Learn How to Make Soap: A Beginner’s Guide

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Learn how to make soap with this free soapmaking ebook designed for beginner soapmakers. This free soapmaking ebook contains information on how to make soap, using a lye calculator, how to formulate your own soap recipes, eight beginner soap recipes, creating custom soap labels and more.

Recently WorldLabel asked if I’d create a downloadable ebook for their blog with a collection of my beginner soap recipes. I was happy to not only take on the task but to go one step further. My new soapmaking ebook – which you can find here – gives more than just the basics of how to make soap. In addition to an updated cold process soapmaking tutorial (my last soapmaking tutorial was written many years ago!) and eight beginner cold process soap recipes, I also provide information on the equipment and ingredients needed to make cold process soap, getting over your fear of lye, how to use a lye calculator, information on formulating your own cold process soap recipes, how to make a simple DIY wooden loaf soap mold, figuring out how much soap is needed for a mold of any size, a tutorial on how to create your own custom soap labels, and a collection of helpful resources and references including soapmaking suppliers, lye calculators and more.

If you’ve considered learning how to make soap – whether you’ve had reservations about working with lye or are simply ready to dive in -download my free soapmaking ebook at WorldLabel blog. This free soapmaking ebook is presented in a straight forward, down to earth manner to help you create your very first batch of cold process soap and get it right the first time. Then, once you’ve mastered a few basic soap recipes, there’s information to help you explore soapmaking even further with the basics of formulating your own cold process soap recipes. This includes practical information on how to figure out what percentages of oils and butters are recommended in cold process soap as well as information on how using a lye calculator can help you to create the perfect cold process soap recipe.

My hands on advice not only acts as a guide to into how to make soap but encourages you to look further and learn more on your own by offering specifics on how and where to search to broaden your soapmaking horizons. And, because it’s a PDF, you can download this free soapmaking ebook and take it with you anywhere to read and reference at your own leisure by either printing it out or simply saving it on your favorite device.

I hope you find my soapmaking ebook helpful and that it leads you into a exploring a fabulous new world!

{ Download my PDF soapmaking ebook, Making Cold Process Soap for the First Time? How to make soap & beginner soap recipes to get you started!, from WorldLabel blog here. }

This natural homemade coffee soap recipe is made using real brewed coffee and the cold process soapmaking method and is easy enough for beginners. The caffeine in this homemade coffee soap recipe acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and is believed to help with skin redness and other skin aliments.

Already know how to make soap? Then you may also be interested in my latest cold process soap recipe for making natural coffee soap along with twelve other cold process soap recipes that contain food as an ingredient with everything from blueberries and tomatoes to wine and beer! You can find those cold process soap recipes here.

In addition you can find my full collection of homemade soap recipes and bath and beauty DIY’s at Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. Follow me on Pinterest for even more homemade soap recipes and beauty DIY’s from around the web or keep track of all my new homemade soap recipes and other DIY creations by following Soap Deli News blog via Blog Lovin’ or Tumblr. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Instagram.

Free Cover Photo for Your Facebook Profile

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Let everyone know that creativity takes more than just glue sticks and scissors with my free cover photo for your facebook page!
To use it on your own facebook page, simply right click on the image above and hit “save image as” to save to your own computer. Then simply upload it to your facebook page. Below is what it will look like on your facebook profile (or business) page once uploaded.
I hope everyone has a very happy New Year moving forward and that you and those around you will be brave enough to live a very creative life! And, for free wallpaper downloads for your computer and mobile, be sure to check out one of my favorite blogs, Pearl + Earl’s Good-Time Vintage Blog. And if you’re a blogger yourself, visit Misse Design for everything from wallpapers to social media icons!

How to Make DIY Homemade Salves and Lip Balms

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How to Make Homemade DIY Salves and Lip Balms
The eBook, Handcrafting Salves & Lip Balms From Your Kitchen by Alan Bullington, contains information on basic ingredients for making your own artisan salves and lip balms, properties on the different oils used in making these beauty and skin care products, how to use herbs and essential oils, recipes and more. This book contains several basic recipes including a Tea Tree Herbal Salve, Lotion Stick, Lip Balm and Light Salve Recipes.
This book is available for instant download to your kindle. Don’t own a kindle? Be sure to check out the awesome new Kindle Fire HD. Or download the Free Kindle App for your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Window Phone 7, Blackberry, iPad Tablet, Android Tablet, and both Windows and Mac computers.

For the love of books – free printable book plates!

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I love to read and I have a ridiculously expanse library of unread books. However, there’s always a number of series I’m following at one time, so buying new books is still a requirement. I mean how can I not keep up to date on the latest and greatest by my favorite authors? Money has been exceedingly tight since the divorce and the library apparently hates my taste in fiction, so books are now a luxury when before they were a necessity. I’ve always bought new books, read them, then passed them on for others to enjoy though so I figure it’s karma that allowed me to find the funds to score a hardback recently. I am currently working my way through Pale Demon by Kim Harrison with much ensuing excitement. Remaining on my list are Bullet by Laurel K. Hamilton and River Marked by Patricia Briggs. Anyhow, I figured there are a million other fabulous, brilliant people out there who enjoy there books as much as I do, so I wanted to share some amazing free bookplates I found.
There are three funky and fun designs to take advantage of and all are available for free download from Orange You Lucky Blog. They aren’t laid out in any specific way and each file is individual but you could easily slap them into a program like OpenOffice, resize and set up a page to print a kaboodle of these suckers all at once. And on sticky paper nonetheless. I buy my sticker labels from OnlineLabels.com as I’ve found they have the best prices of anywhere.
While I know your library is probably in as much chaos as mine, remember that to keep your books and labels in order requires clean hands. And seeing as how this is a fantastic handmade soap blog, I’m going to recommend you check out my newly redesigned website, Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. You can now order online right from website from someone who loves books as much as you. Check it out, and if you’re so inclined, let me know what you think of the new look! I’d also love to hear about your favorite new books and whether your home library is for stashing and saving or reading and sharing!