• Easy DIY Bruise Tone Halloween Inspired Mineral Cream Eyeshadow Recipe - Great for Zombie Makeup and More!

    Zombie Halloween Makeup Ideas for Your DIY Halloween Costume

    September 25, 2013

    Looking for Halloween makeup ideas for your Halloween costume? This DIY zombie Halloween makeup is the perfect choice! Learn how to craft your own homemade, non-toxic mineral makeup to accent your zombie Halloween costume. Then use what’s leftover as a cream eyeshadow for the rest of the year! Zombie Halloween Makeup Ideas Looking for safe,…

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  • Happy Halloween!

    October 31, 2012

    I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Halloween! My son, Cody, worked on his DIY Halloween costume over the weekend – a Zombie Killer Clown. Guess he gets a little craftiness in his genes from me. Pictured is his self portrait. He bought the mask for ten dollars from a Halloween store. The clothing…

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  • Happy Halloween from me and my rock star!

    November 1, 2011

    For Halloween I got to kiss Prince! My mom and I pieced together and sewed this handmade Prince costume from scratch for my boyfriend from a thrift store jacket and tuxedo shirt, some lace, Rit dye and lining material from JoAnn’s, and a wig on clearance at Hot Topic for $2.50. He squeezed into my…

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