DIY Wedding Favor Bag Craft Project

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DIY Wedding Favor Gift Bag Craft Project - DIY Wedding Favor Idea
My co-worker is getting married Thanksgiving weekend. So when I received an assorted selection of premium cotton muslin bags from State Line Bag Company one of the first thing I thought of to create with these awesome bags were DIY wedding favors!
DIY Wedding Rice Favor Bag
Decorating the bags to look elegant was easy. I chose to stick with the natural color of the cotton, but if you have certain colors you’re using for your wedding, you can always dye these durable muslin bags with Rit dyein colors that compliment your wedding color scheme. To create these wedding favor bags I used a 2.75″x4″ premium cotton muslin bag from State Line Bag Company, some ribbon and three beads.

DIY Soap Wedding Favor Craft Project

Using a needle and thread, I sewed three glass and wire beads into the front center of the bag. I then took a piece of ribbon, and starting to one side of the beads, I sewed the ribbon around the bag until it met the other side of the beads. Next, I tied the two ends of the ribbon, now on either side of the beads, into a bow. I then placed a stitch in the center of the bow so it would not come undone.

DIY Wedding Favors - Handmade Favor Gift Bag Tutorial

These wedding favor bags are super quick and easy to make, yet they still look stylish and elegant. You could fill these bags with traditional rice for tossing at the bride and groom as they leave the church or you could put a small gift inside such as a 1oz. guest sized bar of handmade soap. You can easily make your own guest sized soap bars by taking one 4-5oz. bar and cutting it in half, then cutting those halves in half lengthwise. These diy favor bags would also be perfect for gifting small jewelry items or for tucking tiny gifts inside for stocking stuffers. If you like this DIY wedding favor idea, also be sure to check out my DIY Soap Wedding Favor Tutorial along with the other DIY Wedding Favor Projects on my blog.

What types of items would you tuck into these tiny, decorative favor bags?

DIY Herb Markers or Garden Stakes for Summer Fun Gardening

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Now that the threat of frost is finally over here in Southwestern Virginia, I can start some serious outdoor planting. For marking my rows of vegetables and herbs, I thought it’d be fun to craft my own DIY Herb Markers. Not only are these garden plant or row markers easy to craft, but they also make a great kids’ project! Make some for yourself or as a gift for mom tucked inside a pot of herbs for Mother’s Day or her birthday. Or bundle some together for Dad on Father’s Day as a gift to line his garden rows! They also make great party favors or gifts for your favorite gardeners!
This project is relatively simple and isn’t very time consuming. You will need a few supplies for this project though.
Here’s what you need:
Colored Pencils
Permanent Black Marker
Brown Paper
Cookie Sheet
Clear Acrylic Spray, Optional
Here’s what you do:
1. Print out the provided herb garden marker template. Place a blank page of your Shrinky Dink paper on top of the template, rough side up.
2. Trace the template with a permanent black marker onto your Shrinky Dink plastic.

3. Color in your garden marker as desired with colored pencils. The darker you color, the more vibrant your finished herb marker will be. (My favorite pencils to use are PrismaColor Pencilsfor their rich, bold and blend-able color.

4. Once you’ve colored in your garden stakes to your liking, cut them out along the outer edge. Then place on brown paper on a cookie sheet.

5. Bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes and remove from the oven.

6. Allow your shrunk herb marker to cool for a minute or two then remove from the cookie sheet.

7. If desired, you may spray your finished piece with a clear acrylic spray for extra protection.

8. Place your completed herb marker in a pot to mark your plant or in your garden to mark your rows.

For more fun DIY shrinky dink projects, be sure to check out the blog post, DIY Shrinky Dink Magnets – Great Weekend Kids’ Craft Project.

Do you garden? If so, what types of thing have you used to mark your plants or garden rows?

DIY Handmade Favor Boxes for Your Seasonal Holiday Gifts and Treats

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Favor boxes are loads of fun to make, give and receive! With so many holidays creeping up between now and the end the year, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite handmade diy favor boxes that can be crafted for any seasonal party. Just use the templates and alter your card stock paper colors and patterns to fit whatever seasonal theme you’re throwing a party for! They’re perfect for Halloween treats, Thanksgiving favors and even tiny Christmas gifts.
Fun Favor Boxes from Bijoux Bride
Print out the template for this fun Hershey kiss shaped box from Bijoux Bride along with the little flag to add a special message to your tiny gift. It doesn’t have to say “thank you.” It can be a seasonal wish like “happy holidays”  or simply contain your guest’s name and double as a table place card.
Party Favors from Miss Fancy Pants
These simple favor boxes from Miss Fancy Pants are simple to make but don’t quite look the part. Patterned papers and easy embellishments make each favor look individually done for it’s recipient so there’s no need for anyone to know they were done on a tiny assembly line on your kitchen table. Just use the template to make your boxes and re-size if needed for different sized gifts.
Free Printable Pillow Gift Boxes from Oh the lovely things
If you’re short on funds or don’t have extra scrap booking papers on hand for use with a template, then give these free printable pillow gift boxes from Oh the lovely things a try! Not only do they look great, but they’re a snap to seal even if you’ve run out of tape at the last minute.
Now that you have your packaging, you’ll want to fill it up! Steer away from just candies – unless you’re giving away Halloween treats – and opt for something creative like tiny guest sized handmade soaps, handmade lip balms, handmade solid perfume tins or handmade lotion samples for the ladies. You can find out how to make a whole score of goodies at Soap Deli News. And, for more packaging ideas, please visit my Pretty Packaging Board on Pinterest.
What are some of your favorite ways to wrap gifts and package favors for the holidays and special events?

Printable Halloween Labels to Dress Up Your Halloween Party

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I can’t believe it’s almost October and Halloween is just around the corner. I still haven’t decided on a costume, but if anyone has ideas for something on the cheap that didn’t come out of a Spirit Halloween store I am all ears!

Last year I went as sort of a Renaissance Pirate and wore a great second hand, handmade costume I found on Etsy. This year I’d really rather not be restricted to a corset so I won’t be wearing it again this year. And besides, isn’t half the fun coming up with something new and unique every year?
In the meantime I wanted to share some of these awesome printable Halloween labels I ran across for those of you who are planning on throwing your own special Halloween bash.

design. wash. rinse. repeat. blog has a free printable download for Halloween treat labels. Decorate your serving dishes or party favors with labels like Deadly Night Crawlers, Venemous Decomposing Eels, Dreadful Dragon Eyes, Pickled Bat Guano, and Zombie Teeth. design. wash. rinse. repeat. blog also offers a free download for printable Halloween drink labels in three designs.

For more printables and printable projects found on Soap Deli News Blog, click here. You’ll also find more free printables for all sorts of projects – including more free Halloween Printables – on my Printables Board on Pinterest.

Succulent Love – Creative Ways to Not Have a Green Thumb

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

I love succulents. They are the one plant I almost never kill. And when I say almost, I mean I have killed a succulent or two by over watering by thinking I needed to make up for forgetting to water for weeks and sometimes months. But now that I’ve learned that most succulents can take my forgetfulness, they are my favorite indoor plant. (Outdoors I grow herbs. They forgive my lack of maintenance too.) So in case you find you’re a little like me – slightly crafty but lacking a green thumb – here are a few ideas to bring the outdoors in as the weather begins its journey into cold and dreary.
DIY Succulent Terrarium from BirdHouse Blog
Simple yet stylish, this DIY Succulent Terrarium from BirdHouse Blog will fit perfectly in your windowsill or on a bookshelf. It’s small size makes it practical for any room or perfecting for gifting someone else you know and love who is also lacking the much sought after “green thumb.” Keep it manageable and in its pot by pruning leaves as it over seeks its bounds. Plucked leaves can be rooted right into new soil for baby terrariums in every room.
DIY Succulent Table from Far Out Flora
If you’re in love with a rustic look, consider a bold approach and craft a DIY Succulent Table as a living room coffee table or side table. The size and dimensions are entirely up to you. But regardless of how large or small you go, this is one table sure to make a statement you’ll never grow tired of.
How to Make Modern Cement Planters Using Packaging from Re-Nest
You can make these small, yet practical Succulent Cement Planters by using recycled food packaging as your molds. They’re easy to make in batches as favors for events and are perfect for using as bookends. Go extra creative and spray paint the planters with chalk board paint for even more fun and a planter that is always customizable.
DIY: Book Planter with Succulents from Green Wedding Shoes
Whether you’re creating a wedding centerpiece or just want something incredibly unique to decorate your own home, these DIY Succulent Book Planters take the cake! Fill in around the succulents with moss and fake flowers for extra pizazz or a touch of color that matches your room’s decor.
Make a Living Succulent Picture from Better Homes & Gardens
Don’t have the space for pots? Hang (or prop) your succulent garden on the wall with this DIY tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens for making a Living Succulent Picture. Just water your creation on a flat surface once a month and make sure it sees a little sun from a nearby window. It’s instant art without the anguish of finding something that fits that hard to fit room and also makes for a great conversation piece.
What’s your favorite way to display your indoor plants?