Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards – Of a Non-Traditional Sort

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Valentine’s Day is on it’s way, and for me, that brings back fond memories of receiving Valentine’s Day cards through elementary school exchanges – even from the boys you couldn’t stand or the jealous little girls who would knock you off the monkey bars on the playground. How long did we keep those silly little cards before our moms finally tossed them anyway? They were so prized because they were so much fun. Sentiment on Valentine’s Day is especially appropriate though, I think. But that doesn’t mean it has to be overly romantic or even mushy. They can still be fun just like when we were kids. I for one appreciate Valentine’s cards that are witty, raw and fun. They still possess a little romance, just in an unexpected way. Therefore I’ll be giving some of my favorite people handmade Valentine’s Day cards from Julie Ann Art!
The boyfriend, well, he’ll be getting a card assuring him that he’s my favorite thing to do. But if that’s a little too sultry for your sensibilities…
Then let your loved one know it’s just “you and me” with this cute card that features a heart engraved on wood proclaiming that your love is forever.
Or skip any hint of romance all together with a card that’s basically crap. Whatever you decide to say and however you decide to say it, Julie Ann Art has the perfect way to get your point across this Valentine’s Day. Whether witty or charming or just plain freaky, her fun and brilliantly designed 5 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ cards all come blank inside for sharing your own private message and are printed on quality, 80lb. acid-free white card stock.
Be sure to have fun with some of Julie’s other cards for Valentine’s Day as well with messages like “You’re my favorite boyfriend,” “You’re my favorite bedhog,” and “You’re my favorite baby daddy.” To view Julie’s full line of Valentine’s Day and other greeting cards, visit her shop online. All of the cards from Julie Ann Art are high quality, professionally printed cards featuring original designs by Julie herself that you’ll be proud to share with that special someone who drives you crazy.
What’s your favorite way to say “I care”?

Printable Love Bird Valentine’s Day Cards

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Tell your special someone just how much you love them with a Valentine’s Day Card! I have created two very special “love bird” note cards that are perfect for sending that romantic note or giving as Valentine’s Day cards.

Created from my own original art collages, these two note cards feature two love birds kissing on a branch and a single bird delivering his own special love letter to a mailbox. These Valentine’s or sweetheart cards measure 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ and fit inside standard invitation sized envelopes available from most craft or office supply stores. Simply print the cards onto a sheet of cardstock, cut the page in half, fold, and include your handwritten message inside. You can download these cute little love bird cards here. You can also download free love inspired wrapping paper and gift tags for Valentine’s Day here.

Want more of these sweet, round little birds? Then check out my Free Printable Owl Notecards for a set of four cards featuring birds having some seasonal fun!

Free Printable Owl Notecards

I may receive compensation from links on this site. See my disclosure policy.

Many years ago I sold handmade notecards I created from my own original, paper art collages. Many of these stationery sets featured little birds or owls at play. My first set of notecards was my Seasonal or Everyday Birds Notecard Set. Now that I am no longer selling these cards, I wanted to share them with my readers to print and share with family and friends for their own personal use.

This cute card set features a set of four adorable cards reflective of the four seasons. There are birds hanging out on the laundry line in the summer sun, little birds stealing kisses on the branches of bare autumn trees, tiny birds bundling up for that winter snow, and birds scenting out new spring blooms!

To create you own card collection, simply download the free printable PDF file featuring my notecards onto card stock. Then cut each sheet of cards in half between the images and fold the cards in half so the images face front. The finished cards will measure 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ and fit inside standard invitation sized envelopes available from most craft stores.

I hope you enjoy writing your own notes in my little pieces of art!

Before there was soap. Handmade cards and other paper crafts.

I may receive compensation from links on this site. See my disclosure policy.

Around the time I started selling soap on etsy during beta in 2005 I was also selling handmade note cards. They were my first big “sell” before I finally switched over to selling only bath and body products. At that time I had a huge paper fetish and was always on the look out for interesting scrapbooking papers. It was also around the time I first discovered ACEO’s. So my first note cards were of designs I created from collages using various papers. My owls series was my favorite.
Everyday Birds Note Cards
These are my Everyday Bird Note Cards. I sold these in packs of four with one of each design. These actually came after my Seasonal Bird Note Card Set which you can still see on etsy from a sold transaction in 2008. The owl with the blue snowflake and mittens was always my favorite.
Valentine Note Card Set
My final collection in the owl series note cards was for Valentine’s Day and featured two different cards of owls in love. One card featured an owl delivering a love letter while the other was of two owls kissing in front of a giant heart on a branch. All of my card sets came in sets of four with envelopes and sold for $6 each. I also sold a Siberian Husky note card set in the same style.
Tree Art Collage Print
In addition to note cards I also created and sold art prints. My most popular was the one featured above titled “Tree Art Collage.” I also sold another similar art work called “Autumn Dreams.”
The closet I ever got back around to making prints after the collages was with a few ACEO’s in 2008 that I made from marker but never sold.
Husband ACEO
This ACEO was a portrait of my now ex-husband. I actually described this one as “An original art card created from pencil and ink. Check out the husband in his happy blue eyeglasses. Everyone hates him because he has curls to die for.” And then I also drew one I called “Shiny Red Boots.”
My favorite love however is photography. Unfortunately, because I loathe product photography so much – mostly because I suck at it – my photo skills have fallen by the way side and I’ve lost interest in artistically photographing interesting subject matter. My favorite photograph in recent years, though, has to be the following.
I took this photograph of an orchid one afternoon downtown on my local farmer’s market – the Roanoke City Market – on an unusually warm day in February. The soft sky background which is almost turquoise in color is actually the backdrop of the awnings we had to protect ourselves from the sun and weather while selling. I love how the orchid looks so strong and yet so delicate at the same time. This shot was taken with a Digital Canon Rebel XT and was not altered in any way.
Recently I purchased some chalk pastels and did a few sketches with those, but other than that I haven’t done anything artistic lately other than to play with soap and spend time writing for my blog. You can see my pastel chalk drawings of a hamster and Cockatiel here and drawings of the now defunct Roanoke band Earndheart, a fox, and a barn owl here.  I’m really hoping to have the chance to play around with my new watercolors before the year is out.
What about you? Do you have any artistic endeavors? And if so, what’s your favorite medium?