Annual Riot Rooster Indie Craft Fair

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Riot Rooster Indie Craft Fair

Yesterday evening my dear friend, Bambi, and I went to the 8th annual Riot Rooster Indie Craft Fair. This two-day funky market and bazaar takes place every year the weekend before Thanksgiving and is a mecca of handmade, upcycled, recycled, odd and useful gifts made by regional artists and makers.This was the first year we both were actually able to attend and we were not disappointed.

The annual Riot Rooster Indie Craft Fair is an annual fundraiser for Girls Rock RoanokeGirls Rock Roanoke (GRR!) is a volunteer-run, community based organization in the Roanoke Valley. At Girls Rock Roanoke camp, girls ages 8-16 will form bands, write their own songs, and perform at a final Showcase. They also participate in workshops on women’s music history, self defense, screen printing, DIY clothing, body confidence, stage presence, teamwork, songwriting, tech talk, and more. Their aim is to support girls as they develop self-confidence, amplify their voices, and fully realize their power to make a difference in the world. Camp activities and volunteers create a nurturing space that fosters creativity, communication, collaboration, and inclusivity. You can learn more about this organization or simply make a donation by visiting their facebook page here. You can also find them online here.

While we weren’t able to buy everything we wanted at this year’s Riot Rooster Indie Craft Fair, Bambi and I did make the rounds and snatch up business cards for future purchases. Bambi purchased some pretty awesome upcycled arm warmers to wear at work now that the weather is getting colder as well as a tiny pottery vase from Entropy Designs.

Handmade Pottery Mug by Entropy Designs

I also made a purchase from Entropy Designs and bought this super cute pottery mug as well as a fun lidded container with a similar design but in yellow. (You can find Entropy Designs on Etsy here.)

Lucky Buttons Jewelry

Bambi and I also both made purchases from Lucky Buttons, owned by two rather fabulous local Roanoke favorites, Jordan and Lucy. Bambi and I have both known Jordan and Lucy for many years through their band, Another Roadside Attraction. (You can have a listen at ReverbNation here.) In addition, Lucy is also much of the energy and life behind Girls Rock Roanoke.

Handmade Coin Ring by Lucky Buttons Jewelry

Bambi and I both bought rings from Lucky Buttons. I bought this ring made from a commemorative coin from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Bambi bought one from Wisconsin. Both of our rings were just a smidge big, but Jordan was able to quickly re-size them for us on the spot!

Handmade Wheat Penny Bracelet from Lucky Buttons

I also bought this fantastic bracelet made from wheat pennies. I LOVE the magnetic clasp.

RoadSide Miracle Mustache Wax

And I bought some of Jordan’s locally famous RoadSide Miracle Mustache Wax for my boyfriend. (You can find Lucky Buttons on Etsy here.)

Leather and felt feather necklace with turquoise and baltic amber beads by Witty Fox Craftworks

Some of the other fantastic vendors included The Artful SojournNaturel Mistik, Lunachick, PillowslipsWitty Fox Craftworks (pictured,) Whole StudioMagpiper Metalworks and Art by Sharell.

For more wonderful indie crafters I’m in love with, be sure to check out all of my favorites on Etsy here. There are lots of wonderful options there to knock out all of your holiday shopping. Or, if you’re a crafter yourself, be sure to check out my post with 50 unique DIY Christmas gift ideas here.

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DIY Handmade Terrarium Necklaces

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

DIY Terrarium Necklaces - How to Make Terrariums You Can Wear Plus A List of Suppliers!I’ve been planning to make my own terrariums for some time. Our neighborhood park has some both interesting and beautiful moss varieties growing within it especially after all of the rain we’ve gotten lately – nearly daily – for the past two months. However, I’ve been holding out until I have the chance to buy some activated charcoal which I plan to use in the base of the terrarium to help prevent mold growth. (Plus I plan to use it in an upcoming acne soap bar recipe.) However, after running across this gorgeous tutorial for crafting your own homemade diy terrarium necklace via Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club there may just be a change of plans. Not only does the author share a step by step photo and instruction tutorial on how to make these stunning terrarium necklaces, but she also supplies her priceless source list of suppliers for buying the actual terrarium housing for both necklaces and rings! So not only can I now make my own stunning terrarium necklaces, but I can also make those beautiful dandelion seed globe necklaces and rings I’ve seen for sale.

To learn how to make your own handmade terrarium necklaces and rings and find out where to get the goods, just make a quick stop over to the Utah based Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club blog.