Spring Beauty Trends at ModCloth

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Fantastic spring beauty trends now at ModCloth! Favorites from theBalm, One Love Organics and Rosebud Perfume Company Inc. I LOVE these!

Spring Beauty Trends

It’s finally spring and that means lots of amazing new spring beauty trends! One of my favorite online shops, ModCloth, has a fantastic collection of new spring beauty finds available now on their website. Their latest spring beauty trends include these retro and vintage inspired products from theBalm, One Love Organics and Rosebud Perfume Company Inc.

Here are my top spring beauty picks from Modcloth.

1. Body, Mind, and Spirited Antioxidant Serum :: You’ve already mastered smart style – now you can apply your knowledge what’s underneath by using this antioxidant body serum from One Love Organics. Made of all natural and organic ingredients – lightly scented with gardenia and tea – this gentle mist hydrates, nourishes, and promotes healthier and more beautiful skin, assuring that your self glows with radiance equal to your bright ideas.

2. Soothe Move Skin Balm :: An important aspect of self-love is skin-love, and using this organic balm by One Love Organics is one suave way to achieve a smooth surface! This travel-sized tub is packed with natural ingredients, with coconut oil and beeswax as the base, bringing out your innate radiance and offering a lovely scent to top it off.

3. Precisely! Liquid Eyeliner in Black :: Highlight your lovely eyes with the thin, true black line that this felt-tip liner offers and you’ll get the exact look you were going for. Primed to make your pin-up look the most perfect one, this Schwing liquid eyeliner by theBalm is just what your makeup bag is missing!

4. Salve the Day Lip Balm Set in Luscious :: Give the gift of stylishly soft lips when delivering this cute tin of flavored lip balms! Nestled within crisp crepe paper lie three vintage-inspired containers of sweet salve in brambleberry rose, mocha rose, and menthol and eucalyptus flavors – the perfect rescue for a pucker in need of a pick-me-up! Also available in Lavish.

Looking for a new spring wardrobe? You can shop ModCloth’s new spring styles here.

Fantastic spring fashion trends now at ModCloth! I LOVE these retro and vintage inspired outfits!

Looking for great spring styles at bargain prices? Then visit ModCloth now and check out their latest sales event! For a limited time, they’re offering some of their most unique spring styles and accessories for $20 and under. All apparel is $20, and everything else is $15, when you shop ModCloth during their enormous Stylish Surprise sales event! Sale begins March 28th, 2016 (12 pm EST) and continues for as long as supplies last. What are you waiting for? Take a peek!

For more spring inspired ideas, be sure to check out the ModCloth blog! You can also follow my Bath + Beauty board on Pinterest for more of my favorite spring beauty trends and skin care products.

My Memorial Day Weekend

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

Scott Watering the GardenScott is watering the garden again today. He’s been faithfully watering the garden by buckets since there’s no hose or outside water faucet on the days the ground gets dry. Luckily we’ve had some good rain so far this spring and it’s supposed to be a rather wet summer since this can get a little tedious and I seem to keep having him add an extra row here and there. Right now we have tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers planted. I also have a row of organic Summer Bibb Lettuce seeds from Cubits planted in the ground and in a large pot along with some Basil and Calendula. Scott still has one more row to sow so I can plant my mix of organic Heirloom carrot seeds from Cubits.

I spent a lot of time outdoors yesterday cleaning up both the front and back yards. We rent and this is only the start of our second year here – and our first with any sort of extra income – so we’re just now getting the yard to our liking. I don’t have hedge trimmers yet – I spent money on a weed eater and an a/c unit – so I trimmed trees with my hands and a pair of craft scissors – which was surprisingly effective. I also spent a lot of time pulling up Virginia creeper out of the ground and off the fence. While it looks a lot better, it did send my allergies into overdrive so I’m nursing a sore throat today.

If you’re allergies are giving you fits as well – even with medication like mine – there are some natural home remedies that can help. One of my favorites since I have a variety of herbs planted out front is to drink peppermint tea. The peppermint oil acts as a natural decongestant. Simply add 1/2 ounce of dried organic peppermint leaves to a one quart jar then fill two-thirds of the jar with boiling water. Steep for five minutes, sweeten if desired and enjoy.

And since we’re on the topic of gardens, dirt and mud, I am offering 50% off my new Rose Body & Facial Mud for Memorial Day weekend! Just enter coupon code: FLASHMUD at checkout and receive half off every jar of Rose Body & Facial Mud you purchase from Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen through Memorial Day. (Coupon code expires 5/27/13 at 11:59pm EST.)

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend. Scott and I will be going out to buy a small charcoal grill today so we can enjoy some grilled bratwurst and burgers purchased on the market this weekend from a local farmer.

On to the Black Friday Sale!

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I went over to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving and we all – meaning the girls because men apparently have trouble being silly – played a game called HedBanz. It was pretty neat and definitely a great family game. You basically wear a headband and you get a card for it that you can’t see. You then have to guess what you are by asking the other people playing what you are. Like “Am I an animal?” “Can you eat me?” “Do I have hair?” etc. I was a dragon first. Then I was a giraffe. My mom ended up being spaghetti, ketchup and a shirt!


So now that Thanksgiving has come and gone for the year, I suppose it’s time for the shopping to commence. I won’t be braving the malls – I never do having worked in retail at the mall for many years – but I will be shopping online and of course supporting other artisans like myself. For Black Friday this year I’m offering 45% off everything – including sale items – from my shop, Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen, through November 23rd, 2012 11:59pm ET. Just enter coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for the discount on great bath and body products including my Handmade Pumpkin Pie Milk Soap (pictured) that comes wrapped and ready for gift giving or stocking stuffers. Happy shopping!

Unique Handmade Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

Christmas will be here before you know it. And while it’s usually the big gifts we tend to give the most thought to, don’t forget the little things for stuffing those stockings! There’s no reason stocking stuffers need to be everyday and droll. Take a little time to browse and purchase something fun for the most unique stocking stuffers ever. Here are a few ideas for terrific, handmade stocking stuffers I’ve discovered.
1. The ECO BOXY Camera Keychains from Sweet Treats – Cute, quirky and handmade, this lovely little keychain fits easily into a Christmas stocking and is perfect for photography fans.
2. Zombie Legs in the Book Unusual Art Bookmark from my BOOKmark – Zombie fans and readers will go crazy for this unique stocking stuffer. This handmade bookmark resembles zombie legs that peek out from the reader’s pages!
3. Set of 8 Crayon Rings from Oh My Lucky Star – By far some of the coolest crayons ever, these handmade crayons are shaped like rings that can be worn or colored with. Include a set in your child’s stocking or gift some to your favorite hottie.
4. Caramel Nutmeg Lip Balm from Etiquette Bath and Body Products – This handmade lip balm is seasonally flavored with spicy nutmeg and warm creamy caramel and crafted with natural ingredients to keep chapped lips happy even during December’s worst weather. Perfect for an adult or child’s Christmas stocking.
5. Green and Red Dots Glass Stash Jar from Infinite Cosmos – A lovely handmade, hand blown glass jar perfect for decorating a small space or keeping tiny treasures or prescription pills. Perfect for glass and vessel collectors as well.
6. Le Fox Stud Earrings from le animale – Tell her just how foxy she is with a pair of handmade fox shaped earrings she’ll wear anytime of the year!
And, for more unique stocking stuffer ideas, be sure to follow my Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas Board on Pinterest. What are some of your favorite unique ideas for stuffing those Christmas stockings?