DIY Handmade Terrarium Necklaces

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DIY Terrarium Necklaces - How to Make Terrariums You Can Wear Plus A List of Suppliers!I’ve been planning to make my own terrariums for some time. Our neighborhood park has some both interesting and beautiful moss varieties growing within it especially after all of the rain we’ve gotten lately – nearly daily – for the past two months. However, I’ve been holding out until I have the chance to buy some activated charcoal which I plan to use in the base of the terrarium to help prevent mold growth. (Plus I plan to use it in an upcoming acne soap bar recipe.) However, after running across this gorgeous tutorial for crafting your own homemade diy terrarium necklace via Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club there may just be a change of plans. Not only does the author share a step by step photo and instruction tutorial on how to make these stunning terrarium necklaces, but she also supplies her priceless source list of suppliers for buying the actual terrarium housing for both necklaces and rings! So not only can I now make my own stunning terrarium necklaces, but I can also make those beautiful dandelion seed globe necklaces and rings I’ve seen for sale.

To learn how to make your own handmade terrarium necklaces and rings and find out where to get the goods, just make a quick stop over to the Utah based Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club blog.

Artistic Inspiration

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Looking for a diy craft project or maybe an instructional art lesson to liven up your free time? Here are a few of my favorite art instructional blog posts to inspire you!
What are some of your favorite art projects?

How to Make Soap (In Pictures!)

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Recently I decided I’d share my soapmaking process with you. I’ve had a written tutorial up for some time, but there have never been any photos to go with it. So Sunday I made several batches of a Red Currant scented shea butter soap and had my mom take photos!
Now you can get a up close and personal view of what it’s like to make soap! I’ve posted the entire album on the facebook fan page for Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. You can view the album here. I hope you enjoy seeing the process of making the actual soap. Of course after making the soap, there’s the umolding, the cutting, the curing, the wrapping, and finally the labeling. But that’s a whole other album!