• DIY Handmade Lemon Basil Solid Lotion Bar Recipe

    November 2, 2012

    Today I’ve brought my love of coffee and chocolate ice cream together with my fondess for crafting bath and body products! Hop on over to Kanelstrand blog to check out my DIY Natural Handmade Lemon Basil Scented Solid Lotion Bars. These all natural solid lotion bars are simple to make but make a big difference in your skin care…

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  • DIY Winter Salve Recipes – 25 Natural Homemade Skin Salve Recipes

    October 10, 2012

    With cold weather creeping in, it’s not uncommon for skin to dry out and even crack. Keep your hands and skin protected and help to promote healing with this collection of 25 DIY winter skin salve recipes that naturally care for your skin! Winter Salve Recipes Pictured: DIY Dandelion Salve Recipe from Kitchen Witchery |…

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  • DIY Handmade Body Lotion Recipe with Free Printable Labels

    September 2, 2011

    I recently stumbled across a rather simple handmade lotion recipe that seems to me to be perfect for beginners, so I thought I’d share it with you, my lovely and ever so crafty readers. This handmade hand lotion recipe uses ingredients from one of my favorite organic bath and body suppliers, Mountain Rose Herbs. The…

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  • Fresh Beauty Products to Take on a Test Drive!

    February 18, 2011

    Looking beautiful and feeling fabulous seems to go easier if we women have a few beauty aids to help with the process of maximizing our gorgeousness! So here are some fresh and fun new beauty products from handmade companies that are tried and true and may become your next favorites! 1. Natural Beauty Must-Have Collection…

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  • DIY Scrapes and Scratches Healing Balm Recipe

    March 12, 2009

    Scrapes and Scratches Healing Balm Recipe Ingredients: 1 ounce Beeswax 4 ounces Sweet Almond Oil 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 15 drops Lavender Essential Oil 8 drops Tagetes Essential Oil 5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil Instructions: 1. Place the beeswax and sweet almond oil in a small, heavy-bottomed pan (I use an enamelled iron…

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