DIY Homemade Calendula and Goat Milk Facial Scrub Recipe

Want a fabulous facial scrub for even the most sensitive skin? Then try out this all natural recipe for crafting your own diy handmade Calendula and Goat Milk Facial Scrub.

This natural, exfoliating scrub contains goat milk and colloidal oatmeal known for their skin soothing and nourishing properties. There’s also baking soda which helps to cleanse your face while apricot kernel meal and finely ground calendula petals gently exfoliate skin. Plus, it’s unscented so there’s no need to worry about irritating fragrances!

DIY Handmade Calendula and Goat Milk Facial Scrub Recipe

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2.5 oz. powdered goats milk
2.5 oz. colloidal oatmeal
2.5 oz. baking soda
1 oz. apricot kernel meal
.2 oz. calendula petals, finely ground

Grind you calendula petals in a coffee grinder or food processor. Then weigh out all of your ingredients using a scale and combine in a large bowl. Mix well. Then spoon into air tight containers for storage.

To use, simply remove a small amount of this all natural facial scrub from the container and mix with just enough water or honey (up to one Tablespoon) to form a paste. (For extra dry or mature skin, try mixing this scrub with rice bran oil or olive oil.) Then apply to facial skin in a circular motion for up to one minute. Alternately, you can use this scrub as a mask by applying and letting set for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with water to remove and pat dry. Store your scrub in a cool dry location. For natural, organic ingredients for this recipe, be sure to visit Mountain Rose Herbs.

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  1. I’m starting to make my own facial cleansers. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This looks & sounds amazing! Thanks for yet another great post.
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  4. Nice! I have never made any of my own cleansers or soaps but this looks like a great recipe to try :)

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  5. Sounds wonderful even for sensitive skin!

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  6. Rebecca,
    This looks amazing and not too hard.Thanks for sharing.

  7. WOW!!! I would love to try and make some! Looks wonderful!

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  9. I was wondering how I could make this vegan. Like what could I replace the goats milk powder with? :}

  10. Christina says:

    I love this!! Can I add the honey in and then package it? I am thinking of making it for gifts and like the idea of adding the honey in advance but I am wondering if any of the ingredients would get spoiled sitting in the honey over time?

  11. Hey Rebecca! Could I substitute almond meal, almond flour, or coconut flour for the apricot kernel meal?

    • The apricot kernel meal is there for it’s exfoliating properties so you could sub any similar product that gives you the level of exfoliation you’re looking for.

  12. Hi! do you think I can mix in some essential oil to add some fragrance to it? and if so how much should I add? Thank you!!!