My Daily Supplement Regimen for Managing Fibromyalgia Naturally (Without Prescription Medications)

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Learn how to naturally manage fibromyalgia symptoms with herbal supplements to prevent and reduce pain without prescription medications.

How to Treat Fibromyalgia Without Drugs or Pain Killers. Learn how to naturally manage fibromyalgia to prevent and reduce pain symptoms without prescription medications so you can get back to living an active and healthy lifestyle again! #fibromyalgia #healthyliving #chronicillness #naturalalternative #nutrition #supplements #painrelief #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

Life is a journey, as they say. However, if you live with a chronic illness, that illness is an entirely separate journey in itself. And like all journeys, this journey has turns we can never predict. Answers we might not ever find. It’s when you learn how to manage your chronic illness that you’re able to take the reins and curb your journey into more positive results.

Living with Fibromyalgia

Hi, my name is Rebecca. You can’t tell by looking at me, but I have a chronic illness. I have fibromyalgia.

While I have fibromyalgia, I consider myself lucky. My brother, Aaron, has lupus. His autoimmune disease, which attacks his organs, could kill him. Mine will not.

In the beginning, I had days where my pain was so excruciating I would have done almost anything to make the pain stop. And that is how my journey with fibromyalgia began. It started with unending pain that plateaued in the evening to become unbearable by nightfall. I remember waiting for hours in the emergency room hoping for answers. I didn’t want drugs. I wanted to know what was wrong with me. How could I fix it? What could I do to get my life back?

As part of my journey to relieve the pain, that there was no medical answer for, I discovered something else. That discovery was wellness.

For years I’d been plagued by gut issues that I never even realized were a problem. That is, until they were. So when I was diagnosed with fibro, I took the route my physician gave me. One that included pain killers, muscle relaxers and off-label use of anti-seizure drugs.

I didn’t get better. In fact, while the drugs offered relief while I was on them, my symptoms actually got worse. I also became addicted to the pain killers I was prescribed. So as they wore off, I’d have increasing pain in addition to symptoms of withdrawal. Not a fun combo.

Making Changes to Naturally Treat Fibromyalgia

So I came off of the drugs. (Which was not fun.) The aftermath including enduring several months of hell, but I did it. I followed the withdrawal (because I’m a F-ing masochist and went cold turkey) with steps to repair my gut health.

I learned to love kombucha and developed a taste for apple cider vinegar. I started eating things that had been pickled and fermented. I added superfoods to my diet and dark, leafy vegetables. Overall, I treated my fibromyalgia like something else entirely. I approached my illness the way a nutritionist would and I treated it like leaky gut syndrome.

As part of my process there was a lot of trial and error. I discovered that switching to an aluminum free, natural deodorant really made a difference. I learned that processed foods made me sluggish and left me in a fog. I found out that stress triggered a physical response that caused my brain to respond with pain. I also learned that hormone changes suck extra hard if you have fibro.

Once I improved my gut health, I started trying different supplements to manage the remaining symptoms. The following supplements are the ones I finally settled on to treat and prevent the symptoms of my fibromyalgia, drug free, and that I am still currently taking.

Natural Supplements for Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms

New Chapter Zyflamend Whole Body

Packed with inflammation busting ingredients like turmeric and ginger, this natural whole body supplement also contains skullcap which I’ve found not only helps to calm anxiety, but overactive muscles as well. This proprietary 10-herb blend is 100% vegetarian and non-GMO certified and also contains other wellness boosters from around the world including Chinese Goldthread, Hu Zhang, barberry, oregano, rosemary, green tea and holy basil. (Where to buy it.)

Lovebug Here’s the Skinny Daily Probiotic

In addition to pain, fibro makes you SOOO tired. This probiotic – and I’ve tried a LOT of them – not only helps keep my gut in check, but it also helps with energy levels. Like most probiotics, Here’s the Skinny works to improve your digestive health.

It contains 8 targeted probiotic strains that work in tandem to aid with digestion, work to reboot your metabolism and help to elevate energy levels and mood. While this helps to combat unwanted digestive issues like bloating, constipation and leaky gut, Here’s the Skinny also includes prebiotics – a natural fiber that feeds the probiotics! (Where to buy it.)

Ancient Apothecary Fermented Multi Mushroom Complex

Packed with powerful adaptogens, this mushroom complex helps to boost your body’s immune defense and fight the effects of stress and anxiety. It also helps to naturally increase increase energy levels, reduce fatigue and promote a healthy mood.

This full-spectrum fermented mushroom complex contains Turkey Tail, Reishi, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Maitake mushrooms in addition to a fermented warming botanical blend (that includes ginger and black pepper,) organic ashwagandha extract and an organic fermented bitter botanical blend (with milk thistle and dandelion.) (Where to buy it.)

Hemp Fusion Stress Full-Spectrum Phytocomplex

Like the fermented mushroom complex, this hemp based supplement also contains ashwagandha extract which helps to promote a healthy stress response. HempFusion Stress features Sensoril™, a clinically studied and patented form of Ashwagandha, which has been demonstrated to possess potent stress-reducing and mood supporting properties.

This natural supplement also contains a unique full-spectrum phytocomplex oil extracted from nutritional hemp, black pepper fruit and clove oil for those seeking occasional stress support in addition to daily Endocannabinoid System support. (Where to buy it.)

Thrive Market Vitamin B-Complex Food Cultured

Another natural energy booster, this B-Complex is a group of eight essential vitamins designed to help your body convert the food you eat into energy. Sourced and cultured from whole food ingredients like organic spinach and turmeric, along with other specialized blends, this supplement also contains ginseng to help get your body moving without that extra cup of coffee. (Where to buy it.)

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D3 25 mcg (1000 IU Rapid Release Soft Gels)

Vitamin D is a MUST for anyone with fibromyalgia as well as women over 40. When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia I had extremely low levels of vitamin D which caused worsening pain symptoms. Maintaining the levels of vitamin D in your body not only helps to reduce severity of fibro pain, it also supports a strong immune system and healthy bones. (Where to buy it.)

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Capsules +Plus 35 mg

Charlotte’s Web is one of the oldest and most trusted brands to create product that harness the wellness benefits of CBD and phytocannabinoids. When used daily, I have lower stress levels, reduced anxiety and zero back pain (from tension) upon waking each morning. It also helps with focus and concentration.

I’ve tried various brands of CBD and I’ve always come back to Charlotte’s Web as my fibromyalgia responds best to this brand’s formula. I also love that this is a capsule rather than an oil. I take 1-2 capsules per day depending on my pain level and find this works best when taken on a daily basis. (Where to buy it.)

When experiencing significant pain levels, I really like Flower Child’s CBD 1400 tincture which contains 47 mg of CBD. (I recommend sticking to the peppermint.) I also highly recommend their CBG oil. CBG oil increases my focus and clarity (bye-bye fibro fog) and helps to reduce my muscle contractions that accompany the fibromyalgia. You can use coupon code: ref0716498 for $10 off a $30 purchase. (Where to buy it.) Alternately I also like the CBD oil infused MCT oil available from Spark Naturals. Like Flower Child they also offer a sample size.

Nature’s Bounty Magnesium 500 mg

This gluten free magnesium supplement works well in combination with a vitamin B complex at helping to prevent my visual migraines. It also supports bone and muscle health, while maintaining bone mineralization, and helps to keep my pain levels at a minimum. (Where to buy it.)

Gaia Herbs Mental Alertness

Fibro fog straight up sucks. While it’s nothing like dealing with pain, it stills affects my life, and more importantly, my work. This supplement works wonders at conquering my fibro fog. I can literally sit down and write for hours when I take this without having to stand and pace every 5-10 minutes to gather my thoughts.

Formulated with plant-based antioxidants to help support the integrity of vessels that deliver blood to the brain, this organic supplement also enhances cognitive functions with concentrated herbal extracts that support memory, concentration and clear thought. (Where to buy it.)

Due to the high cost of natural supplements, I try to save money where I can. Therefore I purchase all of these supplements through Thrive Market with the exception of the probiotics, which I purchase from Grove Co., and the vitamin D & magnesium which I procure locally.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that just because something works for me, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same way for you. Everyones body and response to treatments can vary. However, my hope is, that you are able to use the information I’ve provided to help forge your own path to wellness.

Just remember, when you cut corners on a project or a job, that project suffers. The same goes for your health. So don’t forget to stay active and practice self care on a daily basis in addition to addressing your body’s nutritional needs!

This natural pain relief salve recipe with arnica and ginger essential oil is made with just four simple ingredients to relieve inflammation and ease pain associated with muscle pain, arthritis, sprains, fibromyalgia, bruises and carpal tunnel. Make this natural home remedy in just ten minutes or less!

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This article is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice and is provided for informational purposes only. Information on products mentioned are based on my own personal experience and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult a physician prior to making any changes that may impact your health.

Homemade White Bean Salad Recipe

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

Homemade Lunch Recipe - Easy White Bean Salad in Mason Jars

Looking for a healthy, nutritious and crazy delicious lunch? This simple to make white bean salad bean recipe from Nature Box has got your number and it gives you yet another use for your fantastic collection of mason jars! Grab the recipe via the Nature Box blog here.

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Or if you prefer smaller snacks, give Graze a try. They send small boxes of snacks for just $6 twice monthly with free shipping – although you can choose to receive the boxes less often. Plus the first and 5th boxes are free! Visit Graze here to sign up and use friend code:THPXHL7MP to join. I also like that I can send one off boxes as gifts.

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Indoor Gardening and DIY Sprouts

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

Now that Scott and I have moved into our new home we’re already thinking ahead to some spring gardening. The back yard has to be cleaned up, obviously, and a few plots tilled before we can any sort of planting. But in the meantime we’ve taken up a little indoor gardening. Yesterday I visited our local city market, and in addition to buy some local raised meats and vegetables, I also bought a potted herb garden from Tim of Rolling Meadows Farms.
These pots are great for both growing indoors or outdoors. But I like to keep mine handy in the kitchen by a sunny window so it’s convenient for everyday cooking. Plus, Tim will refill this pot with fresh herbs every year for just $20. And many of these plants can be sectioned and transplanted outside as they grow. There’s rosemary, sage, peppermint and thyme – all of which will come up year after year. There’s also several cold sensitive herbs that could potentially survive the winter indoors – basil, parsley – though this sometimes comes back up from seed – and oregano. I’m still itching to plant an herb garden outdoors though so I can expand my selection and have herbs for teas. I have a lavender and rosemary plant that can be transplanted from my mom’s house, and I’d really like to plant more herbs like chocolate mint, pineapple mint, lemon balm, bergamot, stevia and others.

sprout_bagAt the same time I was  considering my options for growing food indoors, I received Mountain Rose Herbs‘ monthly newsletter which lists their specials for the month. One of their specials for the month of March is 15% off their sprout bags. Sprout bags are an easy solution to growing sprouts helps to prevent 1-2 day spoilage like you get from growing sprouts in jars or solid containers. The sprout bag not only provides critical root circulation, but it’s made to last year after year and is easy to use. This bag is made from 100% hemp. To grow your sprouts, you simply add the desired amount of seed, dip the bag in water and allow to sprout.

What makes this even more fun is the cool selection of organic sprouting seeds Mountain Rose Herbs offers for sale. My interest was particularly peaked by the broccoli, brown mustard, red lentil and radish sprouting seeds. (Did you know the stalks or sprouts of radishes taste similar to turnip greens?) Mountain Rose Herbs also offers these additional sprouting seed varieties: Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Crimson Clover, Fenugreek, Red Clover, Wheatgrass, and even Chia Seeds – yes! the one used on Chia pets – whose sprouts contain Essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid, mucin, strontium, 30% protein, Vitamins A, B, E, and D, and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, iron, iodine, copper, zinc, sodium, magnesium, manganese, niacin, thiamine, silicon, and anti-oxidants. You can even create a Chia Seed gel and use it in place of part of your meal to help suppress your appetite to reach weight loss goals. (Visit Mountain Rose Herbs for more ways to prepare Chia Seeds for your dietary needs and learn more about it’s nutritional and medicinal properties.)

I mentioned to Scott about growing sprouts in our home to tie in with his culinary forte and he was very interested. So this may be something we’ll be testing in our home soon. What about you? Do you like eating sprouts? Have you ever tried growing your own?

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Chocolate Bark with Pistachios and Pink Himalayan Salt Recipe

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

One of my facebook friends recently posted a delectable photograph of some chocolate bark she made with pistachios and Pink Himalayan salt. So I went hunting for a recipe to make my own for multiple reasons. One, I get chocolate cravings from time to time that must be fulfilled. Two, dark chocolate is good for your soul. It helps to prevent depression, anxiety and stress and it has all those great anti-oxidants. The darker, the better. Three, pistachios are so good for you. Nuts like peanuts, almonds and pistachios are a much healthier snack than potato chips and they help keep your blood sugar where it should be while blessing your diet with fiber and antioxidants. They may be high in fat, but it’s good fat so you’re not likely to pack on pounds snacking on nuts. Plus, it’s been found that consuming potatoes causing a rise in blood sugar and regular consumption over time actually adds weight. So if no one is treating you to chocolates this Valentine’s Day, make your own! Or better yet, make a batch for yourself and your female friends to remind them they are awesome!


Bon Appetit has a recipe for Chocolate-Almond Bark with Sea Salt. I improvised on this to get just the chocolate bark recipe I was looking for.
1/2 cup raw sugar
1 Tablespoon unsalted butter
1 1/2 cups pistachios minus the shells
1lb. finely chopped, unsweetened dark chocolate (62%–70% cacao)
Coarse Pink Himalayan Salt 
Follow the instructions on Bon Appetit for making your Chocolate-Pistachio Bark with Pink Himalayan Salt.
There’s also a great alternative to this recipe at With Style and Grace Blog that skips adding the butter and uses sweetened dark chocolate instead of adding sugar. Or, you could even consider adding dried cranberries!
pink-himalayan-sea-saltYou can save on your purchase of Pink Himalayan Salt by buying it in bulk along with any other spices and culinary salts you like to use. Not only is Pink Himalayan Salt great for cooking – it  is one of the purest salts available for culinary, therapeutic and cosmetic uses – and it contains a quantifiable amount of 84 trace elements & iron. Buy some for cooking and use the extra for your favorite bath salt recipes! I highly recommend Mountain Rose Herbs for your bulk purchases.
What are some of your favorite ingredients to add to chocolate?