Creative Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You

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Need some inspiration to spark your own creative side? This collection of creative instagram accounts reflects the talents of artisans and small businesses that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with!

Creative Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You! From small artisan businesses to creative artists, the wonderful people behind this collection of ten creative instagram accounts are just a few of the gems you might not have stumbled across otherwise. I hope you enjoy their creative spirit as much as I do. And, that in turn, they are able to inspire your own creativity and style.

There are so many wonderfully creative people in the world. And many times, a large number of them go overlooked. Not because we aren’t looking, of course. More like a sign of the times.

The information overload that comes with our rapidly evolving digital age means that we are able to explore and discover more than ever before. Google maps can give us a street view, for example, of what it’s like to walk down a road in Dublin, Ireland without ever leaving home.

At the same time however, just as it was before the age of the internet, there are wonderfully creative people we simply never get the chance to discover.

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With trends a constant popularity contest to see who can come out on top it’s no surprise. Those who’ve already been discovered rise to the top while many of us feel like we’re still sitting on the sidelines. Hopefully this collection of creative instagram accounts will open up your world a little bit more and give some less known artists the chance to shine.

Creative Instagram Accounts

From small artisan businesses to creative artists, the wonderful people behind this collection of ten creative instagram accounts are just a few of the gems you might not have stumbled across otherwise. I hope you enjoy their creative spirit as much as I do. And, that in turn, they are able to inspire your own creativity and style.

BONUM Atelier Soap

A soap artisan and teacher from South Korea, this account inspires with creative handmade soaps and a behind the scenes look into the world of soapmaking.

L’Apothicaire Plush

Samantha of L’Apothicaire Plush shares unique one of kind and limited edition bath and body products available in her Etsy shop. From bath bombs and shower steamers to soaps and wax melts, all of Samantha’s products are given individual attention – many of which are hand painted to resemble tiny works of art.

Silver Lining Soap

Did you know that black light soaps are actually thing? Silver Lining Soap pushes the limits of creativity on her YouTube channel where she shares her soapmaking process for making blacklight soaps – inspired by 80’s posters, of course! – planetary galaxy soap and even a fresh take on unicorn soaps!

Stonebridge Soap Company

Launching in August 2018, this Canadian soap company reminds us of the beauty that is present in simplicity. Her wonderful collection of handmade soaps reflect simple yet elegant designs that remind us of the beauty that can be found in nature.

Brooklyn Floral Delight

If ever in New York City I would not miss the chance to visit this awe inspiring bakery! In addition to simply stunning floral, succulent and even unicorn cakes, you can also take floral icing classes to learn how to make your beautifully decorated desserts from master artist, Jiahn Kang.

This creative instagram account is a wonderful source for those of you who enjoy decorating artisan soaps with soap “icing.”

AstroBarn Design

Sometimes deciding on packaging and labels for your own handcrafted products is even harder than making them in the first place. This is where AstroBarn comes in.

This creative shop offers a stunning collection of roller bottles like you’ve never seen like pastel colored bottles as well as frosted bottles with gold foil lettering. In addition you’ll also find fun pre-made labels and essential oil journals. Her instagram account is a mix of all of these things with warm photos of her family and her watercolors sprinkled throughout.

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From Martha Stewart and David Tutera accredited designers, Eucca shares their love of carefully crafted flowers and succulents on this instagram account that reflect the offerings in their Etsy shop of the same name. So whether you’re looking for inspiration to create a stunning spring terrarium or you’re shopping for on trend succulent creations for your wedding, you won’t be disappointed.

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Shimmer & Luxe

If you love sparkles, shimmers, pastels and mermaids, then you must explore the world of Shimmer & Luxe! Another one of my favorite creative instagram accounts, the UK company Shimmer & Luxe sells affordable little luxuries for a blissful bathtime on Etsy where you’ll discover a unique collection of bubble bars, body butters, cream soaps and wax melts.

Sunbasil Soap

After a decade of soapmaking, Sunbasil Soap – who can also be found on Etsy here – continues to bring us bright, cheery and whimsical soaps for every occasion. With new products and photos added with each new holiday and every new season, there’s always something new and fun to discover!

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While there’s not a lot of information attached to this instagram account, the photos speak for themselves. Filled with bold colors and metallic micas, these artisan soaps will encourage you to stretch the boundaries of your own soapmaking talents.

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The Photographer Behind the Imagery of MKMoore Photography

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

Band Photography by MKMoore Photography

The older I’ve gotten, the more creative people I’ve been lucky enough to discover. From farmer’s markets to art shows there is talent in every city. However, not every great artist is always easy to find. There are many talented artists within my hometown of Roanoke, VA that I’m sure I have yet to discover. There are also a few great artists that I only discovered by chance. Once of those artists is photographer, Kent Moore of MKMoore Photography.

Busted Television in Abandoned Home by MKMoore Photography

I was first introduced to Kent Moore’s photography via Facebook while browsing the fan page of a the local band I had just discovered called Another Roadside Attraction. I then followed Kent’s photographs online of and on. Eventually I met him when he messaged me about buying some handmade soaps from me as a birthday gift for one his friends.

In person Kent is shy and quiet. However, his photographs speak volumes through their vivid imagery, colors and mood. His live band photographs are always exciting, taken from interesting perspectives and angles, while his still life photos of abandoned buildings and houses are filled with a quiet foreboding.

Barb Wire Dolls Photograph by MKMoore Photography

Being a fan of Kent’s work, I really wanted to learn more about him and his own insight into his photography. Since he’s more of a behind the scenes kind of guy whose usually behind the camera rather in front of it, I requested an interview with Kent which he was happy to give. Following is Kent’s commentary about his work, influences and dreams.

Bastards of Fate Live Photograph by MKMoore Photography

Q. How long have you been shooting photographs?
A. I started in jr. high when my brother showed me the basics when he was home on leave from the Navy. I didn’t get serious about it until 10-12 years later though.

Q. Did you always have an affinity for the arts or did you think you’d go into a completely different field when you were young?
A. I started out wanting to do music recording and production. I went to school for that and found out I wasn’t really into it at all. I just didn’t have the patience for it.

Q. How would you describe your style of art for the majority of your works?
A. Not really sure what the style would be called but in a lot of my color photos I like to exaggerate or shift a few colors to something that’s just a touch outside of reality so you have to look at it twice to decide if it’s something is out of the ordinary or not.

Mounted Deer Photograph by MKMoore Photography

Q. Has your focus always been on digital photography or did you start with the basics in a dark room?
A. I started out with film. I shot for about 20 years doing my own darkroom work before making the switch to digital. When I made the switch it was almost like having to relearn everything. The digital sensors saw the world much differently than film did. I absolutely love working with digital though. I’m definitely not one of those old school types that sit around and whine about the death of film. I do miss Kodachrome though.

Q. What are some of your favorite subjects to photograph?
A. My favorite thing is live music and band portraits and I recently started getting into abandoned building and urban exploration photography thanks to my friend Daniel Overstreet at Abandoned Love Photography.

Record Player Photograph by MKMoore Photography

Q. Who are some of your favorite artists and influences (and what medium do they work in)?
A. My favorite photographer is Lee Miller. She was pretty big in the  Surrealist movement in the late 1920s early 1930s and during World War 2 was one of the first female combat photographers. Her pre-war photos are a huge influence on me, just absolutely brilliant photos. I love the surrealist movement in general but her work is my favorite.

For contemporary photographers I really love Sebastião Salgado’s photos. I’m also influenced pretty heavily by music. Bands like Sigur Rós, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, and Mono (Japan) put me in a certain mindset that makes me much more creative and can completely change the look of a photo.

Q. If you were gifted with a limitless income, where do you see your art leading you?
A. I’ve been trying to figure out how to finance a trip to Cambodia to photograph a recently discovered ancient city that’s 500 years older than Angkor Wat. I see that as the ultimate abandoned place photography. I would also love to travel to Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia to photograph the former Yugoslav war monuments. That’s definitely on the bucket list.

Women at Bazaar Consignments by MKMoore PhotographyQ. Where can people purchase your work?
A. Most all of the photos on my website, MKMoore Photography, are available for purchase either directly through the site or by emailing me and we can work out a purchase deal. Locally I have some prints for sale at Bazaar Consignments here in Roanoke.

Q. Tell me something quirky about yourself. (Or something that very few people realize about you.)
A. I briefly played bass in a Ramones cover band and was so bad at it I fired myself before our first show to avoid the embarrassment.

You can view more of Kent’s photographs by visiting his website, MKMoore Photography, or by following Kent on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Pinterest. You can also contact via email through his website.

Photo Credit: All photos © Kent Moore/MKMoore Photography