Natural Foot Care Recipes to Get Your Feet In Shape for Your New Spring Sandals

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It's sandal season! Fantastic and fresh new spring sandals , wedges and heels to show off your unique style PLUS foot care recipes so you're not afraid to show those toes!Ready to Show Off Your Spring Sandals?

Hooray! It’s finally sandal season which means we can finally indulge in a little bit of shoe shopping for fresh new spring sandals, wedges and heels! I’ve been waiting for sandal season since February when I got a little shoe crazy. So I’m sure psyched that I’ll be able to share my new spring sandals off soon!

In order to wear those cute new spring sandals though, you have to make sure your feet are ready for the critical world view. Following are some of my favorite natural foot care recipes to get your feet in shape for sandal season! And don’t forget to shop the latest spring sandal fashions at Amazon!

Natural Foot Care Recipes

Ready to get your feet in shape while you’re waiting on your new spring sandals to ship? Then consider one or more of these great foot care recipes!

Nine natural foot care recipes to get your feet in shape for all those fresh new spring sandals!

Natural Neem Oil & Tea Tree Foot Scrub Recipe – This natural neem oil & tea tree foot scrub recipe helps keep feet looking and feeling great year round! Natural salts and fine ground pumice exfoliate dead skin cells and rough calluses while gentle kaolin clay helps to detox skin. In addition, naturally anti-fungal neem oil and tea tea tree oil work together in this neem oil & tea tree foot scrub recipe to help keep feet fungus free or to aid in clearing up any existing conditions like toenail fungus or athlete’s foot!

Natural Foot Repair Salve Recipe with Neem Oil – This natural foot repair salve recipe contains neem oil prized for its strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and natural healing properties to help solve ongoing foot and toenail issues. And, because neem oil is not the most pleasant smelling carrier oil – it has a natural odor reminiscent of a nutty garlic like smell – I’ve added eucalyptus essential oil and your choice of either rosemary or peppermint essential oils that mask the fragrance of the neem oil.

Natural Peppermint Foot Cream Recipe – This natural peppermint foot cream recipe is made with natural shea butter, a proven moisturizer and skin protectant, peppermint essential oil to refresh your feet and anti-fungal tea tree oil to keep your tootsies in tip top shape. In addition it also contains cocoa butter, sunflower oil and pomegranate seed oil.

Natural Soothing Foot Soak Recipe – Give this all natural soothing foot soak recipe a try to soothe achy, tired feet after a long, hot summer day! Made using intensely moisturizing walnut oil, soothing Epsom salt, and cooling essential oils this soothing foot soak recipe is your answer to overworked and tired feet! Simply add to warm water and soak, then follow with a loofah or pumice stone and your favorite natural foot cream or moisturizer.

Skin Care DIY - Natural Homemade Foot Scrub Recipe for Dry, Cracked Feet

Natural Exfoliating Foot Scrub Recipe – This all natural DIY homemade foot scrub recipe isn’t a mess of slippery oils, but rather a creamy combination of natural shea and cocoa butters, non-greasy argan and sweet almond oils that nourish dry skin. Fine ground pumice and walnut shell powder lend their supercharged exfoliating properties, while sea salt and tea tree oil lend their healing qualities. Plus there’s a touch of peppermint for a fresh, cool scent.

Natural Rosemary & Neem Oil Foot Salve Recipe – Treat your feet with my all natural rosemary and neem oil foot salve recipe. It’s perfect for dry and even cracked feet and helps to prevent fungal growth and infections caused by diabetes or ingrown toenails.

Peppermint Foot Scrub Soap Recipe – If your feet are in need of some extra love, then you’ll definitely want to add this natural homemade peppermint foot scrub soap recipe to your beauty arsenal! It exfoliates with natural walnut shell powder and fine ground pumice to help keep feet smooth and soft. Don’t just use it during warm months though! This soap is perfect for skin care use year round for a more beautiful you!

Peppermint Exfolimint™ Foot Soap Recipe – Learn how to make your own naturally exfoliating homemade foot soap recipe that exfoliates with pumice and nourishes with shea butter.

Natural Anti-Fungal Toenail Fungus Treatment – This natural toenail fungus treatment clears up unsightly toenail fungus and even cold sores without chemicals. It’s a very effective home remedy.

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Natural Black Clay and Sea Salt Soap Recipe

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This natural black clay and sea salt soap recipe is made using Australian black clay and fine sea salt for a luxurious spa like experience in the shower!

This natural black clay and sea salt soap recipe is made using Australian black clay and fine sea salt for a luxurious spa like experience in the shower!

Australian Midnight Black Clay contains a variety of natural minerals including iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and copper and is suitable for most every skin type. It aids in removing toxins and impurities from skin in a similar way as activated charcoal while also adding conditioning properties. Sea salt, like black clay, also helps to detoxify skin and provides trace minerals. Create this natural black clay and sea salt soap recipe to use daily as a facial or body soap or whenever you want to enjoy a spa like experience at home.

The lovely bluish-gray color of this sea salt soap recipe is derived solely from the black clay. Coarse sea salt is then added to the top of this homemade soap for visual interest and contrast.

This natural black clay and sea salt soap recipe is made using Australian black clay and fine sea salt for a luxurious spa like experience in the shower!

Natural Black Clay & Sea Salt Soap Recipe

© Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen


18 oz. sustainable palm oil
7.2 oz. refined (76° melt point) coconut oil
1.8 oz. castor oil
7.2 oz. pomace olive oil
1.8 oz. apricot kernel oil

11.8 oz. distilled water
4.7 oz. lye/sodium hydroxide

1 teaspoon Australian Midnight Black Clay
4 Tablespoons fine sea salt
1.7 oz. Cedarwood Sage EO & FO blend, optional (or scent of choice)
coarse sea salt, optional to suit

Soap Notes:

Water as % of oils=33%
10% superfat

This natural black clay and sea salt soap recipe will yield 10-12 bars of soap approximately 4 oz. each depending on how they are cut and fits inside my DIY wooden loaf soap mold.


To make this natural Australian midnight black clay and sea salt soap recipe, you’ll need to follow your basic cold process soapmaking method instructions. (If you’ve never made cold process soap before here’s a good, inexpensive beginner’s cold process soap recipe.) Be sure to take all proper safety precautions when working with lye including goggles and gloves.

Begin by measuring out the distilled water in fluid ounces. Pour into a heat safe pitcher. Next, using a digital scale weigh out the lye. Slowly pour the lye into the water in a well ventilated area and stir until all the lye has dissolved. Set aside to cool.

Now weigh out the palm, coconut, castor, olive and apricot kernel oils using a digital scale and combine in a stainless steel pot. Heat until melted, then remove from heat and set aside. Then weigh out the fragrance, if desired, and set aside. You can also measure out the fine sea salt and black clay using measuring spoons so they are also ready when you start making this sea salt soap recipe.

When the lye-water and soapmaking oils have cooled to around 90°-95°F you’re ready to make soap.

Begin by adding the Austalian Midnight Black Clay to the melted soapmaking oils. Mix with a stick blender until evenly distributed throughout the oils.

Now slowly pour the lye-water into the soapmaking oils. Mix with a stick blender until you reach a light trace, then add the fragrance and the salt. Mix well to combine thoroughly to medium trace, then pour the soap into your prepared mold.

This natural black clay and sea salt soap recipe is made using Australian black clay and fine sea salt for a luxurious spa like experience in the shower!

If desired add coarse sea salt to the top of the soap loaf at this time. As this soap does get rather hot during saponification, I recommend NOT covering and insulating it as it could cause the top to crack. Set aside for 24 hours.

After 24 hours your can unmold your homemade soap loaf and cut it into bars. (These sea salt soap bars harden rather quickly so it’s best to cut them as soon as possible.) Allow your soaps to cure 4-6 weeks before use, then wrap and label as desired.

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Printable Pink Rose Labels and Gift Tags

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Natural Rose Body and Facial Mud for Normal, Sensitive and Mature Skin - Clarifying and Moisturizing Facial MaskIf you’ve been keeping up with my shop, Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen, then you know that I’ve started hand drawing all of my new product labels. Yesterday I added my new Natural Rose Body & Facial Mud. I liked the round pink rose label I designed so much, I thought I’d share with you, my readers, for your own personal use.

Printable Round Pink Rose Labels - These Make Lovely Gift Tags and Bath and Beauty Product Labels

These blank labels can be printed onto full size blank sticker label sheets and then cut out to use on gifts or your own custom bath & beauty products. You can also print them onto cardstock, punch with a hole punch and tie a piece of string or ribbon through them to use as gift tags. Download the pink rose labels here.

Natural Rose Facial and Body Mud from Rebecca's Soap DelicatessenAnd don’t forget to stop by Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen and check out my latest product! My Rose Body & Facial Mud is crafted with a special blend of ingredients that moisturize skin and help to clarify your complexion. It contains natural pink French clay and Damask Rose essential oil as well as shea butter as well as naturally fruit sourced Alpha-Hydroxy Acids.

Need something awesome to stick these labels on? I recommend trying my Natural Lemon Verbena Bath Melts Recipe and my Homemade Foaming Salt Scrub Recipe. (Psst. You can also buy my Foaming Salt Scrubs for a limited time.) You can even try your hand at making your own facial “mud” with my Natural Rhassoul Clay Mask Recipe! For more great bath and body recipes and free printables, be sure to follow Soap Deli News on Blog Lovin‘, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest so you don’t miss a thing!

Homemade Printable Labels for Mother’s Day

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Homemade Printable Soap Labels and Printable Gift Tags for Mother's Day
If you’re looking for some lovely spring inspired printable labels, you’ll definitely want to download my newest hand drawn labels! These super cute labels feature hearts and flower around the border and come in both black & white as well as color. They are the perfect size to use as homemade soap labels or you can affix them to packaging as gift tags for your handmade Mother’s Day gifts. Simply print onto full sticker label sheets, cut them out and then affix to your spot of choice!


Hand Drawn Printable Soap Labels and Printable Gift Tags for Mother's Day
The labels pictured here are my black & white printable labels that have been colored in with permanent markers. The color labels feature the hearts, flowers and leaves already in full color with a gradient yellow around the border. You can download these homemade labels here.
Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea - Handmade Spa Bath and Beauty Gift Basket with Printable Labels

Looking for homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas? Why not create a unique handmade spa gift basket? You can use the printable labels featured above with your own message for the handmade products featured in this basket or the labels available with the projects themselves.

Here’s where you can find the diy’s for each project:

Natural Rhassoul Clay Facial Mask Recipe
Breathe Easy Salve Recipe
Natural Lavender Patchouli Deodorant Recipe
DIY Flower Shaped Solid Sugar Scrub and Soap Combo
Skin Loving Homemade Soap Recipe

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DIY Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

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Homemade Gift Idea for Mother's Day - Natural DIY Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes with Shea Butter - Gift in a Beauty Themed Spa Gift Basket - Comes with Free Printable Labels

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I thought this would be the perfect time to revisit one of my most popular posts for 2011 on how to make solid sugar scrub cubes as they would make lovely homemade gifts. However, this time around, I’m also including free printable labels for your homemade solid sugar scrub cubes – both in black and white and color – so they are even easier to craft, then gift.

Homemade Gift Idea for Mother's Day - Natural DIY Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes with Shea Butter - Gift in a Beauty Themed Spa Gift Basket - Comes with Free Printable Labels

Solid Shea Butter Sugar Scrub Cube Recipe

© Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen


2.5oz Crafter’s Choice Natural Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base
4oz. Refined Shea Butter
16oz. White Sugar
2 Tablespoons Fractionated Coconut Oil (You can also sub with any other carrier oil such as olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, olive squalane oil, argan oil or whatever you have on hand that is liquid at room temperature.)
1 Tablespoon skin safe fragrance oils (or 1/2 Tablespoon essential oils) of Choice
Pinch of cosmetic mica or oxide or ultramarine pigment powder (optional)


You can either use a silicone loaf pan mold or smaller cavity candy type molds like these pretty silicone rose molds.

Cut your your melt and pour soap base into chunks then weigh out amount needed using a digital kitchen scale. Next, melt the glycerin soap base about half way in the microwave or a double boiler. Now, weigh out the shea butter needed and add to your mostly melted soap base and continue heating until thoroughly melted. Once these ingredients are melted, use a Tablespoon measurement to measure out the fractionated coconut oil and your choice of fragrance. Stir these ingredients into the melted shea butter and soap base.

In a separate bowl – I use a large one quart Pyrex measuring cup– weigh out the sugar. If using a pigment for color, cut in a pinch of color using a butter knife or spatula. (Keep in mind if your fragrance oil contains vanilla, your sugar scrub cubes will darken and turn brown depending on amount of vanilla content.) Finally, quickly pour the sugar into the shea/soap mixture and mix well. Scoop into your mold(s) and level with a spatula, then place in the refrigerator until solidified.

Once your scrub has solidified, gently remove the scrub from the mold(s). If you opted to use a loaf mold, take a Chef’s knife and gently cut the scrub into square cubes. Place your finished solid sugar scrub cubes in an airtight container until use. I used Clear 8oz. Heavywall Low Profile Plastic Jars with lids. Now simply download the labels here, print onto sticker paper and apply the labels to either the lid or the bottom of the jars.

To use these scrub cubes, simply crush one or two cubes in your wet hands and slather over your body.

(If you prefer to use natural, organic ingredients in your recipes, then I highly recommend Mountain Rose Herbs. They supply a variety of certified organic soapmaking and bath and body ingredients for the highest quality projects.)