DIY Solid Lotion Bar Recipe

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I have had several customers inquire about lotion bars. These, unfortunately do not hold up in the summer heat as they’re made to melt at body temperature making them near impossible to sell on the downtown market. But, you can make your own! Here’s an easy recipe to try. Look for supplies at Mountain Rose Herbs.

DIY Solid Lotion Bar Recipe - How to Make a Solid Lotion Bar

Lotion is for Sissies Bars

Recipe courtesy of Arizona Spa Girls.

Say goodbye to dry skin by ditching that cliché plastic bottle of lotion and trying these lotion bars! Use this easy recipe to make a special homemade gift or for yourself!

You’ll need:

4oz. kokum (or mango or shea butter)
4oz. beeswax (refined beads in yellow or white)
4 or 5 ounces liquid vegetable oil such as jojoba or sunflower
2 to 4 teaspoons essential or fragrance oil
1 tablespoon jojoba wax spheres

Here’s what you do:

Melt butter, pour into 16-ounce Pyrex measuring cup and add beeswax and colored jojoba. Melt in microwave. Add liquid vegetable oil, using 4 ounces for a hard bar, or 5 ounces for a softer bar. Mix thoroughly and add essential oil or fragrance oil when mixture has cooled slightly. Pour into small soap molds. Pop out when cool, about two hours. For best results, put in refrigerator for a few minutes before popping out of mold.