Grapefruit Crush DIY Solid Perfume Recipe for Homemade Gifts

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This Grapefruit Crush Solid Perfume Recipe is so easy to make and is simply perfect for a homemade gift, stocking stuffers and even wedding favors!

This Grapefruit Crush DIY Solid Perfume Recipe is so easy to make and is simply perfect for a homemade gift, stocking stuffers and even wedding favors! And of course the scent possibilities are endless. Mix your own scents or scent with your favorite fragrance oil. Here’s my DIY solid perfume recipe for mixing up my Grapefruit Crush scented solid perfume!

Grapefruit Crush DIY Solid Perfume Recipe

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1 level teaspoon beeswax pastilles (or 1/2 tsp. carnauba wax)
1 level teaspoon organic jojoba oil (or other carrier oil)
40 drops organic grapefruit essential oil
20 drops organic lemongrass essential oil
10 drops organic peppermint essential oil

How to Make Natural Solid Perfume for Gifts, Stocking Stuffers and Wedding Favors


Melt your beeswax or carnauba wax in a glass container in the microwave. (Alternately you could also use palm kernel flakes.) Once melted, add your jojoba oil or carrier oil of your choice. If your perfume starts to solidify, simply heat for a few seconds more in the microwave. Next, using a Plastic Transfer Pipette add your essential oils to the perfume blend. (If you choose to use a fragrance oil instead, add up to double the amount of essential oils.) Stir well to mix evenly, then pour into your containers and label if you like.

DIY Natural Solid Perfume Recipe

You can keep your containers simple or go for something more complex. You can use lip balm pots or even lip balm tubes – both of which are perfect for storing solid perfumes. Alternately, you can fill a locket with your solid perfume for a more personalized gift.

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Want to learn more about making your own solid perfume recipe? Then check out these books – Scent2Riches: How To Make Perfume For Next To Nothing, No Fluff Easy Guide and The Professional Way to Make Perfume Second Edition. They are both available for instant download to your kindle or kindle app so there’s no waiting to get started on more great DIY perfume ideas and solid perfume recipes!

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Handmade Solid Perfume Locket Giveaway

I may receive compensation from links on this site. See my disclosure policy.

Enter to win a Handmade Solid Perfume Locket from Willow Tree Apothecary! Willow Tree Apothecary is owned by Jackie, a grad student studying archaeology. Jackie and her husband are about to make a huge change and move from Mississippi to Buffalo, New York so Jackie can work on her PhD. In addition to Jackie’s new perfume shop, Willow Tree Apothecary, she also owns an established shop called Willow Tree Menagerie for which she handcrafts picture frames, jewelry and other accessories. Between working on her thesis and taking care of her handmade Etsy shops she keeps incredibly busy, but she still somehow finds time to reread the Harry Potter series at least once a year. In an effort to help launch her new perfume shop, however, Jackie is generously giving away one of her lovely, handmade solid perfume lockets!
One winner will receive this lovely locket (pictured above) from Willow Tree Apothecary filled with solid perfume in the scent of the winner’s choice. This locket measures about one and a third inches, or 3.5 cm tall, with a 20 inch chain and is the perfect size for everyday wear.
The perfume contained within this bronze finished locket is made from high quality beeswax, carrier oils, essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrance oils. It is dye free, and because it comes in a solid form, you don’t have to worry about perfume spilling in your bag or purse during travel. Plus, not only does this locket keep your favorite fragrance handy at your fingertips all day long, but you can also add a picture to the locket once the perfume has been used.
The winner gets to choose between fourteen lovely fragrances that are perfect for spring: Ava, Garden Party, Lavender, Lilith, Sunshine, Sunrise, Soothe, Bliss, Isis, Primavera, Glamour, Briton, and Amour. (You can find scent descriptions here.)
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