DIY Christmas Wax Melts for the Holidays: An Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea

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Learn how to make seasonal holiday scented DIY Christmas wax melts to scent your home with your favorite holiday fragrances. This easy holiday project also makes lovely DIY gift for coworkers, friends and family. And the kids can help color in the free printable labels for the DIY Christmas wax melts you create! Keep reading to learn how to make your own DIY Christmas wax melts. Plus learn where to buy your favorite Christmas fragrance oils.

Christmas wax melts DIY. How to make quick & easy holiday scented DIY wax melts to give as DIY Christmas gifts to friends & coworkers this holiday season. Easy DIY gifts with free printable labels. Plus where to buy the materials for your fragrant holiday scented wax tarts!

DIY Christmas Wax Melts Make Great Gifts

Wax melt warmers are nothing new, but recently Glade introduced their new Wax Melt Electric Warmer putting scented wax melts back into the mainstream spotlight. The cool thing about Glade’s wax melt warmers is that they plug right into any electrical socket – no flame required! And there’s even an on/off switch. But just because you buy or own a commercial warmer doesn’t mean you have to stick with mass produced wax tarts. In fact, you can make your own holiday scented DIY wax melts and gift with a wax melt warmer like the one from Glade. Or gift them solo to someone you know who is already in love with wax melts and owns a warmer.

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea for Women - DIY Gift Wrapped Holiday Scented Wax Tarts with Printable Labels

These holiday scented DIY Christmas wax melts are the perfect size to tuck into a stocking, or wrap a bundle of these homemade holiday scented wax melts in a gift box. You can easily customize these DIY Christmas wax melts with any of your favorite holiday scents – color optional! Plus there are free printable labels to add that extra homemade touch to your DIY Christmas gifts!

DIY Homemade Holiday Wax Tart Melts Gift Idea with Printable Labels

Ready to get started on this easy DIY holiday gift idea? Just follow the simple instructions below to create your own DIY Christmas wax melts for your family to enjoy!

Holiday Scented DIY Christmas Wax Melts Recipe

© Rebecca D. Dillon


2 oz. 100% natural soy wax
.2 oz. fragrance oil (see suggestions below)

Holiday fragrance oils to use for DIY Christmas wax melts:

Christmas Tree fragrance oil
Christmas Cookies fragrance oil
Frosted Pine Cones fragrance oil
Christmas Cravings fragrance oil
Christmas Cabernet fragrance oil
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy fragrance oil
Christmas Cabin fragrance oil
Cranberry Relish fragrance oil
Peppermint Fluff fragrance oil
Pumpkin Cheesecake fragrance oil


Crafters Choice™ Break-A-Way Clamshell
digital kitchen scale
kitchen thermometer
microwave or double boiler
glass pyrex measure cup
utensil for stirring
full sheet sticker paper for printable labels


This easy DIY Christmas wax melt recipe yields one clam shell of wax tarts. Simply double the recipe as needed for the quantity you’d like to make.

Start by weighing out the wax, then melting in a double boiler or incrementally in a glass pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. Once the wax reaches 185 degrees F – this is the recommended temperature to get the best fragrance from your wax – weigh out and stir in the fragrance oil. (Most of these fragrance oils can also be used to make homemade soaps, perfumes and other bath and body recipes!)

Once the wax has cooled to 110 degrees F, pour into the clam shell and allow your holiday wax melts to set up at room temperature until they have cooled and hardened completely.

How to Make Homemade Wax Tart Melts for Handmade Holiday Gifts

Now simply label your Christmas wax melts as desired  and gift to your family friends! You can choose from a variety of blank colored or black and white labels and write in your own message.

DIY Homemade Christmas Tree Scented Wax Tart Melts

Or pick from color labels that include pre-printed phrases including: Handmade especially for, Homemade Wax Tarts, and Christmas Tree Wax Tarts! Download the Printable Holiday Wax Tart Labels here. (PDF file format. Includes printable instructions on first page.)

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Holiday DIY wax melts. Learn how to make seasonal holiday scented DIY Christmas wax melts to scent your home with your favorite holiday fragrances. This easy holiday project also makes lovely DIY gift for coworkers, friends and family. And the kids can help color in the free printable labels for the DIY wax melts you create! Learn how to make your own DIY holiday wax melts. Plus where to buy your favorite holiday fragrance oils.

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  1. Wonderful idea! Do you think this recipe could be doubled or quadrupled with good results? Thanks for all the great info and recipes that you provide.

  2. I’ve pinned to my helpful home hints board. I am sure this will save me $$$.

  3. How do you figure out the pricing on soy wax tarts? I’m doing this for a fundraiser.

    • I would total the cost of your supplies (with shipping) and divide by the number of tarts it makes for your cost per unit. Typically that number is doubled for wholesale and doubled again for retail.

  4. Would essential oils work in place of the fragrance blends?