DIY Paper Mache Mounted Unicorn Head Wall Plaque

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DIY Paper Mache Mounted Unicorn Head Wall Art

Looking for something to DIY this weekend? I’m partial to this DIY Paper Mache Unicorn Head Wall Plaque. Not only is it a great way to upcycle those newspapers, but it’s super cute! And hey, unicorns are also the official animal of Scotland! Learn how to make your own with a step by step photo tutorial at Lil Blue Boo. For more fab DIY project ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest.

DIY Garden Planner to Organize the Perfect Garden

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I have discovered so many wonderful new blogs lately, but one that really stands out is Punk Projects. Written by 20 year old Katie – doodler, biker, dog lover, tea lover and Star Trek geek – Punk Projects is where she shares her tutorials and favorite crafty finds.
DIY Garden Planner - Organize and Plan Your Perfect Garden for Spring with this Scrapbooking Project
I most recently fell in love with Katie’s DIY Garden Planner! She made hers with some super fun scrapbook papers and her imagination and a handy dandy sewing machine to make pockets for keeping seeds and such. This would be a great family project for a first time garden – or your first time gardener! (And spring is right around the corner!) You can find Katie’s garden planner tutorial at Punk Projects. You may also want to check out Katie’s DIY Seed Tape and Dinosaur Plant Markers. (They’d both make fun weekend family projects.) I also think her Recycled Cardboard Tree Stumps are pretty nifty!
What are some of your favorite, newly discovered blogs?

Beautiful DIY Gift Wrap – Homemade Wrapping Paper for Valentine’s Day

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DIY Gift Wrap - Homemade Wrapping Paper for Valentine's Day - Easy to Make, Beautiful to Gift
Looking for a simple way to create beautiful, handmade wrapping paper without a lot of fuss? Then check out ecosalon’s diy tutorial for printmaking with rolling pins! All you need is a classic wood rolling pin,craft foam,spray adhesive, scissors, masking tape, rubber bands, a piece of acrylic and some printing ink or acrylic paints. Then just cut your foam into the shapes of your choosing – think hearts for Valentine’s Day! – and adhere to the rolling pin and you’ll be on your way to rolling out hand printed gift wrap and cards! This is a great way to dress up plain paper that lacks pizazz or even upcycling the back side of printer paper, newpaper, even old Christmas wrapping paper that you thought you couldn’t use until the end of the year! View the step by step tutorial here.
Do you give gifts for Valentine’s Day, go out for dinner, have a lovely evening in, or just skip this holiday all together?

DIY Washi Tape Gift Tags

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DIY Washi Tape GIft Tags - Easy Washi Tape Craft Project Idea

Washi tape is so much fun to use. The possibilities of washi tape craft projects you can create with this fun tape are practically endless. And just a few rolls will last for many projects!  A super simple project for holidays, birthdays, or any gift giving occasion is to create DIY Washi Tape Gift Tags. This project is perfect for the entire family to join in on because it’s not something you can go wrong with! Plus it adds a very personal touch to the gifts they are attached to. My son and I crafted the two washi tape gift tags pictured above. I made the one on the left and my son made the one on the right. We simply took blank gift tags and applied washi tape and scrapbook letter stickers then tied ribbon through the hole on the end of the tags!

Like this DIY Washi Tape Project? Then be sure to check out the other DIY Washi Tape Craft Project Ideas also on Soap Deli News blog!

DIY Decoupage Address Book – Mod Podge Craft Project Idea

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Handmade DIY Decoupage Notebook / Address Book / Journal
When my son and I were out school shopping over the weekend we stumbled across some mini composition books. At 4.5″ x 3.2″ I thought these would be perfect as small journals or address books. So I picked up a pack of two and my son and I gave these tiny notebooks a makeover.
Mini Composition Book Decoupage DIY
We started by cutting a piece of decorative scrapbook paper to fit the front cover. Then, using Mod Podge, we decoupaged it onto the front of the composition book. Next, I applied a strip of decorative Washi tape along the edge closest to the spine of my book, then applied another coat of Mod Podge over the paper and tape.

DIY Decoupage and Washi Tape Journal

Finally we applied a scrapbook embellishment to the front cover. I also took a piece of ribbon and tied a bead to each end to use as a bookmark for my notebook. I plan to use my notebook as a journal.

DIY Address Book - DIY Decoupage Craft Project

My son chose to apply a small strip of Washi tape to the bottom right corner of his book. In addition to adding two scrapbook embellishments to his notebook, he also used Mod Podge to decoupage some ribbon onto his. I think his book is perfect to use as an address book.

This project is easy and fun. You can make your book as elaborate or as simple as you like. It’s also perfect as a weekend family project for both mom and the kids! What types of craft projects do you like to do with your children?