Homemade Cranberry Body Butter Recipe

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This homemade cranberry body butter recipe makes a wonderful homemade Christmas gift idea! Plus you'll love the less greasy formula!

This homemade cranberry body butter recipe is easy to craft and makes a wonderful homemade Christmas gift idea. Not only does it smell delectable – and seasonally suited! – but it’s not as greasy as many traditional body butters.

This homemade cranberry body butter recipe makes a wonderful homemade Christmas gift idea!

Cranberry Body Butter Recipe

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3 oz. refined shea butter
.25 oz. refined/deodorized cocoa butter
.2 oz. grapeseed oil
.1 oz. Cyclomethicone
.05 oz. pure tapioca starch
.1 oz. cranberry fragrance oil of choice
pinch coral oil locking mica shimmer, optional


Using a digital kitchen scale weigh out the cocoa and shea butter into a large glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat at reduced power until the butters have melted. Carefully remove the butters from the microwave – use a pot holder as the glass will be hot! – then weigh and add the remaining ingredients.

I used both the Cyclomethicone and the tapioca starch to make this cranberry body butter recipe less greasy. You can omit one or either however it will alter the feel of the final product. For the fragrance I used a Frosted Cranberry fragrance oil but you can choose your favorite or omit it for an unscented body butter. (You can also use Cyclomethicone in this awesome dry body oil spray recipe.)

Stir well and use a stick blender if needed to fully incorporate the color. It will want to settle onto the bottom if not mixed thoroughly. Allow to harden overnight then stir once more before use. (You can speed this up by placing your cranberry body butter in the fridge.)

This cranberry body butter recipe yields enough body butter to fit into one 4 oz. jar. I used a small Ball 4 oz. jelly mason jar from the grocery store for this particular recipe.

To use simply scoop out a small amount and rub onto skin as desired. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way!

 This homemade cranberry body butter recipe makes a wonderful homemade Christmas gift idea!

To create labels for the tops of your jars of body butter you will need a full size sheet of sticker paper, a marker, a stamp you like and a stamp pad. I used a StazOn Multi-Surface Inkpad to prevent smudging. Turn your sticker paper upside down so you are drawing on the portion you peel off and then trace around the inside of the mason jar ring.

Now cut around the line you just drew with scissors.

Next, place the stamp you are using firmly on the ink pad to ensure even coverage then stamp the front of the sticker paper circle you just cut out. Remove the backing from the sticker paper and place the stamped sticker onto the top of the lid. It’s that easy!

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