DIY Craft Project Giveaway

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Do you love DIY as much as I do? Then this is one giveaway you will definitely want to enter! Now through October 5th, 2012 you can enter to win 100 5″x7″ premium drawstring cotton muslin bags from State Line Bag Company along with a stamp sheet from designer Claudine Hellmuth!
Premium Drawstring Cotton Muslin Bags from State Line Bag Company - Perfect for DIY Craft Projects
State Line Bag Company is USA company located in Kansas. They manufacture cotton drawstring bags and backpacks. Recently, they launched a new line of bags that are great for craft projects and party favors. These premium drawstring cotton muslin bags are a high quality bag with matching stitching and drawstring – almost like a blank canvas. They can be used for everything from product packaging to wedding favor bags and can be decorated with heat transfers, rubber stamps, fabric paint and more! One lucky winner will receive 100 5″x7″ premium drawstring cotton muslin bags from State Line Bag Company (valued at $30.60) along with a Spring Garden Stamp Sheet from designer, Claudine Hellmuth, pictured below.
Spring Garden Clear Stamp Set from Claudine Hellmuth - DIY Project Ideas
Claudine Hellmuth is a designer and illustrator. She licenses retro whimsical artwork to the craft, home and gift markets. Her client list includes illustration projects with major companies like Smart Car, Capitol Records and publications such as The Saturday Evening Post and she has been featured in The New York Times, appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, HGTV, The DIY Network and on HSN. In addition to the muslin bags from State Line Bag Company, the winner of this contest will also receive one set of Spring Garden clear stamps designed by Claudine Hellmuth (valued at $15.) This 4″x8″ set includes nine adorable clear stamps with whimsical details. You can learn more about Claudine Hellmuth by visiting her website and blog. You can also find her on twitter and facebook. Love her work? Then be sure to check out her shop as well!
This contest is open to USA residents 18 and up. Simply enter via Rafflecopter (below) through a minute after midnight Eastern time October 5th, 2012.

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DIY Teacher Gift Bag – Washi Tape and Chalkboard Paint Craft Project

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DIY Handmade Chalkboard Paint Teacher Gift Bag Craft Project Idea
Whether you want to send a special treat to your child’s teacher for back to school or at the end of the school year, this easy to craft DIY Chalkboard Paint Teacher Gift Bag is the perfect wrap for your gift. And since the name is written in chalk, your recipient can later gift it forward or re-use it for storage!
Mask off your gift bag with masking tape
For this project I used a 5″x7″ premium cotton muslin bag from State Line Bag Company. To make your own you’ll first need to slip a sheet of plastic or foil inside the bag that is the same dimension as the interior of your bag. Then mask off the outside edges of the bag with masking tape. The open square you leave on the bag will become your chalkboard.
Spray your diy gift bag with Chalkboard Paint
Next, spray the gift bag with chalkboard paint until thoroughly covered. I used Krylon Chalkboard Aerosol Spray Paint for this project.
Remove the tape from the gift bag
Once the paint dries completely, remove the masking tape from the muslin bag.
DIY washi tape gift bag
Now line the edges of the “chalkboard” you created on your bag with strips of Washi tape. For this particular project I used Smash Tape.
DIY Teacher Gift Bag - DIY Chalkboard Paint Project

Next, use chalk to write the name of your child’s teacher or a message on the front of the bag.

DIY Washi Craft Project - DIY Teacher Gift Bag
Now all that’s left to is fill your bag with the intended gift for the recipient! Don’t just limit this gift bag to teachers though! You can change the border up and use this gift bag for party favors and even stocking stuffers!
Do you give your children’s teachers gifts at the beginning or end of each school year? If so, what are some typical items you like to gift?

DIY Wedding Favor Bag Craft Project

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DIY Wedding Favor Gift Bag Craft Project - DIY Wedding Favor Idea
My co-worker is getting married Thanksgiving weekend. So when I received an assorted selection of premium cotton muslin bags from State Line Bag Company one of the first thing I thought of to create with these awesome bags were DIY wedding favors!
DIY Wedding Rice Favor Bag
Decorating the bags to look elegant was easy. I chose to stick with the natural color of the cotton, but if you have certain colors you’re using for your wedding, you can always dye these durable muslin bags with Rit dyein colors that compliment your wedding color scheme. To create these wedding favor bags I used a 2.75″x4″ premium cotton muslin bag from State Line Bag Company, some ribbon and three beads.

DIY Soap Wedding Favor Craft Project

Using a needle and thread, I sewed three glass and wire beads into the front center of the bag. I then took a piece of ribbon, and starting to one side of the beads, I sewed the ribbon around the bag until it met the other side of the beads. Next, I tied the two ends of the ribbon, now on either side of the beads, into a bow. I then placed a stitch in the center of the bow so it would not come undone.

DIY Wedding Favors - Handmade Favor Gift Bag Tutorial

These wedding favor bags are super quick and easy to make, yet they still look stylish and elegant. You could fill these bags with traditional rice for tossing at the bride and groom as they leave the church or you could put a small gift inside such as a 1oz. guest sized bar of handmade soap. You can easily make your own guest sized soap bars by taking one 4-5oz. bar and cutting it in half, then cutting those halves in half lengthwise. These diy favor bags would also be perfect for gifting small jewelry items or for tucking tiny gifts inside for stocking stuffers. If you like this DIY wedding favor idea, also be sure to check out my DIY Soap Wedding Favor Tutorial along with the other DIY Wedding Favor Projects on my blog.

What types of items would you tuck into these tiny, decorative favor bags?

Skip the bin. Recycle paper into everyday objects instead.

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Tired of dumping newspaper, computer paper and magazines in the bin for someone else to recycle? Here are ten creative ways you can recycle paper at home in ways that can be re-used again and again.
1. Make gift bows from recycled magazine paper for birthday and Christmas gifts.
2. Create new paper from old for art projects and notes.
3. Make a newspaper basket for storing everyday items.
4. Sew a large fabric storage bin using cereal boxes for the base.
5. Mold decorative map bowls for unique home decor.
6. Create pots for your seedlings with old newspapers. Now’s the time for fall planting!
7. Give your knitting projects some pizazz by making handspun recycled newspaper yarn.
8. Make kitty litter that really works.
9. Use a discarded wine box and old corrugated cardboard to create a bug box.
10. Create handled gift bags with the daily news.