite cosmetic product that you just can’t live without?

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Personalized Handmade Name Custom Name Sign

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Want to give a special, personalized gift for Valentine’s Day this year? Create a custom handmade name sign for someone special in your life! My son, Cody, made a personalized name sign for a girl he knows at school. Here’s how he did it.
DIY Valentine's Day GIft Idea - Personalized Handmade Name Sign
Start by selecting a piece of wood that is around 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ thick. This will allow your name sign to stand on it’s own on a surface or at the top of a door or window frame. This is a great use for any scrap wood you may have on hand. Then draw your design onto the piece of wood you’ve chosen to use. Next, carefully cut out the name using a jigsaw.
DIY Handmade GIft Idea - Personalized Handmade Custom Name Sign
Once you’ve cut out the letters for your sign, you may want to sand the edges so there are no rough edges.
DIY Woodworking Craft Project - Personalized Handmade Custom Name Sign - DIY Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Once you’ve cut out and sanded the sign, it’s time to decorate it. Cody opted to stain the sides and the back of his sign.
DIY Woodworking Craft Project - Personalized Hand Painted Custom Name Sign - DIY Valentine's Day Gift Idea
For the front of the sign, Cody applied purple, gray and white non-toxic acrylic paints. He painted the bottom base of the sign with gray paint and the letters of the name with purple paint.
DIY Valentine's Day Craft Project - Homemade Gift Idea - Personalized Wooden Name Sign
Finally he painted around the edges of the letters with white paint and added a row of dots in white paint to the base of the sign. Who would you make a personalized name sign for?

Customize Your Handmade Soaps, Lotions and Potions with Free Printable Labels

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What’s more fun than making your own bath and body products? Why labeling them, of course! Even if you haven’t quite mastered the skill of handcrafting your own handmade soaps, lotions and potions, you can still give store bought products your own special touch for gifting them on holidays and special occasions. Customizing your products and gifts is as simple as packaging them in a special way. Whether by wrapping them uniquely or just adding pretty labels! Following are a few free printable labels perfect for your apothecary bottles, handmade soaps and lotions.

D.I.Y. Vintage Apothecary Bottle Labels from Eat Drink Chic

These free printable, vintage apothecary labels from Eat Drink Chic are great for labeling bottles with or without product and giving them a retro look.

Bottle Labels for your Apothecary Products from

These fun printable apothecary bottle labels available for free download from were designed by Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made Blog. They are available in a colored version (pictured above) and in cream only. Even better, the downloads allow you to change the font size, type and color as well as create your own custom text. This makes these labels perfect for customizing for wedding or party favors or marking a special holiday.

Printable Vintage Labels from Miss CutiePie

I’m also a fan of these round, vintage style printable labels from Miss CutiePie. They’re perfect for labeling bottles, packages and round soaps.

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Budget savvy wedding rings that look anything but cheap.

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My cousin got married yesterday and that got me thinking about less traditional wedding rings. Sam and her husband had simple gold bands with their names engraved in them. Sam & William for hers and William and Sam for his. With the economy still in a crunch, lots of couples may be looking for a way to scale back on the cost of a wedding and perhaps, even the cost of the rings as well. That doesn’t mean your rings can’t stand out.
In fact, there are wedding bands that not only take the cake, but come in under $1000. I took the time to seek out some amazing hand crafted rings that not only look amazing, but are also budget savvy. Don’t be afraid to do something a little different, especially if you’re able to put more heart into it than diamonds.