Homemade Easter Basket Fillers – 10 DIY Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

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Easter is on the last day of March this year and it got me thinking about my Easter basket as a child. Jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, ginormous white chocolate bunnies – they were my favorite – and bubble gum eggs. But then I also started thinking about how little fun it can be having children who are hopped up on a sugar high for days on end. And while my son is no longer of an age to be called a child, I still wanted to share some amazing diy Easter basket gift ideas I found that are completely sugar free.
DIY Mustache Easter Eggs Craft Project via Oh What Fun
Eggs. Easter eggs have become standard in most Easter baskets. And what makes them great is that they are a) good for you and b) make a great family project. I just love these adorable DIY Mustache Easter Eggs from Oh What Fun. Not only are they super cute but you can customize them anyway you like. Use markers for mustaches, egg dyes – even washi tape. Vegan? Buy plastic eggs and fill the insides with little toys, messages or treats.

Creative DIY Easter Basket Gift Ideas - Inspire your child's creativity with these interactive Easter gifts

1. Help bring your child’s creativity to life with these DIY Race Car Crayons from Tate Creates. Use a Small Cars Candy Moldor a Cars and Fire Truck Chocolate Mold to create custom crayons. You can buy crayons new or you can finally recycle all of those broken crayons you have stashed in a bucket somewhere. Include them in your child’s Easter basket with a coloring book. (Psst. You can buy printable PDF coloring books from Jelene to save on time!) 2. Add more creative fun to your Easter morning by painting Easter eggs with chalkboard paint (via It’s Overflowing.) Then add the painted eggs to your child’s Easter basket and include a box of chalk so they can spend the morning doodling. (Psst. You can make your own chalk!)

DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs Craft Project for Kids Easter Baskets

Encourage your kids to break into your beloved and beautiful washi tape collection – or better yet buy them their own collection – to decorate their Easter Eggs mess free with this DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs Tutorial from Lovely Indeed. This project can be done last minute or even on Easter morning with next to no clean up!

DIY Easter Basket Gift Ideas - Super Cute Bunny Tic Tac Toe Game Board and Rose Painted Toy Animal Jewelry

1. Encourage play time and thinking skills with this super sweet DIY Easter Tic Tac Toe Game from Little Gray Fox. 2. Kids will have a blast both wearing and playing with these lovely DIY Floral Plastic Animal Toy Necklaces from Bored & Crafty. The easy to follow tutorial includes painting techniques and instructions for adding hardware.

DIY Easter Gift Idea - Homemade Lip Balm Recipe in Chocolate Mint with Printable Labels - Perfect for Easter Baskets

What little girl doesn’t love lip balm? (Ok, so growing up I was total tom boy and did not do lip balms. Still. I love lip balm now and that’s what matters.) Make some deliciously scented homemade lip balm for the entire family and all those adorable nieces with this simple DIY Recipe for Homemade Chocolate Mint Lip Balm – with free printable labels! – from Soap Deli News.

DIY Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Upcycle fabric scraps to craft these adorable DIY Bunny Pouch Gift Bags from Probably Actually. Fill them with goodies and then tuck them inside your child’s Easter basket. Once the treats inside are gone, these can be stuffed with poly fill and used are plush toys. 2. Make Natural Homemade Lavender Scented Play Dough with this simple recipe from A Nest for All Seasons. It will smell like summer whenever it’s used and give everyone a little bit of aromatherapy happiness. (I mean, come on. Who isn’t wishing for spring already?!) Not a fan of lavender? Scent it with your favorite combo of edible herbs, essential oils or spices.

DIY Egg Carton Easter Basket Alternative - Close it up and wrap it in pretty fabric tied off with ribbon

Don’t have an Easter basket? No problem! Just upcycle an egg carton into an alternative Easter basket with this tutorial from The Crafting Chicks. You don’t just have to fill it with candy. Include decorated Easter eggs, small toys, plastic eggs filled with homemade play dough, little pots of homemade lip balm, egg shaped crayons, small earrings – even glow in the dark slime! Once it’s filled with goodies, wrap it in fabric and tie it closed with a ribbon for a pretty presentation.

What are your favorite Easter basket fillers?

One slice or two? Printing out some fun.

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

I recently ran across this lovely freebie for building your own paper cupcakes. You choose your liner, your cake, your icing and finally your topper from an adorable selection of cut and create pieces. It instantly reminded me of when I was a child stuck inside on a rainy day. I would turn the family hallway into a little restaurant with paper place mats along one side of the wall where the seating would be. I made paper foods like pizza, bacon, eggs, and toast and even a menu for my patrons – or rather parents – to choose which meal they’d like to receive. I always had a lot of fun with paper crafts.

IMG_0705_ADJ.jpg, originally uploaded by Kendall Bruns.
When I would stay at my grandmother’s house very early on I would tape pages and pages of blank paper together and draw an entire city on them. It held grocery stores and parking lots, homes and twisty roads for me to drive my matchbox cars on. Later on I carried that same idea to the pavement in the cul-de-sac in front of my house. I used chalk to design roads and stop signs and even houses that were meant to be three-dimensional. I actually drew couches that looked as if you could sit on them. And of course, there were always toilets and sinks.

Another one of my favorite things to draw were houses. When I was little these houses always had attics. And the entire attic served as the closet filled with dresses, blouses, and pants on a rack with shoes lining the entire length of the floor. While I have gotten to drive on roads and sit on my very own couch and yes, my very own toilet, I never quite managed to own a house in which the entire attic was my closet. But then, I’ve never lived in a house with an attic. Maybe someday. I mean, an entire attic full of shoes would be incredible.

If you’d like some more printable paper crafts, I recommend Fantastic Toys on etsy. This shop sells an amazing selection of 3-d printable paper crafts in pdf format that includes doll houses, toys, and even party favors.