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  • making diy bath and body recipes for natural skin care

    About Soap Deli News

    Soap Deli News was created in 2012. It’s been evolving ever since. Hi, I'm Rebecca! I've been sharing my collection of homemade soap recipes, skin care recipes and DIY beauty projects for the past decade. In addition to teaching many of my long time readers how to make soap, I also love sharing natural wellness articles that support a healthy lifestyle. Explore a variety of essential oil recipes in addition to products you can make yourself for a spa day at home. Or learn to make delicious food recipes that nourish the body from the inside out. You'll even find a fun assortment of craft projects for both adults and kids, in addition to some amazing handmade gift ideas the every holiday. I hope you enjoy this little piece of my crafty side. And that it inspires you to start your own creative journey.