Homemade DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Creative Ideas for Custom Handmade Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is officially less than ten days away. So whether you are still hunting for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, want to craft a homemade Valentine’s Day gift, or just want to make yourself something super awesome – well, you’re gonna need some ideas. Here are some of my latest favorites.
Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Creative Ideas for Custom DIY Handmade Gifts - Handmade Leather Bracelet Tutorial
Lend your favorite person some inspiration or just tell that person he or she is loved with a bracelet! Happy Hour Projects has several great diy bracelet tutorials. Pictured above: Handmade Stamped Leather Cuff – Also check out Adrienne’s projects for making a Hammered Hand-Stamped Cuff, Conversation Heart Charm Bracelet and Stamped Cuff Bracelet.
Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Creative Ideas for Custom DIY Handmade Gifts - Hand Embroidered Paper Cards and Keepsakes
Remember those sewing card books you could buy at the grocery store when you were a kid? They had pre-punched holes to sew around colorful images with yarn and huge plastic needle. I loved those! My favorites were always the Holly Hobby ones. Well this embroidered journal page (pictured above) from One Sheepish Girl brought back those awesome memories and has me kicking myself for not picking up needles and embroidery thread when I was out at A.C. Moore on Saturday.
I love the idea of paper embroidery. It’s a great way to save your favorite memories and make a terrific keepsake to pass down through generations in your family. You could use paper embroidery to customize a blank journal to give as a gift, to create a souvenir of your relationship with someone special, or simply embroider an image onto card stock to make a lovely handmade Valentine’s Day card.
Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Creative Ideas for Custom DIY Handmade Gifts - Homemade Customized Candy Conversation Hearts Recipe
If cooking is more your style, then you’ll definitely want to try out a homemade conversation heart candy recipe! With just a little bit of gelatin, clear soda, powdered sugar and food color and flavoring of your choice, you can create your own custom candies with any message you like! You’ll find the step by step photo tutorial and recipe at Instructables.
Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Creative Ideas for Custom DIY Handmade Gifts - Handmade Scented Soy Wax Tart Melts DIY
If sweetly scented fragrances are more up your alley, then I’d suggest making these homemade soy wax melts from Zolea. They are super simple to make and can be customized with any candle safe fragrance of your liking. All you need is soy candle wax, fragrance, and a mold! You’ll find the soy wax tart tutorial over at Zolea. (It’s in Dutch so you may have to give Google Translate a quick visit.)
Want even more awesome ideas like these? Well then head right over to Pinterest and follow me! For Valentine’s Day you may be especially interested in these boards: DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts, Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, Printables and  Pretty Packaging. Also be sure to check out my Gift Guides and Valentine’s Day Gifts right here on Soap Deli News.
What’s your medium of choice for gifts this Valentine’s Day?

Something Sweet: DIY Embroidered Recipe Cards for Valentine’s Day

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Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Something Sweet! DIY Embroidered Recipe Cards Paired with A Baked Dessert or Treats
I just love these DIY Embroidered Recipe Cards from One Sheepish Girl Blog (Pictured.) Make these awesome cards with a free printable template, then gift with something sweet you’ve baked up for a spectacular homemade Valentine’s Day gift. Be sure to include the recipe of your gift on the card. You can also gift with extra blank recipe cards or recipe cards filled in with your favorite dessert and treat recipes! Or pair it with a handmade diy oven mitt and hot pad.

DIY Embroidery Project – Craft Framed Stitched Furniture Silhouettes for a Fresh Approach to Home Decor

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Last month I discovered some of my mom’s old embroidery she’d crafted as a teen and posted about it. This month I stumbled across a lovely diy tutorial for making Stitched Furniture Silhouettes and so I just had to share those too!
Stitched Furniture Silhouettes from Flamingo Toes Blog
You can visit Flamingo Toes Blog for the full, detailed photo tutorial on how to make these beautiful framed fabric works of art. You’ll just need a collection of frames – this is a great way to recycle old frames that you no longer use or have missing glass as spray paint will restore them to their former glory with a new look – various colored fabrics – have fabric scraps lying around? – some thread, embroidery floss, fusible fleece, cardboard for backing, a hot glue gun, and the patterns for the pieces which are found on Flamingo Toes.
For more fun embroidery ideas, you can visit my Embroidery Board on Pinterest. And, if you have your own awesome, diy craft projects to share, be sure to visit Flamingo Toes every Sunday for Think Pink Sundays! You can link up your blog posts to share your favorite tutorials, diy’s, and recipes!

Vintage Embroidery Compliments of Mom

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I ran across an old box with some of my mom’s embroidery in it the other day in the basement. Mom told me that she used to embroider between the ages of ten and fifteen – she’s 63 now – so I suppose that makes her work both handmade and vintage. The pieces have been sitting a while, I don’t think the ones I found were ever used, but they did get exposed to some dust and grime when my brother went digging for the larger pieces to use in his own home. What was left behind, I took photos of. They need to be laundered, but then I think I may use a few of the myself. I am particularly fond of the hankies.
Of course finding the pieces and quizzing mom on their age, led to a little more family history. Mom used to embroider as an adolescent and teen because she wasn’t fond of watching tv. She was first taught how to embroider using only x’s for the design (note the cherries in the photo above), and later learned more complicated techniques. In addition to embroidery, she also used to sew. Mom learned to sew on an old, vintage treadle sewing machine – the kind that is operated by foot. In fact, she’d planned on keeping that machine, but it got stored in a barn that leaked, and was basically destroyed after that from water damage. My mom’s mom, or rather my grandmother, used to sew for a living as a seamstress. She also made all of my mom’s dresses, her baby doll dresses, and even diapers for her baby dolls that wet themselves when you “fed” them.
Following are a few photos of my mom’s handmade, vintage embroidery that I am particularly fond of.
Vintage hand embroidered handkerchiefs.
Vintage hand embroidered table scarf.
Vintage hand embroidered sampler on scrap fabric.
Vintage hand embroidered sampler meant for framing.
Vintage hand embroidered table scarf or runner, folded.

If you’ve never tried your hand at embroidery, you should certainly give it a try. I haven’t gotten into it myself, but I’d like to embroider some pillow cases once I have extra funds and maybe even do a sampler in an embroidery hoop for hanging. I used to cross stitch when I was in adolescence, but I think embroidery lends itself to more endless possibilities, with the ability to go wherever your creativity and imagination take you.

If you’re looking to get started, I found a great site called Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials that teaches you all of the basic stitches, pattern darning, chicken scratch and more. There are photo illustrations for every step. Search for embroidery patterns online or purchase them from your favorite craft store. In the meantime, you can also check out my collection of  embroidery photographs on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. I’ll be adding to my Embroidery Board as I discover new works I like.