Floyd Fest 12 Rise & Shine – A Four Day Mud Fest Vacation Destination for 2013

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Fabulous fun faerie costumery on stilts at Floyd Fest 12 Rise and Shine 2013My vacation, a four day three night trip to Floyd Fest 12 Rise & Shine, was much more of an adventure than I had anticipated. My first day there was gorgeous and sunny and filled with music, delicious food and crafts and these lovely faerie inspired darlings on stilts. The weather was gorgeous and not brutally hot with a forecast for sunny skies and only a chance of spotty thunderstorms.

Rebecca with braidsThe morning of day two, I got my hair braided so I wouldn’t have to fuss with it. And then, halfway through day two it started to rain. We waited patiently into the early evening anticipating it would stop soon. It didn’t. And not only did it rain, but it poured throughout the rest of the day, the night and halfway into the next day.

People walking in a muddy path at Floyd Fest 12 Rise and Shine

Our tent – and just about every tent pitched on Thursday – ended up being flooded. Some folks bailed on the festival entirely waiting in line for over an hour to get shuttled back to their cars due to the mass Exodus. Our 10′ x 10′ tent flooded as well, leaving a good 2/3 of it completely wet and damp. Luckily my backpack full of clothes and the mat underneath my sleeping bag soaked up most of the water and the worst of it pooled along one side – my side. So while there was a small stretch of tent that wasn’t soaked, all of my clothes for the trip were a lost cause. But we toughed it out.

The Eternal Mud Walkway - Floyd Fest 12 becomes a Mud Fest

Here’s what I refer to as the Mud Walk of Floyd Fest – a muddy walkway that only got worse as the days passed. Tractors came in with hay, but within minutes of people passing, the hay had disappeared entirely within the mud like it was never there. You had to tread carefully or you’d slip and fall. One guy lost a shoe in the mud – which was ankle deep in spots – while those with flip flops had to pitch them for bare feet for traction.

Muddy barefoot dancers in the Pink Floyd Beer Garden at Floyd Fest 12 Rise and Shine 2013The beer gardens were significantly less muddy. Or rather, the mud wasn’t a deep gorge of mess, and the music and dancing continued despite the rain, occasional thunder, and of course, mud.

Beautiful misty foggy morningThere was also a misty, foggy morning in the mountains that while gray, was actually kind of beautiful.

Muddy Converse tennis shoes courtesy of Floyd Fest 12 Rise and Shine

If it wasn’t for having to sleep on the ground in a damp tent, walk through some major thigh busting mud (which is ten times worse with fibro,) and wear the same clothes and seriously wet, mud caked shoes for three days, I probably would have enjoyed it. (Yes, those are my shoes.)

Cars being towed from Alpha Lot of the Mud Fest - er, Floyd Fest 12 Rise and Shine 2013By Sunday I was more than ready to head home. Unfortunately we have had a ridiculous amount of rain this spring and summer. Basically it rained almost daily for about two months with more rain than Seattle’s average in the same time period. (No joke. We have had multiple flash floods and lots of property damage.) So when it came time to leave the Alpha Lot – which was pretty much a giant field – that we were parked in, it wasn’t easy. I seriously don’t think these photos due the mud justice because the ruts of mud in this field/parking lot were up to a foot deep in places. Cars had to be towed out one by one courtesy of some super nice folks and their tractors. Mine included.

Scott and Rebecca at Floyd Fest 12 Rise and Shine 2013By the time I got home I had sworn off ever going to Floyd Fest again. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience either. I convinced myself I am a die hard city girl despite all of those camping trips to the beach every year as a child from as far back as two years old. However, I am glad I went because now I know what everyone said I was missing – or rather wasn’t missing in my case – and it was definitely something to remember and talk about when I’m old and 80.

Two days since coming home, though, I’m sort of considering trying it all over again next year. Or the year after.  Maybe. But if I do go I’m going to save and shell out the cash for a VIP ticket and on site parking. (Thank goodness for the calming effects of acupuncture!) After all, the music WAS amazing. But for now, I’m ready to jump back into making homemade soaps and other bath and beauty concoctions again. I’ve realized that maybe I’m not quite as daring and adventurous as I’d sometimes like to be. But I think that’s okay, because I’m exactly who I want to be.

Has anyone else had a vacation this year? Where did you go? I’d love to hear all about where you traveled and how it went!

Almost famous.

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Self Portrait, Rebecca D. Dillon of Soap Deli News BlogWhen I was in elementary school I wanted to be famous – although I had no idea what I wanted to be famous for. I once wrote myself fan letters then placed them in self-addressed envelopes with used stamps glued to the front. Then I showed them to my friends. When asked why I received the fan mail I was stumped. I can’t remember how that played out exactly. Nowadays everyone can be famous – or infamous – now that technological advances have produced the internet, blogging, and social media. Although it also means that sometimes people also end up being famous for things they’d rather not be known for. If you were famous, what would you like to be famous for?

Another side of me.Another side of me that you don’t see through a computer screen: I bite my nails when I’m stressed and chew my hair when really focusing on a project like writing out my blog articles. Last week when I got caught in a flash flood I bit my nails down to nubs. Nail polish is a lost cause on me.

(This post was inspired by the 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge at A Beautiful Mess Blog. And these are my self-portraits.)

Instagram – My latest creative discovery

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

I’ve seen a lot of instagram photos around lately and I’ll admit I was curious. But my LG phone just wasn’t equipped to take decent photos nor did it have a flash. It also wasn’t the most intuitive phone in the world. So when my phone suddenly stopped working after only 5 months of use – my boyfriend has also gone through two LG phones with little success – I decided it was worth paying a little more to buy an HTC Android. After all, I not only use my phone for emergencies, but my business and at work as well. I stuck with the regular last year’s 3G model and saved a hundred bucks, but still got what so far is turning out to be a great product. It’s like when buying a used VCR would cost you $800 (back when VCRs were the latest and greatest) but that sucker lasted for 20 years before breaking while the modern $50 versions killed over in about two. Or how Atari’s in all their retro wonder glory continue to work while my son’s original XBox crapped out due to overheating. Or all those PC’s that died in 3 years, while my macbook just keeps on truckin’. You get the picture.

So now that I have a decent phone, my own picture has gotten even bigger. And I’m having fun exploring the world through my camera phone. My goal is to try to find at least one creative shot a day and post it to instagram, my personal facebook page, twitter and my tumblr.
I started with the dead beetle at work, then had my boyfriend take a shot of me. Then I took a photo on my daily walk through the neighborhood followed by a game of Clue at my parents’ house. Here are the photos I’ve taken so far (with captions.)
Our mascot at work. Everyone needs a dead beetle to vent to. http://instagr.am/p/M9UzElwlet/
A very happy me. Scott registered for college classes today. http://instagr.am/p/M9aKG8QlSF/
Our neighborhood yards are often full of interesting surprises. http://instagr.am/p/M_09NTQlUT/
Clue. Sometimes you wish people would just get one. http://instagr.am/p/NEV5HvQlRL/
I’m excited by the prospect of building a portfolio of my very own through instagram. Do you use instagram? Love it? Hate it? And how are you using it to stay creative?

Severe storms cripple areas of the United States

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

I apologize for the lapse in blog articles recently. Many states, including Southwestern Virginia where I live, were devastated by storms Friday night. Locally half of my city’s population in Roanoke lost power, while some areas were knocked completely off the grid. The news is saying outlying areas will have full power restored by Thursday or Friday, while Roanoke is not expected to regain full power until Saturday. Temperatures have been soaring to a hundred degrees and more, and thunderstorms last night knocked power out for another 30,000 people in my area who previously still had power.
Vehicle crushed by tree toppled by Friday night’s wind storms. Photo by Cody Dillon-Owens
Some areas for which water is pumped in through wells are experiencing water shortages. There’s also a fire blazing in a nearby county. A block down from us, on my street, they still have no power where a tree knocked down a power line last Friday night. The tree has been removed, but the power line is still laying in the middle of the road. The road itself is taped off only with yellow caution tape. I only had internet service restored this afternoon, and lost power for a short time today. I’ve been very lucky. Unfortunately, many in Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia and other states are still without power and supplies. Gas stations are closed due to power loss or have run out of gas. Food has been lost in homes and grocery stores. And people have lost their lives. Please keep everyone affected by these storms in your thoughts as we all work to try to recover from Friday’s storms and the severe thunderstorms that have further crippled areas since Friday night.

More of the New Apartment.

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

Scott and I are just over a week living in the new apartment so I thought I’d share a few photos of the living room and bathroom. I still need shots of the bedrooms – one of which is empty expect for soap stock but will hopefully soon have a futon and dresser for Cody – and the foyer where I have my office. Yes, it’s that big. (You got to see the kitchen yesterday.) We’re still looking for suitable artwork for the empty wall in the living room. So if you have any suggestions of artwork or artists that fit, please let me know!
The bathroom. It’s not huge, but it’s functional. And it has a great electric heater built into the wall in addition to the radiator. So even when we’re saving money on gas by keeping the heat low, we can crank the electric heater so we’re toasty stepping in and out of the shower. I got the shower curtain, rugs and towels at Target.
Another angle of the bathroom. We’re thinking curtains at some point, though it’s a low priority because the front bedroom needs them much worse. The blinds are horrid, wrecked and filthy. Also, an interesting FYI, this bathroom used to be painted a Pepto-Bismol pink color. It wasn’t pretty.
A view of my living room from my bedroom. The kitchen is the door off to the right. (My baby Jasper is hanging out in the doorway. He’s such a spoiled mini doxie.) I LOVE the built in shelves in this room, so of course I’m using them to showcase a lot of my larger pottery pieces from local artists. I also have a few hand bound blank books on the top shelf that I use as albums for my ACEO’s. I have two albums for prints and two for originals. Now that I’ve dug them out of storage I hope to start collecting again!
A view of the living room from the hallway. The oil painting on the way is by a local artist, Scott Toobz Noel. I have another, much larger, painting of his in my bedroom.
And finally, a view of the living room from the kitchen. We have a closet (right corner) with shelving that we’re using as a bookshelf. We simply took off the closet door. We’re looking for a painting or print to put over the couch (to the left) in this room. And we still need to find curtains and maybe a few throw pillows. A dark red, maybe? What do you think?