Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

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Yesterday evening I was watching a sort of twisted romantic, indie comedy called Camille on Netflix instant queue. It was strange for more than one reason but the main ones being a.) I don’t watch comedies, b.) Camille is pretty much dead through most of the love affair, and c.) she has a fascination with her Polaroid camera.
Camille is a newly wed who takes photos of absolutely everything from the planning of her wedding – a photo of a magazine couple in their wedding garb with the faces replaced with cut outs of hers and her fiance’s – to the day of the wedding when she carries the camera up the aisle with her – to the journey to Niagra Falls for the couple’s honeymoon where she shoots the strangers she meets in a diner along the way.
Anyway, the movie made me miss Polaroid cameras. And it kills me that the neither the film nor the cameras are being produced any longer. I have hopes that in the next decade or so when all of the film has been extinguished from ebay, some sentimental company will pop up and take on the journey of reinventing the nostalgia of our “young adulthood” again. I mean, haven’t they done that already with the many toys and movies of our childhood?
In the meantime, I discovered this diy project for creating Tiny Polaroid Magnets over at Ambrosia Girl Blog. While the final product isn’t actually a Polaroid picture – the song “Hey Ya” is coursing through my brain now – it does offer the semblance of that once popular trend. The Polaroids are created in Photoshop, though Gimp is a free option that I use, and can be manipulated for any photograph you’ve uploaded to your computer. The author of this craft tutorial even offers a .zip file for download of a Polaroid frame you can use. You can find instructions for this entire project over at Ambrosia Girl Blog here.
In the meantime, I want to see more Polaroid shots! Should you know of a Polaroid craft or photo, please share a link! I’d love to see any craft projects, pictures, or products for sale that are related to or inspired by the long lost Polaroid!